Blog Film Projects: AutumnForest and Dale

Hey Everyone.  It’s been about a week or 2 since I presented the challenge to everyone about sending in a homemade, self-shot horror scene.  I have 2 already (I’ll post the next one later tonight or tomorrow) and will hopefully get some more.  Don’t be shy about sending in any kind of horror scene….. and I do mean ANY KIND OF HORROR SCENE.  I haven’t shot mine yet because I’m having trouble nailing down a scene.  All the ideas I come up with have 2-3 people in them and a small budget!!!  I need to write a scene with one person in it (me) and no budget!!

But the 1st scene comes from AutumnForest.  She runs the website (check it out while she still has a picture of her legs up on it)  🙂  AutumnForest is an extremely creative person passionate about ghost hunting (REAL ghost hunting and not the fucktards you see on TV) and writing.  She is full of great ideas and runs a great web site.  The scene she sent in is with a recurring character on her website, Dale.  Enjoy, and just wait until you see the creepy last shot:

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7 Responses to Blog Film Projects: AutumnForest and Dale

  1. l3pr3chaun says:

    Brava! Well done!

  2. Steve says:

    Very cool, Autumn – I DID find that last shot creepy – it gives a freakier context to the voices that came before it. Nice!

  3. autumnforest says:

    Thanks for putting that up, buddy, and the nice words! You just had to advertise my legs, huh? You’re a hoot! Can’t wait to see the other scenes.