News on SyFy’s Frost Giant

Ok everyone; I hope you’re sitting down for this one.  We already know about and are excited about the upcoming SyFy Channel flick SHARKTOPUS (being released later this summer).  We know and we’re all excited.  But now I just got word that the SyFy Channel is making a movie called FROST GIANT.  If you’re like me (and god help you if you are), you’ll spend way too much time wondering what the creature will look like.  Is it some previously thought extinct creature that’s released from the ice a la GODZILLA?  Nope.  Is it some kind of Yeti creature grown to a ridiculous size due to global warming?  Not even close.  The creature … well I don’t wanna ruin it for ya.  Click HERE to see the clips (sorry to redirect you, but WordPress is kind of a pain in the ass when it comes to embedding video clips):

So there ya have it; the creature isn’t something released FROM the ice; the creature IS the ice itself!!  Is there nothing the SyFy Channel won’t air??  But, so help me, it looks pretty damn fun.  And who, pray tell, will be the star of this chilling mess?  Why none other than ex-TV Superman himself, DEAN CAIN.  How could this one NOT be fun.  It’s slated to be aired August 7th, 9/8 Central and is directed by Víctor García (RETURN TO HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL) and is written by Rafael Jordan (YETI: CURSE OF THE SNOW DEMON).  I can’t find an official plot summary, but from the above clips it looks like a group of treasure hunters are looking for gold in a left over set from THE THING PREQUEL and they accidentally unleash the titular creature.  Actually I’m pretty certain there’s absolutely nothing more to it than that!!

I’ll keep ya updated as more info becomes available.

Stay Bloody!!!

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9 Responses to News on SyFy’s Frost Giant

  1. mike says:

    This is a really cool blog. The Founder of PREHISTORIC CHANNEL just wrote his first thriller book. “THE ICE GORILLA” is now in bookstores and being looked at by movie executives in order to try and make it into a movie. Book sales will heavily determine if THE ICE GORILLA will eventually be made into a movie. Help spread the word about this cool book and lets see if we can get THE ICE GORILLA into movie theaters.

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  4. Adam says:


  5. Katie says:

    You are certainly right, What won’t the syfy channel air? That channel is so bizzare for me because they show some great things (like their twilight zone marathon around new year’s) and then they make weird, funny movies that are not supposed to be funny (like this frost giant). I am always so torn whether to turn the channel or watch for the comedic relief! Oh syfy, why do you confuse me so? Although this project at least seems original! At least, I’ve never seen a movie about killer (walking!) ice! I just may watch this one!

    • We all scoff at these SyFy flicks Katie, but the bottom line is that they get huge ratings …. I mean HUGE. Mega Piranha had almost 200mil viewers watch it what it was premiered. That’s more than American Idol!!!

  6. autumnforest says:

    Hahahaha…. I am just dying! I’m waiting for Lance Henrickson and Dean Cain to do a flick together–do you think they can get their two fav’s together in a flick? Killer ice–the only thing funnier is if it were in a glass of disaronno. You know me, buddy. I’m all over that one! I wouldn’t miss it for anything. My stomach muscles are hurting in anticipation of the laughs.