Send in Your Scary Halloween Short Films

It’s that time of year again everyone.  The time when horror films grace the airwaves and scaring people is on everyone’s mind.  Well I figured I’d do another “call for submissions” to all my faithful readers and ask for you to submit your scary Halloween short films.  They can be about anything as long as they are scary; I mean really scary.  I know you all have a good, solid feel for horror and “what’s horrifying”, and now wanna see what you can come up with!!  The shorts should be at least 2 minutes long and no longer than about 8 minutes.  All submissions will have individual postings on  Like Detective Cameron says in NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, “Thrill Me!!”

Let’s get those submissions in before Halloween; let’s say the week or 2 before.

Stay Bloody!!!

Share A Scare!

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2 Responses to Send in Your Scary Halloween Short Films

  1. Deggsy says:

    I’d send you exclusive footage of the operation on my ingrown toenail, but we’ve got to draw the line somewhere 🙂

    • That would be scary. I just had some stitches taken outta my left eye …. when I asked the doctor to film it (my tribute to Fulci) I got a very strange look from him LOL.