AnythingHorror Scott’s Short, Interruption

As promised here is my horror scene clip.  I had a ton of fun doing this and stressed the f**k outta myself doing it.  I had a couple of free hours today when the kids were at school so I was determined to get this shot and edited so I could post it tonight.  I like the final product.  I rehearsed 3 times and then set out to get this all in one continual shot.  It clocks in at 4:31; I wanted to try and throw everyone off as to what I was doing!!  I felt even more pressure after watching AutumnForest and Steve S’s horror scenes.  AutumnForest did a great little creepy scene in the vein of William Castle while Steve’s scene is more in line with the old John Carpenter.  My scene?  Think of it as the Lloyd Kaufman/Troma clip of the group!!  LOL

I shot this one on my MacBook Pro camera and edited it on iMovie.  I wanted to play around with the final picture but just ran outta time.  The final product looks a little washed out but I kinda like that.  I also wanted to edit some cool sounds in but that was a little beyond my abilities.  This was the first time I ever shot and edited on video (I worked with super 8 film back in undergrad where I was a film minor), and I didn’t have the luxury of time on my side to play around today.  But I had such a blast that I guarantee this won’t be the last scene I ever shoot!!!  And let me extend this offer to everyone out there reading this:  If you ever get the “bug” and you wanna shoot a small horror scene (30 seconds to 5 minutes long) I’d love to post them.  Just make sure they’re horror-related!!

Enough stalling; here’s my scene titled Interruption (and I wanna hear what you think):

Do like I did and

Stay Bloody!!!

Share A Scare!

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16 Responses to AnythingHorror Scott’s Short, Interruption

  1. For a few seconds I thought you were beating your kids to death…. so glad it turned out to be zombies. lol

    • Funny you say that Candace …. I was going to go the “beating the kids” route but wanted to keep the scene more light hearted and fun!! And besides, I can’t even put that thought in my mind!!

  2. Scumchrist says:

    haha that was helling great!

  3. Good job Scott, I liked your short film! It was very creative! I can´t imagine what you will be able to do with a nice movie budget. I hope you can accomplish your dream to make a zombie movie.

  4. Steve says:

    Very very impressive, Scott – besides the creative elements, which worked out so well, you’re really confident in front of the camera, and that helps set the scene and make it more believable.

    I can sense a AH video review or two coming in the future – it’s clear you can pull it off – I suspected you’d be interrupted, but I found myself really wanting to hear the full story in the beginning of the piece. Great work!

    • Funny you say that Steve. One of my “rehearsals” I did I actually ended up giving a full, 7 minute video review of Evil Dead 2. I just got into a serious groove and it just rolled off my tongue. I didn’t even have anything written down for that review!! LOL

      And to answer your question you posted on our facebook thread about the theater I saw Evil Dead 2 in …. I can picture the theater in my head but for the life of me I can’t nail down the location. I’ll think of it in time …. I’m thinking it was someplace in Pennsauken. I may be wrong. As soon as it pops into my head I’ll let you know!!

  5. l3pr3chaun says:

    LMAO! You have not skipped a beat my friend! It’s classic Scott! Bravo! Well done!

    • Thanks Bill!!! I’m still that immature kid in high school, aren’t I??? LOL I’d love to see you shoot a scene; you have such a solid horror film foundation I’d be curious to see what you come up with!!

  6. That was funny Scott…..nice job!

  7. autumnforest says:

    I’m trying to stop laughing. You are exactly like how you write. I can’t imagine what it’s like around your house. That was so freaking funny. Really, you might want to act in the future moves you write! You’d do a helluva lot better than M. Knight or Stephen King. Hey, and you really surprised me. I thought that was just a “hi, it’s me” video, not the horror one. That was a great homage….

    • Thanks AutumnForest!! I was hoping I’d fool a few people into thinking that was actually gonna be a video review. Glad you thought I looked “natural” on camera. I’m always a harsh critic of myself and thought I looked tense LOL