Blog Update: 30 Second Reviews

Hello everyone.  Hope everyone’s week is going well so far and that you’re all managing to find the horror(s) in everyday life!!  🙂  This blog is growing and I first wanna thank everyone for their continued support.  I have so much fucking fun writing for this blog it ain’t funny!!! I love posting new movie reviews, updating the Picture and Book of the Week columns, and generally spreading the horror.

And since I am doing all this by myself as well as holding down a demanding job, a beautiful wife, and amazing kids I sometimes can’t find the necessary time I need to devote to writing my articles.  The solution:  To come up with a new idea for the blog.  And this is what has led to 30 Second Reviews.  I’ve been noticing that my reviews are getting longer and that all of you may just wanna stop by for a few minutes and see what I thought about a certain flick.  Plus its beginning to take more precious time writing each review!!!  So with 30 Second Reviews you will get all my attitude and opinions in a shorter review.  I will still be writing longer reviews for certain movies I deem worthy, but the 30 Second Reviews will allow me to post more reviews per week and will cut down on the amount of time it takes to read them.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a longer review of The Descent to continue my Females in Horror month theme, but I’ll also start posting shorter, quicker reviews of various movies.  So stay tuned; I’m only just beginning to catch my pace with this blog.  And as always I wanna hear from you all and what you think.  How have you liked the reviews so far?  What movies am I missing?  What kind of theme months do you wanna see?  Drop in and leave me a message or email me directly at [email protected]

Stop by tomorrow for the first 30 Second Review, and as always …

Stay Bloody!!!

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  1. nosfera2 says:

    Picture of the Week guess “Hellbound: Hellraiser II”