Getting VERY Pissed Off Here

I’ll make this short & sweet; my home WiFi sucks major balls. I can’t get connected at night time & I have no idea why. I’m posting this from my phone … thank god for the 3G network!!

I’m gonna try & figure out what the fuck is going on here. Stay with me folks!!

Stay Bloody!!!

10 thoughts on “Getting VERY Pissed Off Here”

  1. Here’s a little something to cheer you up Scotty! It must be his boomstick that the ladies flock to……

    1. Holy shit Bill … I was laughing out loud!!! I almost woke up Fia!!! I love the Brady Bunch-ish style house and the glassy-eyed, erotic look of the girls!!! Ya gotta love BC; that’s one guy who truly loves his job and doesn’t take himself too seriously. If you love BC I recommend re-watching THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY JR TV series that aired on Fox in the early 90’s. Its a great, underrated series that was a great vehicle for Campbell.

      1. These commercials aired in 2007. They were hilarious then and I only ever saw the following one and then stumbled upon the “Hungry Like The Wolf” one online. I just “get” Bruce Campbell’s sense of humor and love we. We are on the same wave length. I was laughing so hard the other night I nearly passed out gasping for air. His sarcastic wit is wonderful along with his traditional over the top humor he does with tongue firmly planted in cheek!

        1. I’m with ya Bill … I totally “get” Campbell’s humor and I love it. There’s nothing I won’t watch that he’s in. Did you see My Name is Bruce? Granted it was a little disappointing, but still pretty fun.

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