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Dead World (2008)

There was a period in 1980s horror that I distinctly remember, for introducing young, pre-teen protagonists: RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 2, MONSTER SQUAD, THE LOST BOYS, FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH PART 4, GOONIES (Okay, that last one’s a stretch to call horror, but Sloth was pretty scary…). It was probably … Read More...

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Meet AnythingHorror.com’s New Contributor Derek “Deggsy” O’Brien!!

I don’t know if you can all feel it on your end, but things over here at AnythingHorror.com have gotten extremely busy in 2011!!  This little website I started a year and a half ago has really hit it’s stride and become hugely popular.  I’m getting tons of requests from … Read More...

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TShirt Bordello’s New Designs; Ready for More Bigfoot Mayhem? Dear God No!; Piranha 3DD Wraps Up Production; & Megan Fox Wants to be Carrie!!

I’m gonna start with the “stuff” first!!  Earlier today I checked in with faithful anythinghorror.com reader and fan Don over at TShirt Bordello.  I know you all remember Don and his kickass site because a few months ago he sponsored my first ever writing contest giveaway.  Don, courtesy of … Read More...

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