Breaking News: New Web Series Exile Starts Wednesday May 19th!!!

Hey everyone.  I came across this new web series called Exile.  I contacted the producer, writer, and original score composer Andrew Stirling MacDonald to tell me more about this project.  First let me show you the trailer and then I’ll get to what Andrew had to say.  Enjoy:

Pretty cool looking, eh??  Here’s the plot summary in Andrew’s words:

Just a few short weeks after the population is overrun with riots, looting, and destruction, a group of survivors have entrenched themselves into an abandoned movie theatre.  Supplies are starting to run low, but fear of attacks by the inhuman monsters outside has kept them barricaded inside.

As food and fuel dwindle, one man in the group documents the changing behaviors of the survivors.

The first four chapters make up the first full episode and, Andrew tells me, were filmed in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley (Allentown and Bethlehem).  This is pretty cool because that’s my old stomping ground.  I went to college in Reading, PA (Albright College) and even shot a short student film in the same areas myself (albeit a pretty crappy student film  LOL).

As I mentioned, Andrew Stirling MacDonald is a producer, writer, and score composer on independent motion pictures, live shows and web series since 1999.  He tells me that he’s an active libertarian, wears kilts exclusively and is “passionate about facial hair.”  Andrew is the oldest of 8 kids and he and his brothers often involve each other in their different projects.  In the case of Exile,

My youngest brother David did the storyboarding and art direction, and [my] middle brother Paul performed the guitar that makes up a large part of the soundtrack.  [My] fourth brother Stephen was originally going to perform the guitar parts, but then he decided to go and be a philosophy major, so we are currently shunning him.

Watch it Andrew; I was a philosophy major!!!  LOL

There are two directors for Exile, Jesse Kalavoda and Marvin Day.  Andrew’s worked with Jesse since 2002 and with Marvin since 2005.  This is the first time Andrew has worked with web television for Jesse and Marvin, “Although we produced web content for a mostly live sketch comedy group several years ago.”

Andrew then gives us the main cast for the initial 4 episodes which will be coming out every Wednesday starting on May 19th.

Peter Gaughran as Charles

Eden Suarez as Jenni

Joseph Golden as Jake

Akiko Day as Missy

James DeFlorio as Jesse

Directors: Jesse Kalavoda, Marvin Day

Writers: Dan Sottile, Andrew Stirling MacDonald

The first episode of Exile premiered earlier today (May 19th) and I encourage you to check it out here:  You can also read more info about the project and the cast and crew at that website as well.

I’m really excited; not only did I start watching the zombie web series Dead Wait recently, but now I have Exile to look forward too every Wednesday.  This is a really great thing for indie horror filmmakers.  Not only are the quality of indie horror projects getting better and better, but now the “Web Series” format is getting the attention is truly deserves.  Keep ‘em coming guys; maybe I can get rid of cable TV soon!!!

I’ll keep you up to date with any new developments.

Stay Bloody!!!

Zombie Web Series: Dead Wait Episode 2 Now Available

Hey guys.  Hopefully you caught the 1st episode of the brand new zombie web series Dead Wait.  One of the creator-writers Justin Parlette just got in touch with me letting me know the 2nd episode is now up on their website

Justin tells me that episode #2 is “short but sweet, setting up episode three which finally gets the series into a longer runtime.”  I think these guys are doing a great job setting the stage for what I’m sure is gonna be a great zombie story.  And don’t worry, if you missed the first episode you can catch it on the same site as I posted above.

Stay Bloody!!

SyFy Corner: Malibu Shark Attack (2009)

Since summer is quickly coming upon us I thought I’d celebrate my favorite time of year with none other than a “summer movie.”  Hey why not; other channels do “Shark Week” for the entire summer so I’m gonna ‘jump the shark’ (ah-hem) and review Malibu Shark Attack (originally aired on July 25, 2009).  I have seen waaaay too many of these made for SyFy Channel stink bombs but for some reason this one stands above the others and is a lotta fun.  All the SyFy staples are here; crappy dialogue, less-than-stellar acting, ridiculous plot, and CGI creatures (here they are previously thought to be extinct goblin sharks released during an underwater earthquake).  What makes this more fun than other crappy flicks on the SyFy Channel is that this one seems to fully embrace and wallow in its crapulence.

Before the opening credits are even over we get an underwater earthquake that frees the prehistoric goblin sharks.  This is a good opening and the action kicks in immediately.  After the credits we get to meet the main cast, a team of lifeguards, and follow them around as they monitor the beaches of Malibu.  We get some inane dialogue and backstory on the characters , but what you really want to see is some goblin sharks chomping on some asses!!

Ladies & gentlemen; the goblin shark.

The wait is soon over though, as that underwater earthquake creates a tsunami that makes the Indonesian tsunami back in 2004 look like a summer shower.  So now instead of coming up with reasons to make people go to the sharks, the sharks can come to the people via a flooded Malibu.  Before you can say, “Looks like we need a bigger boat,” the sharks begin attacking and giving us exactly what the movie’s title promises:  A lot of sharks killing a lot of people in Malibu.

This is most definitely NOT Bay Watch!!

The sharks here are all CGI, and it was kind of annoying that in some scenes the CGI was done really well and in others it looked as though a 10-year old did some computer animation on his dad’s old Commodore 64.  Overall though the sharks look pretty cool; they have wicked overbites, horns on their heads, and many rows of large, sharp teeth.  But best of all we get to see many shots of them chewing their way through the annoying cast.  There’s a really decent body count here (my favorite is the parasailor who when he dips down into the water looses the lower half of his body).  There’s a lot plot holes here that ya just gotta ignore in order to have fun.  For example, when we see the sharks underwater they move super fast, but when we see their dorsal fins above water they move around like they’re swimming in frozen molasses.  And my favorite is that the tsunami (remember, worse than the Indonesian one) doesn’t wipe out the shitty little lifeguard shack that is sitting right on the beach!!  That shack, in fact, stands up to a tsunami and then a vicious gang of hungry goblin sharks.  That’s one well-built friggin’ shack!!

Not from the movie but its still a cool shot!!

“What about the cast,” you may wonder?  The cast is full of relative unknowns.  It does have Mungo McKay, the ass-kicking bad ass from the Spierig Brother’s 2003 zombie flick Undead, Evert McQueen, and Peta Wilson (who seems to just be going through the motions).  And not to be an asshole, but what the hell happened to Peta Wilson?  She looks like she just got off a 3 week bender (although I think she may have been preggo during the filming; the camera avoids any full body shots of her and her face looks really bloated).  Other than these 3, the movie is just full of actors and actresses who’s sole reason for being here is to be chew toys for the sharks.

Let's just remember the way Peta Wilson used to look!!

Director David Lister does give us a little originality here.  As the sharks tear through the cast the survivors start fighting back.  We get a few “Rambo-esque” moments as the humans strike back at the sharks.  Ever see a shark get killed by a guy going medieval on its ass with a chainsaw?  You will.  This is a bad movie folks, don’t get me wrong.  But unlike some of its brethren on the SyFy Channel this one manages to be fun and “so bad it’s good.”  Check it out.

My Summary:

Director:  David Lister

Plot:  2 out of 5 stars

Gore:  4 out of 10 skulls

Zombie Mayhem:  0 out of 5 brains

Reviewed by Scott Shoyer