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Well I’ve held out for as long as I could.  I have a confession to make and it ain’t easy.  I’m opening up my heart to all of you when I say I have an addition.  Its a serious addiction that at times is debilitating.  Everyone; I’m addicted to SyFy Channel movies.  I watch all of them; the giant creature flicks, the nature-run-amok flicks; the Dungeon & Dragon-like flicks … ALL of them.  My addiction has led to ridicule by friends (I’m looking at you Brian) and family (I’m looking at you Tobie) and has killed many good hours of movie-watching time.

But I’m no longer gonna hide in the shadows; I’m no longer going to be ashamed of my addiction but will be embracing it.  And as part of my new found liberation I’m starting a new column here at; I’ll be reviewing SyFy Channel movies!!  I’m gonna review all of them that I’ve seen (at last count there were 127 of them, most of which I’ve seen).  I’m not gonna flood this site with too many SyFy Channel flicks all at once.  I’ll throw a review up every once in a while.  And keep your eyes on so you don’t miss any of them.  In keeping with this extended “addiction metaphor,” is pretty much my “dealer”!!

So what do you think about my addiction?  Am I truly pathetic (as my buddy Brian suggests)?  Do I need to see professional help (as my buddy Brian suggests)?  Or do I just have too much free time (as my buddy Brian suggests)?  Well I can definitely tell you its not because I have too much free time!!

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  1. You have to accept all the parts of you, even those that seem completely contrary because your real character comes in the parts of you that are contrary. It’s like me. I’m a ghost hunter and take it seriously, but I adore Zak Baggy Pants and the Scooby Douche Team on “Ghost Adventures” because they mock the whole process. I like to laugh at myself and I love when I can just laugh at my industry. So, yeah you love seriously award-winning horror movies, but you gotta love SyFy–it’s a fantastic release and I even admit–the movies with all the CGI (a technique I detest) keep me riveted too. There’s something about it, like a catchy song you can’t stop singing. Hell, you’re probably more objective as a reviewer by the simple fact you keep it all in the pot and mix it up!

    1. You. Are. My. Enabler AutumnForest!!! LOL That’s honestly the way I see it too …. not every horror movie has to be on the level of Martyrs or the original Dawn of the Dead. Its nice to just turn off your brain and sit back with a few beers and watch something like a SyFy flick!!

      And Zak Baggy Pants & the Scooby Douche Team still cracks me up!!!

  2. See that? We don’t take things too seriously. I’m totally for being able to find the humor in absolutely everything and even the cool stuff–some of those SyFy movies haunted me afterwards and I didn’t expect that at all–kind of creeps up on ya.

    1. Aren’t those the best movies? The ones that creep up on ya are always the ones that you remember the longest!! I call the one’s that creep up on ya “Slow Burn Movies”. We had a discussion about it but I think it was before you started coming by. Here’s the link:

      I really recommend Calvaire (same director as Vinyan) and Joshua. But be careful that you don’t get the wrong Joshua. If interested, get the 2006 Joshua directed by Travis Betz!!

  3. Yahoo–you’re like the Jewish matchmaker–you know what movie to put with what person. I’ll have to check it out. I have had ones that leave a weird feeling behind and I go back later to see if it was just the time I watched it that made it haunt me, but no–it stuck with me again like that earworm song you can’t get out of your head. One of those for me was “Tourist Trap” because, hell, mannequins are freaky and it felt more like I was watching a hidden camera movie of something that seriously happened. If they film it right, the movie can feel like it’s part of your own memories and years later you wonder “was I there in real life?” The Nesting had that effect on me too. Horrid movie, fantastic location!

    1. Agreed!! Both Tourist Trap and The Nesting had great effects on me as well!! There’s another movie that I saw when I was way too young that really stuck with me. Well to be more accurate, the MOVIE didn’t stick me, one particular scene did. In fact I have no idea what the movie is or what its called. But the scene that really freaked me out was a small child (who’s back is towards the camera) is sitting on a grave in a pretty barren graveyard. One of the protagonists approaches the small child, taps him/her on the shoulder, and when the kid turns around he/she is horribly burned and disfigured. I was really young and totally wasn’t expecting that!! I wish I could figure out or stumble upon that movie!!

  4. Put down the remote control and back away from the tv set. I suggest you block SyFy and then as you’re flicking through the channels, it won’t even come up.

    SyFy is the devil!
    Hey… they could make a movie about that…
    All the more reason to not watch SyFy.

    1. Sorry Candace but this time I’m gonna ignore your advice. I’ve tried going cold turkey with SyFy movies before and it always ends badly!! LOL

      I’ve come to terms with them … they are pretty fun and mindless entertainment. They also serve as great training movies for how NOT to use CGI!! :-)

  5. That sounds really familiar. Do you know what era it was? I’ve found some interesting ways to find such movies online. I had one such movie that I could only name a few elements and found a chatroom where someone described it too. Love when that happens.

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