Brian Lumley’s Necroscope Series

FINALLY; here it is. Sorry to take so long getting this posted.  This is an overview of the amazing series written by Brian Lumley titled Necroscope.  If you haven’t read these books (or worse, haven’t even HEARD of them) then hopefully you will rush out and read them!!!

author Brian Lumley

1986 was a damn good year for horror:  We got an amazing remake of The Fly by no other than David Cronenberg, From Beyond by Stuart Gordon, Night of the Creeps by Fred Dekker, and Demons 2 by Lamberto Bava.  We also got such guilty pleasures as Jim Wynorski’s Chopping Mall, Steve Miner’s House, and George Pavlou’s Rawhead Rex.  In the world of horror literature Stephen King gave us It; Dean Koontz wrote Strangers; and Joe R. Lansdale published Dead in the West.  But what many people overlook is that in 1986 Brian Lumley wrote the first of the Necroscope books, detailing the adventures of Harry Keogh and how he became THE Necroscope with the ability to talk to the dead and transport himself anywhere in the world (and universe as it is) in the blink of an eye using The Möbius Continuum.  This 512 page novel is rich with character development, history, and violence.  I remember the exact bookstore where I first came across it; a now long-out-of-business little ma & pa bookstore … you know, the kind that use to exist before such superstores like Borders and Barnes & Nobles swallowed such stores up.  It was a summer day and I was just looking around for something scary and unique, and when I saw the cover, a huge skull with a pointy tongue and sharp teeth, I was immediately drawn to it.  To be honest, I didn’t even read what it was about.  In my gut I knew this was gonna be a great book.  (And I’m not alone in that thought.  All the art work I am including in this post was done by fans of the Necroscope series.  All the artwork can be found at

As I started reading Necroscope I immediately got sucked into the deep character development of theprotagonist, Harry Keogh, and how he came into his tremendous powers.  Yes, there were times the book seemed to drag on.  Lumley gets a little too detailed sometimes when giving a character’s back story.  But in the end these (at times overly) detailed characterizations only helped to elevate this novel above the typical s**t in the genre.  You actually care deeply for the “heroes” and you really hate the “bad guys”.  I just knew I was reading something very special.

A little less than half way into the novel it hit me.  It was 1990 and I was substitute teaching and monitoring an exam that morning when I realized that Necroscope is a vampire novel.  Not just any kind of vampire novel but one that was unique, very original, violent, and actually scary!!!  I’m glad I didn’t read the back cover of the novel in the book store because I would’ve never bought a vampire book; I’ve been burned by too many authors cranking out shitty vampire novels, trying to make a quick buck.  But Necroscope was different.

Lord of the Wamphyri

Even before finishing it I raced back to the bookstore and found that there were already three more books in the series written (Necroscope IV: Deadspeak was released in 1990).  I bought them all and then finished reading the first Necroscope.  For the next 19 years Harry Keogh and the Wamphyri were a huge part of my horror appetite.  For you horror fans who aren’t familiar with this amazing series of books, keep reading.  Every fan of horror needs to read these books; they are THAT good.


Full disclosure here:  The last Necroscope novel I read was 2006’s Necroscope: The Touch.  I haven’t read the first Necroscope since 1990.  This article isn’t meant to be a book-by-book review.  This is an overview of Lumley’s amazing Necroscope series.  In total Lumley wrote 15 books in the series.  Here’s the breakdown:


The original Necroscope series:

Necroscope (1986)

Necroscope II: Wamphyri! (1988)

Necroscope III: The Source (1989)

Necroscope IV:  Deadspeak (1990)

Necroscope V: Deadspawn (1991)

The Vampire World Trilogy:

Blood Brothers (1992)

The Last Aerie (1993)

Bloodwars (1994)

The Lost Years Series:

Necroscope: The Lost Years (1995)

Necroscope: Resurgence, The Lost Years Volume 2 (1996)

The E-Branch Trilogy:

E-Branch 1: Invaders (1998)

E-Branch 2: Defilers (1999)

E-Branch 3: Avengers (2000)

Lumley’s Attempt to Revive the Necroscope Books:

Necroscope: The Touch (2006)

Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates (2009)

The one negative thing is that none of these series stands on its own.  In order to fully understand what the Vampire World trilogy or The Lost Years is about, you need to have read all the books before it.  That’s bad news if you just wanna jump around and read the books as you find them.  But its great news if you’re looking for a mind-shattering series of horror books that will keep you completely engrossed until the last page of the last book.  The only book I haven’t read yet is Harry and the Pirates.  It’s on my list but I haven’t gotten around to it.  And to be honest, I’m kind of hesitant to read it.

The last book in the series, The Touch, was actually very disappointing.  At 512 pages it definitely dragged on in a few spots.  You could feel that Lumley was trying to revive the Necroscope series with The Touch

Boris Dragosani

by injecting some new blood (ah-hem) into the franchise, but it just didn’t work (the vampires here were replaced by evil aliens.  Blech).  A few familiar characters show up in The Touch, but by now the magic and originality of the Necroscope series was too late to revive.  It was like watching the three newest Star Wars movies:  You wanted them to be awesome and kick ass, but no matter how hard you tried to convince yourself they were good, deep down inside you knew they sucked monkey balls.  The Touch left me feeling the same way, and the effect was devastating.

It was like meeting up with your best friend from high school only to discover that you have nothing in common anymore.  After reading The Touch you realize that the magic Lumley captured with the Necroscope series is gone; it’s the end of a franchise.  But on the bright side there were still 10 amazing, unable-to-put-down books to read and three more that were pretty good (the E-Branch series).

Here’s the basic story of the entire series in a nutshell (and for those of you who are going to read these books, there are a few spoilers):  Harry Keogh is the world’s only necroscope; he can talk to dead people, using what is called “deadspeak.”  Harry forms strong bonds with the dead, and the dead love Harry because he is a “light in the eternal darkness.”  With this bond Harry realizes he can learn from the dead.  In the first novel Harry learns to fight like an expert from a dead army sergeant he lets inhabit his body.  We also learn that whatever someone was or wished to be in life they continue to be after death.  For example an inventor continues to invent new things while a poet continues to compose new poetry in death.

the Mobius Continuum

In a very important part of the series and in Harry’s development, he hooks up with the dead German Mathematician August Möbius.  Möbius has been continuing his theoretical math formulas after death and teaches Harry about the Möbius Continuum.  This allows Harry to transport himself anywhere in the universe by simply “thinking” about complex math formulas; the formulas create a “door” whereby you enter the Möbius Continuum and can instantly appear anywhere (there is no passage of time in the continuum).  This becomes valuable because Harry also learns from his legions of dead friends that there also exist vampires in the world; violent, savage, blood thirsty vampires that want to conquer the earth and enslave humanity to use as food.

Because of Harry’s tremendous powers he is recruited by E-Branch, a super-secret British organization that is made up of people with special powers.  There are such people as telepaths, empaths, people with telekinesis, and even a woman who is so in-tune with Mother Earth that she knows when the earth is being damaged (she becomes physically sickened when a company is dumping toxic waste in the oceans).

the origin of the Wamphyri spores … the primal swamp

Very cool s**t people.  Harry is the most powerful of the E-Branch members and he leads the group in uncovering and hunting down vampires.  But these are not your typical faggy, Euro-trash, Anne Rice/Stephenie Meyer’s vampires.  Lumley takes the traditional vampire myth, rams his fist up its ass, and turns it inside out.  It’s the most original vampire myth I’ve ever read.  Think the vampires from the movie Near Dark crossed with H.P. Lovecraft’s Elders (this is no wonder being that Lumley was greatly influenced by Lovecraft.  Lumley’s first few works, in fact, were set mainly in Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos milieu and even echoed Lovecraft’s literary style).  Hell yeah!!!  His vampires are so original, in fact, that he creates a new name for them:  Wamphyri.

Lord Shaithis … the 1st wamphyri

Lumley’s Wamphyri come from a parallel universe known as Starside/Sunside.  An experiment with a high-powered photon beam in the Ural mountains opened a “door” connecting these two worlds.  The Wamphyri now know about our world and they want only to conquer it.  But what exactly are Lumley’s Wamphyri?  The short answer:  In a dark and deadly swamp on Starside there are leeches there that infect people and begin the transformation to Wamphyri.  One doesn’t become Wamphyri immediately.  The leech at first gives the host a lot of “powers”:  They become inhumanly strong, develop psychic abilities, develop quick healing abilities, and also develop a blood lust which the leech needs to survive.  But as the leech grows bigger the host loses more and more of their humanity until ultimately the leech takes over completely.  The ascension to Wamphyri Lord is described by Lumley in detail and is just absolutely horrendous.  The Wamphyri don’t just suck blood and kill; they torture, rape, humiliate, and eat the flesh of human beings.  They are also very territorial creatures that will annihilate anyone/thing that stands in their way.  They are truly the most horrifying creatures in modern horror literature.

Keogh fathers a son who inherits his powers.  Harry Jr. in fact becomes even stronger than his father and has better mastery over the Möbius Continuum.

Nathan & Nestor

During an attack by a Wamphyri Lord, Harry Jr. transports himself and his mom to Starside/Sunside where they live out the rest of their lives.  Harry Jr. marries and has twin sons with a Szgany girl (the name of the race of gypsy’s on Starside/Sunside), and his two sons, Nathan and Nestor, become the focus of the Vampire World Trilogy.  As good as the original Necroscope series is the Vampire World Trilogy will blow your fucking mind!!  Even Lumley considers that trilogy his “finest, most ambitious and important work.”  In that trilogy we follow twins Nathan and Nestor and see how one develops his father’s amazing necroscope powers while the other takes the path of the Wamphyri.  This trilogy is rich with Wamphyri history and will have you skipping work just to read more.

Trying to summarize this very intricate, detailed series of books is like trying to get to Mars in a hot air balloon.  Lumley gives us detailed histories of many various Wamphyri bloodlines and over the course of the series gets extremely detailed about exactly what these Wamphyri are and how they develop.  It’s an incredible series of books that you need to read.  Lumley’s writing style is quick-paced (except in the few places where he gets bogged down with a little too much history) and very descriptive.  His descriptions of various battles with the Wamphyri are so violent you’ll be sitting there with your mouth hanging open wondering, “Did I just read that correctly?”  I’ve included a few of Lumley’s sketches of what the Wamphyri might look like, but trust me; your mind will create some of the most nightmarish visions of what these creatures look like based on his descriptions.  They are terrifying.

a fan dressed as a Wamphyri Lord

Writing this article has really given me a taste to relive this series.  After I’m done reading the current book I’m on (a zombie novel, Thunder and Ashes), I’m gonna go back and re-read the Necroscope series.  You won’t be disappointed, and they may do for you what they did for me:  Prove that vampires really ARE ferocious, scary creatures that are actually capable for terrifying the s**t out of you!!!

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24 Responses to Brian Lumley’s Necroscope Series

  1. Evolving Pictures Entertainment is producing the ‘Necroscope’ 4-D Motion Picture.
    Glenn Hetrick is a childhood friend of Jeffrey ‘Brick Bronsky’ Beltzner (Vice President of Evolving Pictures). Glenn introduced Brick Bronsky and Evolving Pictures Entertainment to Mr. Lumley seven years ago. Evolving Pictures optioned the movie rights for six years before making the acquisition.
    Brian Lumley announced on his website that Evolving Pictures has bought-out the movie option.
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  2. It’s about time – the best vampire books ever written and the most awesome – I can’t wait to see an aerie and all the fantastic characters!!!! YES!!!!

  3. Movie Man says:

    Evolving Pictures Entertainment is producing the ‘Necroscope’ 4-D Motion Picture. Go to or This film is going to be huge!

  4. Shirley Jackson says:

    I read these books many years ago and told everyone I know who loves great reads about them and I have friends I have discussed these books with. I miss Brian Lumley and wish there were more books and hope that someday someone (Spielberg) will brings these books to the big screen with all the imagination of Lumley!!!!

    • We’re on the same wave length Shirley!! From the first word of the first NECROSCOPE book, I was hooked and just totally connected with Lumley. I’ve recommended his NECROSCOPE, VAMPIRE WORLD TRILOGY, & E-BRANCH TRILOGY to countless people. Have you read his newest, THE FLY BY NIGHTS? It’s not part of the NECROSCOPE series, but it does take part in that universe he created. But unfortunately the book isn’t that good. To be honest (and it pains me to say this), but I couldn’t even get through it.

      There was talk many years ago of bringing Lumley’s vampires to the screen but no one seemed to be able to write a decent treatment of the novels. But the day we get a NECROSCOPE film that kicks ass will be one helluva day!! Personally I’d rather see someone like Guillermo del Toro take on the NECROSCOPE series instead of someone like Spielberg. Spielberg will just fill the movie with cute kids and have them befriend and start a relationship with the vampires!! LOL Del Toro would give some edge to the films and keep those vampires violent!!

  5. mornhome says:

    Hi sorry but harry jr never married he mated with a wolf after his body was badly damaged and his vampire turned him into a wolf, nestor & Nathan are harry seniors children they we conceived when harry was recovering from the attack from his son at the end of the battle for the garden

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  7. JimmySlaveGirl says:

    My sentiments exactly. 😉

  8. Dale Woodcock says:

    It goes without saying that the Necroscope series is amazing, I have read them all and any other Brian Lumley books I can find, most of them are pretty amazing if sometimes a little in depth, I have however recently heard that the movie is going ahead, the script has been written and approved by Brian.
    I’ve also read Harry and the Pirates, it’s not bad, a reasonable storyline but not in the same league as the original Wamphyri, we need Brian to bring them back, which I believe he is trying to do in his next novel which is almost complete. I wait with bated breath.

    • JimmySlaveGirl says:

      Your comment is the first I’ve heard of the film since all that OLD news in various spots on the web. Wow, I hope if they do it that it will be a Brit-made production. I have much more confidence that it would be done well if NOT a hollywood endeavor. And I’m beyond excited about the next book, too! More Wamphyri!! YESSS!!

      • I’m with ya JimmySLaveGirl!!! I really want to see a movie based on the Necroscope series but not if it’s gonna be done by Hollywood. Hollywood would really hell it up!! Imagine Guillermo del Toro directing … goddamn that’d be great!!!

    • Well you just made my week Dale!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting for some kind of news on Harry and the Wamphyri!!! But I’m also really hesitant … it’s gonna be a difficult film to pull off!! There’s so many elements and layers to the various books that are gonna be hard to successfully translate onto screen. I’ve been searching on the internet and can’t find any new news of a movie adaptation. The most recent news I found was from 2006!!

      • JimmySlaveGirl says:

        Hi AH… I’ve also not found any new news for the film, but I still hold out hope. I was SO excited for DelToro doing Mountains of Madness, then SLAM! Cancelled (or hopefully just put on hold?) I’d LOVE to see him tackle Necroscope with a stellar Euro cast. There are VERY few directors I’d choose for the film, and he’s at the top of my list. Getting all those layers represented with the depth and intelligence of the books relayed through film… man, hard to imagine. You said it so well… my concerns exactly! Sometimes I see Necroscope “feeling” bits in certain films and it makes me ache to see it done well. 🙂

      • Well put JimmySlaveGirl!! I was pissed to see MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS cancelled/put on hold but the reason for it is a damn good one. The studios wanted Del Toro to deliver a PG-13 film and he was dead against that rating. He told them he’ll make an R-rated version or not make it all. Hopefully some production company will realize just how right Del Toro is and back him on his decisions!!

        The same goes with the NECROSCOPE series … I’d rather not see a film adaptation if it’s gonna be the limp, cookie-cutter Hollywood version. I’ll continue to wait until someone with some vision and/or balls (whether interior or exterior) comes along and makes it the right way!!

  9. Shirley Jackson says:

    I love, love, love Necroscope series! I happened upon them in 1987 and read thm all since then, I have passed them to everyone I know who loves a Vampire and I, too, plan to go back and read them all over again. There are no other Wamphyri like Brian’s. L.A. Banks wrote a great Slayer Series but Brian’s Vampires will Never Ever Die!!!! Harry Keogh Is the Man and I miss Harry!

    • I really need to make the time to re-read the entire Necroscope series, the Vampire World trilogy, the& all theocrat. I’ve been away from it so long that it’ll be like reading it for the 1st time again!!

  10. Michael Andruchowitz says:

    I stumbled across this article while trying to find out if they are ever going to make The Necroscope into a movie. And if they did I hope they do it right. I have just started re-reading the entire Necroscope series. Except the Touch. Unfortunately very disappointing for the series, yet as a stand alone book very good.

    I also saw about Swan Song. The Stand & Swan Song are my two favorite apocalyptic books.

    Your article was fantastic and a great read. Maybe I’ll see you on the Mobius .

    • Thanks Michael!!! The Necroscope series is very close to my heart …. started reading it in my undergrad school and they carried me all the way into my Ph.D!! Now THOSE are vampires!!! I remember hearing about 10 years ago that Necroscope was being optioned out and a script was being worked on. Never heard another damn thing about it. I’d rather they just pass on the project if its not gonna be done right. I can already see it being raped and turned into just another vampire flick with some psychics in it!!

      Aahhh Swan Song. After the first time I finished reading that one I was almost in tears. I never read ANYTHING like it!! It was a visceral gut punch AND an extremely heart-felt story. After reading it I never really had the desire to pick up The Stand…. I know I need too!!!

      Have you read any of the Repairman Jack novels? Its a series that is close to being completed and it’s AWESOME!! That too is supposed to be optioned for a feature film. We’ll see!!

      Thanks for the kind words and I’ll definitely see you in the continuum!!

  11. Anythinghorror says:

    I’m really glad you enjoyed the article. As you can guess I’m a huge fan of the Necroscope series!! I agree that Lumley doesn’t get due credit. His stories, including the Necroscope series, are so Lovecraftian. His works are brilliant and scary.

    I hope you enjoy the blog. I really love writing and doing articles for it and it feels great when others read and enjoy it. Horror is a huge part of my life and I love to share that passion with others!!! In the next coming days and weeks I’ll be doing some more movie reviews, a few book reviews, and an overview of the books of Robert McCammon (another of my favorite writers and the author of the amazing Swan Song).

  12. Thanks for doing this. I’m a HUGE fan of Necroscope and some of Brian’s other works, too. His short stories are amazing! I wish he had more recognition for his creations in the Necroscope universe. I see things inspired by his ideas all the time, but still feel unsatisfied and want to REALLY see his visions come to life done well on the big screen someday. Yep, his vision can be quite harsh, brutal, and would definitely deserve a very adult rating if done true to form, unless it was cleverly and creepily done so as to leave some of the more unsavory things to the viewers imagination. Anyway, thanx again! Long live those bloody horrifying Wamphyri!! 😉