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actor Anthony Alviano

Hey everyone.  I scored a great interview (well two actually; more on this below) and am really excited about it.  A week or so ago I reviewed the powerful indie horror film Long Pigs (see review here).  Soon after I posted it I received a few emails from the cast and crew thanking me for the kind words.  One thing led to another and Mr. Alviano agreed to an interview which I kept short because I know he’s been busy lately promoting the film.

Anthony Alviano plays the lead role of Anthony McAlistar, a cannibalistic serial killer.  The film is done in a very realistic documentary style that will have you wondering if what you’re watching is indeed a real or reel movie.  The success of this film, as I discuss in my review, largely rests on Alviano’s shoulders.  He plays an extremely convincing killer.  You know on news reports when somebody goes snap-o and kills their family or work mates they always interview the neighbors who say, “He was such a nice and quiet guy.”  Well Alviano’s McAlistar IS that nice, quiet next door neighbor.  Alviano’s is an iconic-level performance as memorable as Hopkin’s Hannibal Lector and Spacey’s “John Doe” in Se7en.  So here’s my interview with Alviano, and please note I didn’t change or alter any of Anthony’s answers.

Q: Hi Anthony.  Tell us a little about yourself and your acting background.  Are you a horror fan?  If so, tell us some of your personal favorites and some of the more influential horror films on your career.

A: I’ve acted in some indie movies so far in Toronto, and yes I’m a horror fan.  I love the chance to watch and play evil or “bad” characters which make you question the nature of evil itself.  Jack Nicholson in The Shining is a perfect example – seeing an actor let loose like that was both frightening and entertaining.

Tell us about Long Pigs.  How did you get involved & what drew you to the project?

I’ve known Chris (Power) since high school and was in one of his earliest shorts – later on they were going to do another short when the idea Long Pigs came up. Chris and Nathan told me they thought of me specifically in the role which was flattering, and I think I understood exactly what they were going for in terms of the character playing with the audience’s idea of reality.

How did you prepare to play the role of such a different kind of cannibalistic serial killer?  Where did you go for inspiration?  Was there an historical figure you modeled Anthony McAlistar after?  You looked incredibly natural in your role.  How much actual “acting” was involved?

I always thought the most interesting thing about the idea was to make it as naturalistic as possible, so I thought I should just play the part like your next-door neighbor. I really did want people to question whether it was fictional movie or a real documentary. I did do research on numerous serial killers but the character wasn’t based on any one historical person.

Have you worked with special f/x before like you did in Long Pigs?  The f/x were amazing and some of them looked pretty intricate.  Did you find it at all difficult having to manipulate and execute f/x while staying in character and looking “natural”?

No, I’d never worked with any special effects of that scale, but it actually helped create a mood on the set – the incredible reality of the physical effects allowed me to play off them as an actor – even when it came to improvising for humor. It was easy to understand the contradictions in the character, being so normal in parts and so extremely violent in other scenes.

What has the feedback been on your performance as Anthony McAlistar?  What’s next for you Anthony?  Are you planning to stay in the horror genre?

The feedback’s all been pretty positive so far. I love the horror genre and the fact that a guy like me can be a leading man in a horror flick – so I definitely look to do more horror movies in the future.

Thanks so much for your time Anthony.  I know you’re a busy guy!!

Thanks to you and your readers!



Long Pigs is being distributed by R Squared films and can be found at And please note that I have no attachment with this product or its actors or filmmakers other than in a professional capacity.  This is a really strong independent film that deserves the recognition it’s getting.  That’s why I am so strongly supporting this project.  If everyone is so sick and tired of fucking Hollywood remakes (like everyone says they are) then go out and support films like Long Pigs; it’s original and extremely effective!!

My thanks again to Anthony Alviano for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions.  Anthony will let me know about his future projects and any new news about Long Pigs and I’ll of course pass on the info to you!!

Stay Bloody!!!

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4 Responses to Interview with Long Pigs Actor Anthony Alviano

  1. autumnforest says:

    Oh, great interview! I love that description about playing it like the guy next door and making us kind of wonder…(shivers). That movie sounds really horrifying and yet spellbinding…

    • His portrayal is so un-serial killer-ish (is that even a helling word???) that it really makes you stop and wonder if you are actually watching a real documentary. Unfortunately its not yet on netflix but keep your eyes open for it!!! It’ll probably pop up on MOD/VOD/PPV soon.