Steve S’s, Intrusion

Boy do I have a special treat for you!!!  My buddy, horror aficionado, loyal reader, and all around creative guy Steve S. shot and submitted a horror scene just for!!!  Among other things I’m glad to call Steve a friend … we went to high school together and both grew up in Southern New Jersey.  Steve is also a designer, illustrator, animator and writer.  Near the end of last year Steve sent me one of his scripts, Breach Point Castle. I had never read a script before and that one just immediately grabbed me.  I know by their very natures scripts aren’t supposed to be as detailed as novels and short stories.  The characters aren’t as fleshed out and the scenes aren’t as detailed.  But damn Steve did an amazing job developing the story and really leaving me wanting to know more about every single character he wrote about.

Steve also runs 2 websites. showcases Steve’s work in the fields of web design, illustration, multimedia, and animation.  His other site, is a crazy fun website where you can design your own creature and then put it on tshirts, hat, mugs, mouse pads, etc ….  Check it out!!

If you’re a geek like me (and I think most of you are), then you’ll appreciate the technical info:  Steve shot this scene by himself (he even catered it himself!!!) on a Panasonic HVX-200a with a Letus adapter.  It’s a great looking scene that is really crisp and vibrant.  Steve, brother; ya really did a phenomenal job!!  Steve edited this scene on Final Cut Studio and created the audio with GarageBand.  Wait until you hear the music accompanying the scene …. great soundtrack Steve.  It really adds to the atmosphere.  Without further delay, here’s Steve S’s Intrusion (and I promise I’m working on my scene.  I’ve been playing around with some fake blood and trying to practice when the kids aren’t around …. I can’t afford to start them in therapy!!!):

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8 Responses to Steve S’s, Intrusion

  1. Steve says:

    Thank you guys – I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for checking it out!

  2. l3pr3chaun says:

    Awesome job Steve! Awesome job! Well edited and the soundtrack made the tension.

  3. Gore Whore says:

    Very nice! I got that claustrophobic creepiness of it all from the moment he stuck his hand in that mailbox. Nicely done Steve!

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks AutumnForest and Scott – I’m glad you liked it. You know, if I could have I might have even added the shot of the husband and wife coming home, but I didn’t even tell my wife about the project – I didn’t want her to be scared of her own house – so I didn’t really considering adding that. Plus, the husband would have been me, anyway.

    Thanks for the really nice bio, too, Scott – yes, I catered to myself on this.

    The hardest shot was the first one – I had to rack focus myself, and I did it while lots of cars were passing me and watching – it was 6 a.m. I shot it in reverse – me in the frame, focused on me (and it’s the front of my arm, made to look like the back) – then moved out of frame and focused on the house. Tricky stuff! Like I said to you, Scott, I learned a lot doing this. I appreciate you posting it – looking forward to yours!

    • Your wife is gonna be FREAKED OUT if she’s online watching YouTube vids and sees her house!!! LOL

      I was supposed to shoot mine earlier today (Sunday) but with Father’s Day and all I ended up spending the whole day in the pool with the kids!! Well worth it!! I’m gonna try to get it shot on Monday.

  5. autumnforest says:

    Oh Freak! That was brilliant! Man, it’s what wasn’t shown that was driving me nuts. You know, he could have ended that with the classic family pulling up in the car and going into the house type of scenario, but he stopped it before the conclusion, late enough to know he’s up to no good, but early enough we have no clue who’s gonna get it! Jeez, you run with brilliant friends! That was great. I want more (pounding on the table).

    • Wasn’t that awesome AutumnForest!!! I was really blown away with how professional it looked and felt. Both your scenes are inspiring me to finish mine up!!!