Interview with Angelina Armani & Laid to Rest 2

The next great scream queen? Angelina Armani.

Hey everyone.  I think you all know how excited I am that not only is CHROMESKULL:  LAID TO REST 2 in full production, but we’re getting lots of updates and stills from the production.  Well a few weeks ago I was on Twitter (@anythinghorror) and I mentioned something about LAID TO REST 2.  Almost immediately I got a response from ANGELINA ARMANI, one of the actresses starring in the sequel.  We chatted a little bit through Twitter about the production and writer-director Robert Hall.  Then it dawned on me that I need to interview Ms. Armani and share some of her info with everyone.  So here it is as well as some exclusive pics Armani scored for me from the set.  I wanna thank Angelina for taking the time to answer these questions and let me tell you how excited Angelina is about the production and with working with Robert Hall.  She is also eager to get the word out about LAID TO REST 2.  So all you filmmakers looking to cast a young, beautiful actress who loves to talk about and promote the project she’s working on … you need not look any further than Ms. Angelina Armani!!

ANYTHINGHORROR:  Briefly tell us about yourself Angelina.  How did you get into the industry?  Have you always been a lover of horror films?  What are some of your favorite genre flicks?

ANGELINA:  I moved to Los Angeles at 19 years old. At that time I was doing runway and modeling. Acting is what fulfills me the most.  The first genre I started acting in was horror. I have always been a blood and gore fan from a little girl.  I used to watch most of the Halloween movies. My favorite one was HALLOWEEN 1 and H20. I have a love for the original DAWN OF THE DEAD. That flick always had my laughing. Nothing ever scared me.

Armani and director Robert Hall.

The question everyone wants to know is, how did you get involved in LAID TO REST 2?  For myself and my readers this is a hugely anticipated sequel to a really kick ass film that helped revive the slasher genre.  With Robert Hall returning to write and direct I’m confident it’s gonna be pretty bad ass.  Are you able to tell us anything about the plot and/or story?  How about other cast members?  What is your role in LAID TO REST 2?

I auditioned for LAID TO REST 2. I absolutely loved the first one. What caught my attention about it were the kills and how gorey they made it. I never saw anything like that in any horror movie. LTR2 is gonna be a pretty sick movie. It’s definitely not for you if you can’t stand the sight of blood and really gruesome kills. ChromeSkull ( Nick Principe) is back, and he’s pissed. The cast is pretty amazing to work with on this. You should be expecting to see some of your favorites like Brian Austin Green, Thomas Dekker, Johnathon Schaech, and many others. My role for LTR2 is a detective.

I briefly met Robert Hall at this past Texas Frightmare Weekend (2010).  I found him to be extremely humble and down to earth.  What are your impressions of him?  Does he wear 2 different masks; one mask when directing and the other when he’s in his “special f/x mode”?

When I met Robert Hall, he was doing mostly FX. Now he spends most of his time directing. It’s his passion and he does it so incredibly well. I haven’t met anyone who can direct and do his very own special fx at the same time. On top of it, when he’s done filming for the day, he will go back to his office, edit his work, and continue running his shop (Almost Human) for other current projects. I have no idea how he’s able to manage all of that each day. I know I couldn’t.

Armani & Brian Austin Green on the set of LAID TO REST 2.


How do you like working on lower budget horror films?  To me lower budget projects seem more fun because you don’t have a ton of crew whereby each person has a really specialized job.  I would think on a smaller, tighter budget one person might have 3-4 jobs to do for the production.  How do you feel about lower budget genre films?

I love working on all types of movies. LAID TO REST 2 has a pretty big crew. You can expect walking on set with approximately 50 people. I really like working with everyone on all different projects. It teaches me a lot and brings me this truly beautiful experience of exploring myself. You can’t get that by only working on one type of movie. No matter where I go, I gain such a talented family. Sometimes the smaller the movie, the tighter the family will be. As long as you love what your doing, the finished product looks like millions and that’s exactly how you feel.

Things aren’t looking good for Armani’s character!!

I don’t think I need to tell my readers or point out the obvious that you’re a gorgeous woman.  Do you have any aspirations to become the next great “Scream Queen”?  How is your scream, by the way?  Do we get to hear it a lot in LAID TO REST 2?

Thank you! My only aspiration is to keep entertaining people. I just concentrate on the work I’m doing now so I know where it will lead me in the future. As far as my screaming. You can be the judge of that because there’s plenty of it in LAID TO REST 2 🙂

What future projects can we expect to see you in?  Are you going to stay in the horror genre?  What other genres do you want to star in?

You can expect to see a lot from me in the future. I love exploring everything. Hopefully there will be more horror projects to show you. Actually I’m looking at my schedule….so there will be 😉

Here’s a question I ask all the people I interview:  If a director or studio approached you and told you they wanna develop a horror remake with you in the starring role, what would be the project you chose?  Basically, if you had your pick of any starring role in a horror remake, what would it be?

Robert Hall giving some direction on the set LAID TO REST 2.

This is probably the hardest question i’ve had yet. There are so many movies that I really love. I have always admired GOTHIKA starring my favorites; Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz and Robert Downey Jr. I’ve always had that weak spot for dark and disturbing movies. I thought Halle has a fantastic role for GOTHIKA. It’s something I can definitely see myself doing.

I wanna give a huge ‘thank you’ to Angelina Armani for taking the time to answer some questions for  Angelina, is there a set date when LAID TO REST 2 will hit DVD and (hopefully) theaters?  And don’t be a stranger; feel free to drop by anytime with any updates on the production or with any breaking news about LAID TO REST 2.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of you in the future!!

LAID TO REST 2 is set to be released Fall of 2011.  You can keep up with our updates on our Twitter pages at:

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I get the feeling Armani won’t be around for part 3!!

There ya have it; a little behind-the-scenes with one of the stars of the upcoming LAID TO REST 2.  And the fact we have a really “pissed off ChromeSkull” and a lot of “really gruesome kills” makes this one even more anticipated in my book!!  So look for CHROMESKULL: LAID TO REST 2 to be released in the Fall of 2011.

Thanks again to Angelina Armani for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for  Below find all of her contact info.

Stay Bloody!!!

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  2. eazy says:

    movie leaves you with alot of questions to which is not a bad things hopfully laid to rest 2 awnsers at least some little things oh in case your interested this months issue of gorezone has a couple page write up on laid to rest 2 has some cool pics that have not been released online to.

  3. eazy says:

    see the new trailer yet it looks good but damm reminds me of terminator to much half the cast probly has something to do with it. Chromskull would in no way shape or form be alive reguardless of what anyone in the cast says lol

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  6. eazy says:

    good for someone who lives anywhere near it and man thats aways out to.

  7. eazy says:

    as do i and you know this mannnnnn lol when is the texas frightmare event popping off apperently there going to show some laid to rest 2 footage there and have alot of the cast there. have a good weekend

    • Yes sir!! The Texas Frightmare Weekend will be the last weekend in April (29-May 1) and the cast and crew of LAID TO REST 2 will be there signing autographs and screening clips!! This is gonna be an amazing weekend: Coscarelli & Angus Scrimm; Clive Barker & Doug Bradley; Robert Englund; LAID TO REST 2 … damn this is gonna be good!!

  8. eazy says:

    Anyone who saw the end of the first flick knows why i have a wtf moment with the new trailer im sure you understand.

    • Of course!! ChromeSkull was slaughtered like a helling pig at the end of the 1st one and now he’s back!!! I’m willing to suspend my disbelief in order to get a sequel. I really love LAID TO REST.

  9. Phil says:

    Is Angelina going to be signing at any horror conventions?

    • Hey Phil … I’m not sure but I sent her an email asking to list any public appearances she’s gonna be making soon. I do know that GOREZONE magazine is doing a 6 page spread on her!! Can’t wait for that one.

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  12. eazy says:

    thanks for the interview cant wait for laid to rest 2. The clip that came out kinda left me with a wtf moment but i am sure when all is said and done i will be pleased.

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  14. mke w says:

    She is gorgeous.