Tarantino Directing a Horror Flick???

directors Tarantino & Eli Roth

Came across this one online earlier today and am pretty excited at the possibilities.  But let me be very clear about this.  As of the writing of this article IT IS PURE RUMOR AND SPECULATION that Tarantino maybe doing a horror film in the near future.

I found the article online in the Austrian Independent, and they are reporting that Tarantino will soon be visiting Austria in order to scout out some locations, mainly castles, for an upcoming film about Dracula.  Here’s what the article has to say:

Austrian press claimed over the weekend that the Pulp Fiction director will stay for four nights in Vienna to visit castles in the nearby countryside … Kreuzenstein Castle in Lower Austria – one of the locations picked by Season of the Witch director Dominic Sena [the upcoming genre film starring Nicolas Cage] – has been tipped as a possible location for Tarantino’s new project.

There is no author attributed to this article and no sources are given.  So as of now I am taking this as an unconfirmed rumor but will be optimistic that Tarantino will be directing a genre film in the near future.  And why not; he’s starred in From Dusk to Dawn, he’s buddies with Eli Roth and Robert Rodriguez, and many of his films have some pretty horrific scenes in them.

I’ll be following this story real closely and as soon as I get solid confirmation that Tarantino will be directing a horror flick, I’ll let you know.  Until then …

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8 Responses to Tarantino Directing a Horror Flick???

  1. l3pr3chaun says:

    He teased us with “From Dusk Till Dawn” (1996) – screenplay, so we know he has the genre in him and is capable of making an original and heavily sexy and stylistic contribution to horror. I hope it becomes reality because it would be a welcome shot in the arm to horror to get some Tarantino content and we all know the character dialogue will just be oh so rich!

  2. SendMoreCops says:

    well, he did write From Dusk Til Dawn, which I LOVED! So this could definitely be interesting.

    • Exactly Bill…. Tarantino did the screenplay and none other than Robert Kurtzman (from KNB F/X) wrote the original story!!! Man I hope this turns out to be true!!! I could really go for a kick ass vampire flick!!

  3. autumnforest says:

    Hey, more power to him. I think he could make it hip, cool and sexy while being dark. It just might work. Someone has to give vampires some cajones again, lately they’ve been portrayed as love sick eunichs…