First Look at J.J. Abrams’ Super Secret Project, Super 8

J.J. Abrams

By now you’ve probably all heard the buzz that one of the previews before Iron Man 2 is a super secret project by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Cloverfield) titled Super 8.  The preview runs a quick 1:37 and is of course both very vague and very intriguing.  Ya gotta hand it to Abrams; he’s part P.T. Barnum and part William Castle!!  This man knows how to promote a film (that isn’t even made yet) and knows how to really test our patience.

Here’s the trailer:

Immediately news outlets were clambering to get the scoop, and as a result I think a lot of half-baked theories were thrown around. reported on May 5, 2010 that “A ‘secret’ trailer is set to unveil a follow-up to J J Abrams monster movie Cloverfield in the US. The hush-hush project – titled Super 8 – is thought to be a prequel.”  They then go on to quote the New Yorker Magazine blog:  “The clip shows a bunch of kids who are shooting a movie with a Super 8 camera in the 70s or 80s. When they develop the film, they notice that there’s an alien creature in the frame.”  Well I’ve included the trailer below and you’ll clearly see that there’s nothing even remotely in the trailer that fits this above description.  But it is interesting that at the end of Cloverfield we see grainy footage of something falling out the sky and into the ocean way in the background.  Hhmmm; interesting.  Bottom line is that whether its true or not, everyone  seems to want Super 8 to be either a prequel or sequel to 2008’s Cloverfield.

The Cloverfield monster

The very next day, May 6, 2010, clears the air a little more about the Super 8 trailer.  In their interview with Abrams reports what the “project isn’t going to be: a prequel or sequel to Cloverfield”. Abrams says it pretty clear himself that Super 8 “has nothing whatsoever to do with Cloverfield.”  That’s a pretty blatant statement.  But let’s face it, Abrams could very well be fucking with us.  If you haven’t watched it yet, view the trailer now so I don’t spoil anything for you.  That last shot of whatever’s inside the train car trying to break out could very well be a “young” Cloverfield creature.  I don’t know; I’m just speculating.  All I’m saying is that I wouldn’t put it past Abrams to f**k with us a little bit.  I mean the film isn’t even finished and it’s not gonna be released until Summer 2011.

Hidden face in the trailer #1

And now theplaylistnation blog reports that there’s a hidden picture towards the end of the trailer (at the 1:23 mark).  The image is the face of a young kid looking into a camera.  So this does kinda support that first article about the trailer being about some kids shooting a film.  Goddamn Abrams is fucking brilliant.  I don’t think for a second that every step and every second of this promo campaign hasn’t been completely planned out.

Hidden face in trailer #2

The only thing that makes me hesitant is the involvement of Steven Spielberg, but I’m officially gonna go on record as saying that I think Super 8 IS going to end up being the prequel to Cloverfield.

Time will tell and I’ll definitely be following this project and let you know as I find out more info.

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2 Responses to First Look at J.J. Abrams’ Super Secret Project, Super 8

  1. autumnforest says:

    Do you remember the online buzz with Cloverfield–all the secret background info running around as part of a campaign to hype it up? That the lead guy was going to work for a Japanese company that had something to do with the monster and all that stuff? Abrams is a marketing genius and this is the way to promote films nowadays. With movies coming out on DVD within 5 months of release, what in the world motivates people to go to the theater? The cheap Hollywood whores came up with $17 tickets to make movies 3D to get people back, but it’s annoying to know that your movie is being made for 3D and you’ll be buying the Blu-Ray or DVD without that element so it won’t look the same. Abrams is a sharp guy, like those cheese-eaters who made “Paranormal Activity” and made a shitload of cash off the hype and “reality” feel. I am sooooo excited about this project. Whatever the hell he does, I’ll be happy. Looks to me like a UFO/alien theme, but whatever it is–I know I’m going to love it to death. He’s a sure bet for me. Can you tell I have a mad crush for his brain?

    • There’s no doubt; Abrams is a genius when it comes to hyping and promoting his films. And lets not forget the important part: He DELIVERS!! I really liked Cloverfield and felt it delivered in every way. That was the best monster flick I’ve seen in a long time and blew the very overrated The Host out of the water.

      Keep ’em coming Abrams!!!