One of My Short Stories, Disconnected

Hey everyone; I hope you all had a great July 4th with family and friends!!  The hurricane here in Texas decided to give us a break for a day and we got some great weather (although the pool was fucking freezing, which didn’t seem to bother the kids at all).  Well I’m gonna be a little self-serving here tonight and post a short story I wrote.  About the middle of last month fellow blogger, regular contributor to, and friend AutumnForest decided to run a short story contest.  The rules were that the stories had to be no longer than 1,000 words (mine came in at 909 words) and they had to be about the same theme:  What if the soul of a zombie came back to haunt him.  Easy huh?  I thought so until I sat down to write it.  Well a pot of coffee and zero fingernails later I finished it and was pretty damn happy with it … and apparently so was AutumnForest.  I tied for first place with another contributor Grim.  So here’s my story and I urge you to check out AutumnForest’s blog at to see Grim’s story and the first 2 runner ups.  Here it is; it’s called “Disconnected” and I hope you enjoy it:

“Nietzsche was wrong … ”

That’s one of the only thoughts I have left. With each passing day I can feel my brain slowly decomposing and loosing more and more of it’s “humanity.” To me it feels like whipped egg whites loosing their volume. They slowly dissolve into a puddle. Just like my brain. That’s why I’m writing this down. I don’t know how much longer I have until my brain gives into the virus …

… that fucking virus. It came out of the jungles hard and fast. There wasn’t even an incubation period. If you came in contact with the virus you immediately dropped dead and then hours later you “woke up” and experienced the final transformation into … into what? The “experts” won’t call it what it truly is. We’re zombies. Forget about the movies and the shambling dead. You just don’t wake up to being a zombie. Like life itself, its a process. At first its your skin and hair that go. The lack of blood circulating in your body makes you hair fall out and rot. But it seems that when your humanity was killed, so were the nerve endings. Dying hurt. A lot. Becoming a zombie doesn’t. It only hurts being aware.

After your skin starts to rot off your bones your eye sight starts to go. But what we lose in eye sight we make up in our hearing. It’s amplified. Especially good for hunting. So far my motor skills have stayed the same. I see some of them shuffling along like in the old movies, but I can still run and jump. But for how much longer?

Another thing; I don’t crave human flesh. I’m dead; not hungry. But I have an insatiable drive to infect the others around me who didn’t fall when the virus was airborne. They thought they were safe and immune. No one’s immune from this. I bite to infect; that’s what the bug inside me wants.

There’s not many people left; at least not in my town. I’ve bitten a lot of people. People I know. People I’ve loved. Children, even. It doesn’t matter; in my “mind” the only thing that’s important is the survival of the bug. I don’t know why that’s so important to me, but it means everything.

Part of my mind can still remember “me” before all this happened. Happy. Friendly. In love. Concerned only with happiness of myself and those around me. Not with the survival of some alien bug in me. But recently something’s been happening. I’ve been hearing strange noises everywhere I go. I’ve been seeing things through my deteriorating eyes. Weird things. Scary things. Why am I scared? I’m the monster, aren’t I? I figured these “things” were the result of my rotting brain. But then …

… well then I saw something. I was walking in town looking to propagate my bug when I saw … something. It was hiding(?) in a door way and when James walked by it grabbed him. James was already turned. We don’t bite the one’s already turned. We’re not cannibals. Ever since I saw James disappear I’ve been hearing and seeing things more.

Like I said, “Nietzsche was wrong.” The body and soul aren’t inextricably intertwined in each person. They actually are two separate entities inhabiting the same vessel. I’ve watched too many others disappear into darkened rooms, empty closets, and broken down vehicles. We were the hunters but are now becoming prey for something else …

… ourselves.

That bug could instantly kill on contact, but it only killed the body. And it seems in killing the body it released the other part of our equation. It released our souls. Nothing physical can survive the bug. People. Animals. Plants. We all fall. But the same bug that destroyed the world also gave birth to the weapon that can kill it.

I can hear my enemy getting closer. Once it “finds” and hones in on you its just a matter of time. Time I’m out of. My brain is rotting and I’m being hunted by


My soul … my ghost has found my body and is back to cleanse it of the bug. I don’t know how it does it. All I hear are the screams … screams coming from things that don’t experience pain anymore. Maybe its the shock of seeing yourself as a ghost. Maybe its the shock of dying. Again.

All I know is that I’ll find out soon. We took over the world for a while, but now “we’re” coming back to fight the bug.

The body and the soul are two different entities. I still find it hard to believe.

I can hear it. It’s in my home looking for me; using some strange homing device. You only get attacked by your self; never from someone else’s ‘self’.

I can feel the air getting colder against my rotted skin. Its close. No use in running. We’ve already infected the world. Now its our turn.

Its in the room with me. I’m staring at myself. It’s smiling. I’m not. I’m not scared or screaming. Yet. I can see in it’s eyes what it wants. It doesn’t want to cleanse me.

It wants revenge.

It wants revenge on the bug inside me. There’s only one way to get to it. It needs to go through me.

It’s close. I can feel it’s cold hand reaching out for me. I can feel the scream building inside me.

Nietzsche is laughing.

Well there it is.  I’d love to hear what you think about it!!  If any of you have a short story you’d like to me post up on, pass them along.  I’d love to read your stories.

Stay Bloody!!!

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21 Responses to One of My Short Stories, Disconnected

  1. Grim says:

    Dude, it’s about time I made way to your blog. This story kicked major ass and so does this blog!

    • Welcome GRIM!!! Thanks for coming by and I hope to see you and your comments more often. EVERYONE: Grim is the writer that I shared 1st place with from the writing contest on AutumnForest’s website. If you haven’t checked out his story you need too!! You’ll see why we both got 1st place …. he wrote a strong-ass story!! Click here and just scroll down until you see his story.

  2. Adam says:

    Great work! Really great stuff. Short stories can be so tedious to get through but yours was so engrossing. I could have read a full novel on the story. I love that your not afraid to put your work out there! Good stuff

    • Thanks Adam I really appreciate the nice words. At 1st I was worried about getting my writings torn a part but if then I realized that that’s the only way to improve. Ya gotta have thick skin to be a writer (I found that out doing my Ph.D).

  3. 3amfright says:

    Nicely done! I love your approach to the separation of soul and body, unique and rather primal. 🙂

  4. Gore Whore says:

    You SUCK! LOL
    As you may have noticed, I’m a woman of few words… which is why I do well with screenwriting. HA! I always get lost in the detailing.
    Great job Scott, keep up the good work and you will go many places! Can’t wait to read more!

  5. Congratulations Scott! You reallly have a giagantic talent and it would be fair that you make a profit from it soon (why not publish a book?) I am sure you go through all this effort in your blog because you love to do it, but I encourage you to jump into the “big leagues”, you have what it takes! You have the knowledge (a PhD), a solid horror genre background, you are very creative, and you have the ability to do it. It is something you love doing, so go for it!

    • autumnforest says:

      I second that comment!

    • Thanks for the nice words Alejandro!! It’s pretty obvious that I want nothing more than to make my living from writing about the horror world and being apart of it. I’m still trying to figure out how to do that!!! I need a producer to stop by and read my stuff and hire me on as a script supervisor!!! LOL

  6. I read it after Autumnforest posted it on her blog and love it. I just read it again and it still gives me chills. She has told me that you have incredible writing talent and should be published. After reading your short story, I totally agree. She definitely has a positive effect on the people she meets, I can attest to that personally. You have an amazing gift for horror writing and should pursue it. Congrats on your win with Grim, another very talented writer.

    • You have me and my computer blushing Above the Norm!! I’m glad you liked it. AutumnForest definitely has an amazing amount of positive energy that affects the one’s around her!! Grim’s story was really awesome …. there’s no way I’d be able to choose a winner.

  7. I read all the entries on Autumn’s blog and it’s very clear why you won. This was an awesome story, and I’m glad I couldn’t find the inspiration to compete. (I hate losing ;-)) This could easily be expanded to a full length novel, I think, either from the souls’ perspectives or the zombies. Very cool.

    • Thanks Candace … I’m glad you liked the story. With your background in gothic horror and Lovecraft I’d LOVE to read your take on the “zombie soul”!!

      • Honestly, I loved your take on it. The soul supplanted by an alien “virus” seeking revenge is just about the most original take on zombies that I’ve seen. Most people would consider a zombie to be soulless, but in this case the virus replaced it… or did it. The zombie in your story just assumed it was a virus. What if it was something more insidious? That which can eternal lie and with strange eons even death may die. Have you read Empire of the Dead? I think you’d enjoy it. I also read a short zombie/Lovecraft story in an anthology where the zombies infected others at first, but then something came out of space to harvest the energy the zombies had collected. Kind of a new twist on The Colour out of Space. There’s not a lot that’s been done with Lovecraft and zombies, which is a shame. R E Howard was more apt to make use of the undead in his stories.

      • I’d love to read your zombie/Lovecraft story!! I’ve come across Empire of the Dead online and was too reluctant to buy it …. I just can’t handle another shitty zombie novel. 🙂 I was thinking that that short story was a self-contained little story … but it seems there is a lot of elements that can be further explored!!

  8. autumnforest says:

    Scott, you freaking blow me away with your talent for horror reviewing, but when you put your mind to some fiction–you stunned me. I can’t tell you how many times I read that aloud and said, “this needs to be published–in the big times.” You have it, buddy. Not many have it, but you’ve got it and it ain’t the zombie virus, it’s freaking ridiculous writing talent. Keep it up. I will have known you back when…

    • Well thank you so much for running that contest and sparking me on to write that story!! I definitely need a fire under my ass to get back to my own writings … I find myself putting in endless hours for the blog …. need to divide up my time better!! LOL