Breaking News Round-Up: [rec]2 Red Band Trailer; 1st Still from Sharktopus; Adam Greens Next Project; Brian Yuzna’s Amphibious 3D.

Lots of new cool projects in the works.  Let’s jump right into it!!


Yes; the movie is as bad ass as this poster!!

Back on March 18, 2010 I posted my review of the absolutely amazing [rec]2 (see my review here).  I was lucky enough to get a screener of this phenomenal flick and figured it’d be released stateside not too long after I saw it.  Well it’s now the end of May and still no trailer or release date … until now!!  I’m happy to tell you that [rec]2 will be available on VOD on June 4th and will then have a theatrical release starting on July 9th.  I won’t bother you with the press release plot summary.  Check the link above to read my plot summary and review.  And here it is everyone; the red band [rec]2 trailer and be sure to check out the larger view of the bad ass poster as well:


This is incredibly exciting news to a horror geek like myself.  The first still from the upcoming opus Sharktopus has been released.  Karen O’Hara, the Director of Original Movies, tweeted this pic, and I for one wanna personally thank her!!  This pic sure does embody everything that’s gonna be so great about this movie: There’s a cute girl in a bikini top, bloodied, with a purple-ish tentacle wrapped around her … sweeeeet!!  Still no release date but O’Hara says she has “a rough cut of the movie in hand.”

We all know the film stars Eric Roberts and is being produced by the legend himself, Roger Corman.  Its the same plot as I reported before, but has some more details:

Eric Roberts as a research scientist responsible for genetically engineering a voracious shark/octopus hybrid designed as a top secret military weapon to be used again Somali pirates and such. When the electrical implants that control this aquatic abomination against the Lord fail, the Sharktopus goes berserk and heads for Mexican resort waters for a little surf and turf.

Just stop all this teasing; I’m sold already.  I can’t wait to see this!!  This is gonna be the epitome of a summer flick:  a giant shark-creature terrorizing the Mexican coast full of half naked girls!!  Ok, ok …. I gotta calm down!!

ADAM GREEN’S UPCOMING PROJECT: reports that Adam Green will be writing an action-comedy called Killer Pizza “about a 14-year-old who lands a summer job at Killer Pizza, which is a front for a monster-hunting organization.”  See the complete story at the above link.  This sounds like it could be another fun flick like The Monster Squad, and the fact Green is writing it (and directing maybe??) makes it even better!!


Brian Yuzna, director of Bride of Re-Animator (1990), Return of the Living Dead III (1993), The Dentist (1996), and Beyond Re-Animator (2003) (to name a few) has been pretty quiet since 2005.  Well he’s back and from what it sounds like he’s back with a vengeance.  His upcoming film, Amphibious 3D is currently in post-production and is slated to open in the Netherlands November 1st of this year.  So unfortunately we probably won’t get to see it here in America until sometime next year.  Bummer, but it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.  It’s a giant creature flick.  Check out the bad ass teaser poster!!  Here’s the plot summary from the new website for the film (click here; check it out for casting news and other info on the film):

Marine biologist Skylar Shane [Janna Fassaert] hires an expat charter boat captain, Jack Bowman [Michael Paré], to help her find prehistoric life form samples in the north Sumatran Sea. During the expedition, they run into some of Jack’s ‘friends’, a gang of smugglers headquartered on a fishing platform in the middle of the sea. Tamal, an orphan sold into servitude on the fishing platform by his uncle, a ‘Dukun’ [sorcerer and master of black magic] shaman, begs Skylar to take him away. She empathizes with the boy, who reminds her of her lost daughter, Rebecca, and is determined to help him, not knowing what lurks beneath the dark inky water, waiting to surface. Ever since Tamal arrived, mysterious things begin to happen, until one by one the smugglers will be killed by the terrifying creature from the deep. In the middle of an eerie, violent storm, the animus inside Tamal grows stronger, calling for the ancient creature of his nightmares. Now Skylar and Jack must battle the terror – once locked deep in the abyss by an old civilization, as it is now about to resurface…

A still from the film ... looks like a lot of fun!!

And let’s not forget its a Brian Yuzna film so its gonna be bloody and crazy and tons of fun.

As always; I’ll keep you updated on all these flicks as I hear anything new.

Stay Bloody!!!

The House of the Devil (2009)

I don’t get it people.  I don’t get why this one got such great reviews and press.  I’m actually still trying to figure out why Ti West keeps getting all the praise he does.  I’m just not a fan.  I, like most horror fans, was introduced to West via his low-budgeter The Roost (2005), a mishmash of killer bats whose bite turns you into a zombie.  Sounds pretty damn interesting, right?  But what we got was a damn near unwatchable mess of a film that goes nowhere and wasn’t able to deliver the goods.  Ironically the only film of Wests’ that I’ve enjoyed is 2009’s Cabin Fever 2 which he actually disowns (see my review here).  So after looking at West’s very inconsistent projects I sat down to watch House of the Devil hoping to tip the scale to the side of “bad ass director.”  It didn’t go so well.

House of the Devil has a very simple set-up:  On the day the earth is going to experience a full lunar eclipse, a college girl in need of some fast cash (and who really loves pizza, more on this later) takes a job babysitting for a family of devil worshippers.  That’s it folks; that’s the entire premise.  But West drags this simple plot (which should have been a 30 minute short) into 95 excruciating minutes of absolutely nothing happening.  Seriously.  Here’s the breakdown:  Take 10 minutes of West setting up the premise in the beginning and then 10 minutes at the end when something finally happens.  According to my calculator that’s 20 minutes.  What about the other 75 minutes??

Samantha looking clueless!!

The best thing about this film is the “feel” of it.  This feels EXACTLY like a horror movie from the early 80’s.  West shot the film on 16mm and gave it a kind of washed out look.  If you were to walk in on this way through you’d swear you were watching a genre film from around 1982.  This gives the entire film a great atmosphere and feel to it.  Even the song playing during the opening credits will remind you of the song by The Cars played during the famous pool scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  So for the tone of the film, West NAILS it and does  a phenomenal job.  West also gets a really great cast to help with that retro feel.  Besides the main character Samantha (played by Jocelin Donahue who was in J.T. Petty’s 2008 The Burrowers) the movie also stars Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov, and Dee Wallace all in, I’m sad to say, wasted roles.  Noonan and Woronov play Mr. and Mrs. Ulman, the satanists.  Their screen time adds up to less than that of the goddamn pizza that Samantha is so concerned about.

The REAL reason this entire film was made; Ti West LOVES pizza!!
Alright; I mentioned it; let’s talk about the role of pizza in this film.  Pizza not only has a dominant role in this film, it seems to be the only thing moving the plot along.  In the beginning we see Samantha and her best friend eating lunch at a pizza joint.  They have some pretty inane dialogue capped off with how bad the pizza tastes.  Cut to Samantha in the Ulman’s house.  She orders a pizza and it seems as though its delivered in real time.  But the entire time we’re waiting for that goddamn pizza to be delivered Samantha is just walking around the house looking in various rooms and killing time (we even get a little musical montage with some crispy 80’s tunes playing on her oversized cassette walkman).  As soon as the pizza arrives the “plot” seems to start moving again.  WTF??!!!?

The great Tom Noonan in a wasted role.

I know you think I’m playing up the pizza here for laughs but its shocking how much of this film revolves around the subject of pizza.  But leaving the pizza out of the story, this is still a very slow moving and boring film.  The number one problem is that nothing happens.  As Samantha waits for the pizza to be delivered she just walks around the house aimlessly (carrying a knife for some reason).  Her looking around the house does nothing to further advance the plot; its a huge time killer that sucks up about 25 minutes of your life.  And let’s back up a second.  Why is she even in the house in the first place?  When she arrives for the babysitting job Tom Noonan tells her they don’t really have a baby.  She’s gonna be “babysitting” his elderly mother-in-law.  I know West tries to answer this by pointing out Samantha really needs the money, but who the fuck would stay in that situation?  Samantha’s not broke, she’s fucking stupid!!

This is in the film for about 1/8th of a second!! Blech.

By the time something starts happening you’ll be far past the point of caring.  We get some flashes on the screen of a demon (homage to The Exorcist?) and there’s the inevitable confrontation between Samantha and the Ulman’s (the Ulman’s son is played by AJ Bowen who starred in 2007’s The Signal and is in the upcoming Hatchet 2) which is pretty much over as soon as it begins.  We also get no info on the motivations behind the Ulman’s:  What were they trying to accomplish, why did they need Samantha, etc …?  And then at the very end it’s hinted at that Samantha is pregnant, and then this film mercifully ends.  I’ll say it again folks; WTF??!!!!?  The only things I wanted answered were:  How much did she tip the pizza delivery guy?  Did the pizza joint get her order correct?  She ordered a medium pizza and only ate one piece; what did she do with the rest?  Will she order from that place again?  I need answers people!!

Slowing down the plot to a grinding halt over what else … PIZZA!!

Look, this is a really boring and tedious film with a standard story that’s only interesting quality is how dead-on West was with recapturing an early 1980’s feel.  There’s absolutely nothing worth recommending here.  Definitely skip it.  Whoops; gotta run.  The pizza delivery guy just got here.

My Summary:

Director:  Ti West (and writer)

Plot:  2 out of 5 stars

Gore:  2 out of 10 skulls

Zombie Mayhem:  0 out of 5 brains

Reviewed by Scott Shoyer