What’s the Worst Job to Have in a Horror Film?

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7 Responses to What’s the Worst Job to Have in a Horror Film?

  1. Deggsy says:

    Security Guard. Why?
    Camp Counselors get to eyeball horny buxom (Legal) babes and get them drunk and alone.
    Lab Technicians get the cool lab coats and have lethal chemicals at hand.
    Babysitters have access to the parents’ liquor cabinets, freezers full of food and cable TV.
    Army Privates have guns, look good in fatigues and usually have numbers on their side.
    I was a security guard, an underpaid, underappreciated, boring Purgatory, where I was stuck in a dorky uniform, carried a flashlight instead of a gun, and the closest thing I got to a buxom babe was the men’s magazines my crabby mentor wouldn’t let me look at.

  2. Buzz says:

    Security Guards always get messed up! Is there a horror flick where the security guard ends up being the hero I wonder? Is there one where he turns out to be the monster and say at the end “I’m tired of security guards getting messed up all the time”? 😛

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