As long-time readers to Anythinghorror know, we are strong supporters of the independent horror scene. There’s a great wealth of talent and creativity out there, and they deserve their share of attention as much as the big studios. Moreso, in fact; whatever faults a small-scale filmmaker has committed, they’ve never made LEPRECHAUN: BACK TO DA HOOD.

So I’m proud to throw some attention towards the good people behind BLOODY CUTS.  BLOODY CUTS is a series of 2-3 minute horror films, expected to form an anthology of 13 which will be released over the coming months, available from their website and on YouTube. The aim of these is to raise interest from funders, sponsors and supporters that might want to associate themselves with the series.

The group formed as Popply Quick Pictures to compete in the Sci-Fi 48 Hour Film Festival 2011. Their entry, Two Years of Summer, beat out nearly two hundred other entries to make it into the top ten, received many positive reviews and is now touring the short film festival circuit. Now they wish to bring their considerable talent and expertise to promote the horror genre.

LOCK UP, the first of the BLOODY CUTS series, is a short, simple story: a security guard locking up his building for the night, going through his duties, while steadily suffused with the fear that someone is there with him. The fear builds as more and more lights are switched off, and something emerges from the dark…

Content-wise, there’s very little here, though having worked in similar jobs in big dark and (hopefully) empty buildings, the lead character immediately struck a familiar chord with me. But what we do get is the makings of a high-quality piece of cinema worthy of the big studios, especially given that their stated budget was three pizzas to feed the crew(!). Most indie filmmakers that make shorts suffer from a deficiency on the production side: sound, editing, cinematography or acting. Nothing like that exists here. Behind BLOODY CUTS is a team of directors, editors, post-production managers, cameramen, gaffers, electricians, graphics and effects artists, illustrators and storyboarders, all with extensive experience in big studio movies, television shows and commercials, music videos, educational and corporate films, not to mention access to top-of-the-line equipment. What they’ve delivered with LOCK UP is a short but engaging example of what talented lovers of the horror genre can do.

LOCK UP is available for viewing on their website here or on their YouTube station here, and I strongly advise you watch it and let others know.  Get in touch with them as well and let them know your thoughts. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Reviewed by Derek O’Brien

9 Responses to “HORROR SPOTLIGHT: BLOODY CUTS (2011)”
  1. Very interesting. Will have to check this out.


  2. Butterface says:

    I like this. This looks good. Simple and scary. LOVE IT!



  3. Butterface says:

    How do we follow this blog? I’m on blogger (but I’m on the mobile version of this site. Maybe on PC version there’s a button where I can follow).


    • Sorry you’re having trouble finding the “subscribe” button!! Its located down on the right side, wedged between the picture of my contributor “Deggsy” and my “Book of the Week” Photo. Let me know if you need any more assistance!!


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