Texas Frightmare Weekend Update 2

Been having a great time everyone!! It’s Saturday morning (9:30am) & I’m already in line to meet John Carpenter. So far I’ve met Kane Hodder, Derek Mears, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Doug Bradley, & the man himself George Romero!!!

Every single one of them are genuinely nice people who really appreciate each & every fan they have. In my humble opinion they all deserve their fame & star recognition!! In fact yesterday when I was having lunch I was seated next to Moseley, Ogre, Haig, & director Tim Sullivan having lunch. I didn’t wanna bother them & be “that guy” but I did say hi & they all took a second to say hi back. Like I said, genuinely nice guys!!!

I have photos with most of the celebrities I met but I took them with my digital camera and forgot to bring my friggin’ camera wire to hook up to the computer!!! But no worries. As soon as I get home on Sunday I’ll post all the pics I took here.

Last night (Friday night) I also saw 2 really gory & fun flicks; Blood Night: The Legend of Bloody Mary & Sweatshop. Absolutely fun movies that were both really gory and obviously made by 2 directors who really love the horror genre!! I’m writing the reviews & will get them posted ASAP.

Stay Bloody!!!

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10 Responses to Texas Frightmare Weekend Update 2

  1. Ifaz says:

    Awesome!! Where are the photos lol. And whoa u are 6’4″? Im only 6′

    • I am 6’4″. Unfortunately you can’t see exactly how tall Romero is because he’s knees can’t take the repeated standing and sitting…… if you want a pic with him you gotta kneel down. Hell, I’d let him lay on my back!!

  2. Goregirl says:

    Sounds like a good time Scott…I’m jealous as hell! Vancouver has no such celebrations of horror (for a few years we had a festival called CineMuerte which is no longer). This is why blogs like yours are so great, they expose little or lesser known films and filmmakers that deserve recognition! Whenever I’m picking up groceries I get a glimpse of what’s happening in the world of entertainment and it frankly scares the shit out of me! You’d think there was only about a dozen helling people in films! You see the same celebrities on these rags time and time again. Seems to me that most of these people aren’t getting their cover stories because of their craft anyway. All Moseley would have to do is bang Jennifer Aniston or Sandra Bullock and he’d make front page news. The guys you mentioned are true horror icons that do it for the love of the genre, and sadly, that ain’t going to make the news!

    • WOW…. that was beautifully put GoreGirl. It was a real eye opener at the convention just how hard it is to get a horror & genre-related film made today. Robert Hall (director of the amazing Laid to Rest) had a great discussion on Sunday. He is filming a new flick called Old Scratch and had to stop filming because, as he put it, “I ran outta money.” The trailer he put together (which was really bad ass) had a “stand-in” lead actor…. they are re-casting the lead role to get a bigger name for sales. These guys & gals go through so much bullshit for their craft and they get so little back. Like you said, they are “true horror icons”!!!

      And by the way, I’m writing a longer article on Robert Hall and his panel discussion. My question led to Hall having no choice but to break some big horror news!! 🙂 I’ll be posting it tonight or tomorrow.

  3. autumnforest says:

    Wow, you should have plenty to talk about the next week and onward. Great to actually get a feel for the people behind the movies too. It really can change how you view them. You ever hear a song you don’t like and then see the video and go–“hey, I like that song” or vice versa? I bet it works the same with producers/directors/writers.

    • When ya think about it those rag magazines like People and Us etc … never have any articles and stuff on iconic horror directors like Romero, Carpenter, Hooper, etc. The guys I met this weekend are really nice guys that appreciate their fans … unlike their douche-bag “A-List” brethren who make assholes outta themselves and then blame their fans for their “celebrity-hood”. The guys I met this weekend deserve their success and fame. They all took the time to actually meet their fans and not just rush them through the line. Friday night Carpenter was signing until just shy of 11pm!!! He told his assistant, “If they can wait in line that long then I can stay a little longer.” Class act!!

  4. l3pr3chaun says:

    Very cool and nice to hear. It does not surprise me in the least that they are all down to earth and genuinely nice folks. Horror has always attracted an underdog, ultra creative, and hard working element to it and that’s why I love it so. Great to hear. Romero has always come across as a gentleman and just a real guy. I suppose you would have had to have been to have gotten your start behind the camera on Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood along with the likes of Michael Keaton.

    • LOL…. no kidding Bill. Romero is actually a lot taller than I thought. He is pretty much my height (6’4″). The surprising one was Kane Hodder. I had a good 4-5 inches on him. I’m surprised because he always looks so friggin’ huge as Jason and Victor Crowley.

      • l3pr3chaun says:

        Wow two things that I would have never guessed. Hodder looks like 7 foot on screen. I thought he was another Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) type. I knew Romero was a slight of build guy and looked average height but most pic’s I see of him he is seated either in a director chair or on a discussion panel. On another note I saw NoES and Jackie hit Freddy out of the park! Brilliant job. The script was very average and lacked in the re-imagining aspect of what they preached it would be. The dialogue was below average at points but some of the new twists with the micro naps rocked. All in all I liked this one better than the original but I am certain that if anyone liked Englund’s Freddy they will be disappointed. Frankly Jackie played Freddy like I hope Freddy would have been portrayed always, pure evil! Let me know what you think and anyone else who get’s to see it.

      • You and me both buddy …. i was SHOCKED that Romero was my height (6’4″).

        I saw the NoES this afternoon (one advantage of not being employed I guess) and I agree with Bill; I actually really enjoyed it. Haley’s Freddy was helling amazing. He was pure evil … the way Freddy should have always been. I’m taking nothing away from Englund’s performance, but Haley was really amazing. I’ll be writing my review tonight or tomorrow and should have it posted by Wednesday. I was most disappointed with the casting (helling emo kids). But I also loved the little things they threw in there like the micro naps (you mentioned) and we see more flashbacks to before Freddy was burned. Good stuff.