Multiple Updates on AMC’s The Walking Dead!!

You can tell The Walking Dead is in full production; the updates are coming fast and furious.  I have the 1st stills from the project, more casting news, the first still of a zombie from the film, and news on Frank Darabont.


Here they are; what we’ve all been eager to see.  The 1st stills from the TV project have hit the web, courtesy of  And here it is … the 1st shot of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln):

For those of you familiar with the comic book you’ll notice that this is very close to being an exact shot from the comic.  The main difference is with the perspective.  Here we get a head on shot of Grimes walking to the camera.  In the comic book he is walking away:

Pretty cool, isn’t it!!  Over at AICN, someone sent in some pics he took secretly of the film.  As he explains, “My building overlooks the set for The Walking Dead.”  Enjoy:

And perhaps the most interesting still:

This is another shot that is almost exactly like the comic except for the angle:

Do you see it?  Once again the TV show is giving us a shot of Grimes coming TO us whereas the comic has a shot of Grimes riding away from us.  Interesting!!


Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes!! confirmed that the role of Rick Grimes’ son, Carl, has been filled.  Again, if you’re familiar with the comic then you know just how important the character of Carl is in this story.  Carl isn’t some helpless little kid; he’s a pretty deep character, and a lot of the action actually revolves around him.  So who’s gonna fill these very large shoes?  Chandler Riggs.  He was in the Bill Murray/Robert Duvall film Get Low (2009).  I haven’t seen that film but I’m assuming director Frank Darabont wouldn’t cast young Riggs without making damn well sure he could handle the role!!


Again, coming from reports the 1st “bad” news about this project.  It seems Darabont (who directed 2007’s The Mist) will only be directing the pilot episode of the 1st season.  Darabont did promise that he’d be keeping his eye on the production and would most likely direct an episode here and there if the series gets picked up.


Oh yes; just look at this fucking pic!!  It looks like zombies are back … with a vengence.  There’s not one thing about AMC’s TV project that doesn’t excite me.  Great cast, great director & writer, and now great looking zombies.  Here it is:

Oh hell yes!!!  As soon as I find more pics online I’ll post them for ya.  Look for an October release on AMC for this one (I’ll keep ya updated).

Stay Bloody!!!

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10 Responses to Multiple Updates on AMC’s The Walking Dead!!

  1. W.L. says:

    Finally, something on TV worth looking forward to! Agreed Scott, everything about this series is exciting. Thanks for the great pics and info – keep it coming!

    • I’ll definitely keep us all updated on The Walking Dead project W.L.!!! I don’t wanna rush through the summer, but I’m really excited for October now!! LOL

  2. l3pr3chaun says:

    YES! YES! AND HELL FUCKIN’ YEAH! I so hope this lives up to what we are seeing in these stills. The attention to detail is there along with some great casting calls. I luv it!

  3. autumnforest says:

    God, that looks soooo promising! I love that zombie on the ground–I only wish the fingers had bones protruding. It is the best looking one I’ve ever seen, not the usual gray-faced overdone ones–that looks like decay–real decay. Awesome!

    • WOW … that’s scary!!! When I first saw that pic, the 1st thing I thought was, “Man that’d look better if there were more bone protruding from his fingers.” LOL And it does indeed look like real decay. It should be a very interesting October!!!