My 1st Two Published Short Stories are Out

You should know me by now.  I love to promote talented indie filmmakers and authors and their projects, but when it comes time to toot my own horn I find it difficult to promote myself.  But this time it’s a little different.  I’m really proud that the two anthologies I have short stories in have hit the stores (in both soft bound and eBook versions).  I’m really excited because these are my first two stories to get published.

The first short story, titled “Jessi’s Awakening,” is found in the zombie anthology HEADSHOTS ONLY (published by Open Casket Press) and was just released this past August 1st.  My other story, “The Joke’s on Him,” is found in the TALES OF BIGFOOT anthology (published by Living Dead Press), and was released at the end of July 2011.  Both are available from in both soft cover and eBook forms.

Look; I’m obviously not gonna review the two anthologies that I have stories in.  I’m not a douche!!  But I think they are fun stories and I have good company in both anthologies and am surrounded by fun, gory stories.  I’m always telling you to support indie horror, and I’m not gonna stop now!!  Read some new voices in the horror field, and I’d love to read what you think about my stories and the anthology in general.  So check it out and then leave me a review here at!!

Just click on the book covers to take you to the link on  Hope you enjoy them, and this is just a very small taste of what’s to come when my novel is published from LIBRARY OF THE LIVING DEAD later this year.  🙂

Stay Bloody!!!

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6 Responses to My 1st Two Published Short Stories are Out

  1. l3pr3chaun says:

    Well Done!

  2. ReelyBored says:

    That’s awesome man! Congrats!

  3. autumnforest says:

    They are brilliant. Seriously brilliant!