Meet’s New Contributor Derek “Deggsy” O’Brien!!

I don’t know if you can all feel it on your end, but things over here at have gotten extremely busy in 2011!!  This little website I started a year and a half ago has really hit it’s stride and become hugely popular.  I’m getting tons of requests from both filmmakers and authors to watch/read their projects and review them, and I’ve also been bitten by the “filmmaker’s” bug something fierce.  Besides having my zombie novel DEAD HUNGER currently being looked at by two different publishers, I’m also continuing to write some short horror stories and preparing to dive into writing part 2 of DEAD HUNGER.  I’m also planning on writing a script of one of my short stories to hopefully film one day soon (all this PLUS maintaining a full time job and spending lots of time with my kids and wife!!).  The last thing I wanna do is turn down any of the indie filmmakers/authors … I know how hard it is to get some exposure!!

Enter Derek “Deggsy” O’Brien!!

Derek and I became friends through Twitter.  He started out following me and reading my rants on Twitter.  Then I noticed he would more and more leave comments about my reviews.  I noticed immediately that he was extremely knowledgable about the genre and had a great overview of it.  Plus Derek always made me laugh out loud with his funny comments and very hysterical interpretations.  So when it got to the point over here where I needed someone to regularly contribute reviews and general articles, I immediately thought of Derek.  You’ll also remember I have another frequent contributor, Buzz Saunders.  Buzz is and always will be welcome to contribute, but I also know Buzz just finished his schooling and is working his ass off getting his career off the ground.

So as a proper introduction, I asked Derek to write a short bio about himself.  Well that was a mistake … holy s**t this guy loves talking about himself (I’m totally kidding)!!  So let me turn over the rest of this posting to Derek “Deggsy” O’Brien.  Welcome aboard Derek and I’m looking forward to reading your reviews and articles for a long time to come!!


Who is Derek O’Brien? If you Google my name, you’ll find an Indian quiz show host, an Irish footballer, and a blues drummer in Texas. I have been all of these, but for tax purposes I am none of them. On Twitter I’m known as Deggsy, some British thing I’ve had to get used to, along with driving on the left hand side of the road and saying “wanker” a lot.

I grew up in Queens, New York, developing a love for monster and horror movies from an early age courtesy of Creature Features and Chiller Theatre, devouring Godzilla and Gamera movies, Hammer flicks and Universal classics like I did double pepperoni pizzas (still do, actually). My father could always beat me on trivia regarding ordinary westerns, war and gangster films, but I soon eclipsed him on the oeuvre of Bert I Gordon and Toho Studios.

My introduction to zombies came from WOR-TV’s Fright Night, when I was old enough to stay up past the midnight wrestling with Sergeant Slaughter and Hulk Hogan. Among such fare as DEATHDREAM, EQUINOX and TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST, my 12-year-old self viewed CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS. Somehow I glazed over the interminable first 60 minutes of it, and my heart raced with the zombies rising from the dead. This was not for children! And worst of all, no one survived, something I’d never seen a movie before! Such was its effect that I spent that summer keeping a kitchen knife under my mattress…

The next horror milestone in my life was at age 16, getting into a midnight showing of the original DAWN OF THE DEAD. Later on, I’d see the flaws in the makeup and pacing, but at the time, it was such a mind-blowing, epic experience, and one shared with like-minded  souls! It remains the benchmark by which zombie movies are judged by me, and though we’ve moved on to quicker, nastier undead, I still have a soft spot for the shambling ones…

Not much else happened to me after that. Left high school, joined the Air Force, became a nuclear weapons specialist (Minuteman III warheads a specialty. True, that.), did a tour of duty in Montana, left and joined my family in Ireland, married, divorced and moved across the sea to Manchester, England to be with friends and my future partner, a novelist, stand-up comic and Android phone geek known in Twitterville as @Daized. I also wrote a set of erotic novels under various pseudonyms.

As for the last, I’d always been writing, but never intended to get into that field, until I found I could write about nearly anything, so long as I included plenty of sex scenes LOL.  Now I’m working on a mainstream novel, MATTIE DUCAYNE & THE DEVIL IN THE MIST, a young adult novel about a teenage female Wild West gunslinger battling a shape shifting demon in Victorian London. I want it to be my antidote to the execrable TWILIGHT series and its pathetic teen heroine, would love for it to be the start of a series, and if Hollywood is looking for the next franchise after Harry Potter, they know where to find me…

Stay Bloody!!!

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14 Responses to Meet’s New Contributor Derek “Deggsy” O’Brien!!

  1. Bobbi Romans says:

    You reviewed something for D. Dye once (Zapocalypse-The Midnight special) and laughed about the Poultrygeist reference. Wanted to ask something…how would I contact? bobbiromans @ yahoo dot com. Thanks 🙂

  2. Kirk Alex says:

    Are you reviewing eBooks presently? If so, I may have something you could be interested in entitled Lustmord: Anatomy of a Serial Butcher. Available as a Kindle download at Amazon, Volumes 1 thru 3 (with Volumes 4 thru 6 to follow in either May or june.) Lemme know & I’ll email the first part. Thanks for supporting this greatest of genres. Kirk Alex, writer/director Lunch Meat.

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  4. Derek,

    We would like to invite you to the Trailer screening Penthouse Party for “Awakened ” (2013)
    on Dec. 15. 917 604 4893 Great food, champagne

    Joycelyn Engle is Producer, writer and co-director. Amazing cast includes Julianne michelle, Edward Furlong and more award winners.

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  6. Might be the best piece of writing I have read…

  7. You think that’s a lot of talking bout himself?…. sheesh I can’t get him to shaddap most of the time, god love him. Thinking bout killing him, stuffing him and sewing his lips up.

    Daisy xx

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