Brace Yourself … A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Coming in 2012!!

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news.  We’ve all seen and hated the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake.  The direction was a joke, the actors were horrible, and the story just plodded along like an elephant crashing through a china shop.  The one and only saving grace in the remake was Jackie Earle Haley’s Freddy Krueger.  Now I love Robert Englund, I really do, but his portrayal of the child killer never really scared me (not even in the original).  And let’s face it, Krueger became a joke by the end of the series (although A NEW NIGHTMARE did a lot to repair that image).  But I though Haley’s Krueger was both scary as hell and very effective.  He was the one shining moment that almost made the film worth seeing … well not really, but you know what I mean.

But for you masochists who can’t get enough pain, recently posted that A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2 will be coming our way.  Here’s the plot summary found on the website:

After the 2010 Nightmare On Elm Street Remake ended the 2012 picks up 5 months after the ending. And follows the characters lives as in college everyone tries to move on. But the psyhcopathical killer returns after three students go to sleep the dreams begin again by singing the song in their heads and the visions begin again. Since then everyone has him in their dreams once again. How will Freddy be stopped? Nightmare On Elm Street II coming in 2012.

Is it me or is that possible the worse written plot summary EVER?!!!??  What did they do, translate it into Japanese and then re-translate it back into English?  Worse yet, credit is given to “Dimension Films & Screen Gems” as the writer of the summary.  Well I’m not convinced that this announcement isn’t a joke.  I’ll keep my eyes on it.  But what do you all think?  Does the world need A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2?  What did you think of Haley’s performance?

Stay Bloody!!!

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188 Responses to Brace Yourself … A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Coming in 2012!!

  1. Amber says:

    I have been a Freddy kruggar fan since I was literally 3 years old. I have everything ready movie there has ever been made all the way down to Freddy vs Jason which I only enjoy because of Robert Englund. I believe that Robert Englund can be the scary Freddy we all love to be getting it in the funny Freddy that we ended up with a t the end. it was all because of New Line Cinema versus Wes Craven West Craven had a certain vision and New Line Cinema devastated it, I believe that if they are going to remake of Nightmare on Elm Street 2 they need to bring Robert Englund into it to help with the vision and help with finding the right freddy to play the role that he built up! be a certain type and the man that they had play the very first I dont remember his name. I I mean there were plenty of the movie that were scary to me but then close up looking at the new Freddy he wasn’t scary the mask was it the mask I mean even in the old Freddy’s that mess with a lot more scarier than the mask that they made this time around. this Freddy was short stubby. I mean don’t get me wrong he had good delivery I mean even to his boys it just wasn’t it was it I didn’t have a Freddy feel for it I truly believe that if they bring Robert Englund into the vision of finding the cast for the nightmare on elm Street 2 we could have a good movie and maybe bring Wes Craven back into the deal. but you can’t follow the movie all the way to college Freddy gets kids in their sleep not college kids they’re still there teenagers now past 18 I don’t believe he’s going to be dreamin in your dreams anymore. it has to be based Springwood it has to be based on Elm Street and for god sakes can we please find Freddy I house in the first of all of his movies there was a house with the door and in that house it was more nightmares more people die in everything like this movie was so scatterbrained that I could even follow it. and we have to find the best Nancy for real cuz that the appointment we didn’t make sense at all she was in NC sorry he didn’t deliver Nancy I didn’t feel antsy love it like you can’t just go around Castine anybody you have to bring Wes Craven back into the vision you have to bring Robert Englund back into the vision at least them to help find the right characters to play these rolls. I am literally the ultimate Freddy sad there’s not know one thing about 40 that I don’t love especially since Robert England is the one to deliver the character it was delivered he delivered

  2. kenneth robertson says:

    Actually the first 4 nightmare on elm street movies where 100 percent better then the re make they ruined this movie and killed a classic they made freddy look like a retarded elm not scary in the least all the older films even the lame ones like freddys dead was better than the new remake its complete garbage period

    • Tell us what you really think, Kenneth. 🙂

      I think Freddy made a joke out of himself & ruined his own reputation long before the remake. Don’t get me wrong, the remake helling sucks. All I’m saying is that starting in part 2, Freddy stopped being scary. I hated all his little puns & jokes before & after each kill. Freddy killed Freddy.

      The original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is groundbreaking & a classic. I think the rest of the franchise is overrated big time. Except A NEW NIGHTMARE. That was fantastic as well!!

  3. Deirdra says:

    Here’s my opinion of the Nightmare on Elm Street series.
    I was very young, 10 yrs old when the original Nightmare came out). It was a huge hit & I loved it!.Robert Englund did an A performance.
    I think the remake sucked!!..nobody does it like Robert Englund. The acting was horrible & so was the new Freddy.
    I did not care for part 2 original but truly loved 3 & on.
    All I can say is after seeing the remake , having any desire to see the remake of part 2 totally disinterests me but do hope it is way better than part 1.

  4. crissy says:

    Sorry but that movie sucked…didn’t like the new freddy and maybe I feel to sleep during scary parts….yes the old freddy was comical but this movie was just funny period…funny bad if you get my drift….

  5. Clint says:

    I think that most of you are forgetting something. This is going to be a NEW “A Nightmare On Elm Street 2”. My god. It would have suit me fine if they forgot about the remake, and went straight to making No. 2. The original “Freddy’s Revenge”. sucked so bad even Englund himself hated it. It was nothing but homoerotic nonsense. Calling it garbage would be an insult to maggot food. This film could be nothing more but Freddy jumping rope and saying his ABC’s for an hour and a half and it would be three times as good as the 1985 version. So I say hurry up and make this movie so maybe in fifteen years whenever I say “A Nightmare On Elm Street 2” most of the “kids” will think of this version. Not the Mark Patton shaking his ass shit that is the real horror of the original.

  6. celtic fc 1888 says:

    should have been made better but its awesome just to have freddy krueger back on the screen. 🙂

  7. Randall says:

    The acting in the remake was nothing short of terrible. Some of the worst writing and acting jobs that you’ll ever see. The idea of a remake was a good idea, but not with these actors and directors. Freddys make up looked absolutely ridiculous and as bad as that was, Haleys acting job was even worse. No emotion, no imagination. Sounded like somebody with absolutely no talent, reading off of cue cards. Complete and total garbage and totally the WRONG GUY for the part. The while movie lacked imagination and Freddy was the worst part. BY FAR.

    • Randall: agree with you 100% on the overall acting & script … it sucked out loud. But Haley’s performance as Freddy was fantastic. He nailed it & played the toke like it always should’ve been played.

      • crissy says:

        Did we see the same movie cause apparently I saw nothing good in the man whose name i’ve already forgotten portrayal as Freddy….

  8. eric says:

    i know im gonna get bashed for saying this but the remake was so much better than any of the originals. i know not many will agree with me but i cant take any of the originals seriously. Robert Englund IS Freddy Krueger and there is no taking that away from him but if were gonna base this on horror, which NoES is supposed to be Jackie Earle Haley was way creepier and more disturbing. i saw it the opening weekend and there was about five couples that left the theatre. not because it was a horrible movie but because the females were absolutely freaking out. the girl i went with wouldnt talk to me for a week because i begged her to go see it with me and she was so disturbed and freaked out after the movie.

    • I’m split on your comments, Eric: I agree 100% on your thoughts about Haley’s Freddy. But I don’t think the overall movie was good at all. The dialogue, stereotypical characters, & shitty acting was just too much to overlook.

      But Haley as Freddy … he was fantastic!!

  9. joxer34 says:

    I can’t believe wat I just read….I loved the new film,storyline an thought the new freddy was absolutley brilliant….catch a grip ffs,fair play adam

  10. B says:

    Personally, i hated this remake. I understand they didnt wanna follow the same script as Wes Craven but damn they helled this movie all up. Only thing i can say i liked about this remake is the fact that the director went more into details as to what happened and why. Those one liners this new freddy was using were lame not to mention his killings sucked. Im not even gonna waste money seeing this remake of part 2.

  11. Todd says:

    The only way I would watch another is if it were a Gregory Dark(See No Evil) or Rob Zombie movie and Freddy would have to be played by Robert Englund, not the other piece of crap.
    The thing that really gets me though is they brought a different actor in because they felt like kids nowdays needed thier own Freddy. I’m sorry, but Englund is alot better actor when it comes to Freddy. Now I can agree on a couple of things, you can have Englund be more serious then playfull, and you can take out the one-liners. If they keep it like the last one I will not watch it, these kids nowdays can have it, but then again anything impresses them!

    • I’m with ya on having Rob Zombie directing the sequel, but calling JEH a bad actor … you’re way off. In every role he’s in, Haley owns it & makes it his own. He’s a terrific actor & did a great job playing Freddy. Haley did something that Englund couldn’t do … he made Freddy scary!!

  12. carterbaby says:

    They need more killing like Jason less talking like Myers and a better stoy. I loved all freedy movies except freddys dead.. They need a better Nancy also.

  13. crazymichael says:

    watched the remake poor movie and actors compared to original film to me no robert englund no NOES 2 remake

  14. horrormovielover says:

    i actually thought haley did a really good job as freddy

  15. dragongirl says:

    im trying to figure out wether or not it’s worth watching the remake – i dont want to override robert’s freddy in my mind, especialy if it’s by a shitty version, and it will take me a long time to get it out of my head (if i want to), but i still feel like i need to see the remake…should i bother, or not?

    • I wouldn’t bother, Dragonfly. The only thing worthwhile seeing in the remake is the new interpretation of Freddy. Everything else about it pretty much sucks … especially the acting!!

  16. rjason says:

    Oh yeah and the remake did suck alot.

  17. rjason says:

    All I have to say is that the new freddy sounded like a mix between John Wayne and Batman for a second there I thought he was going to say “howdy there partner”

  18. angelo says:

    The first remake SUCKED. Can’t have a nightmare on elm st without robert england

  19. Armando says:

    Well i wanna see whats up with this new remake that they want to make, i like the remake of the first one, not top favorite but i enjoy it! Haley’s performance as Krueger was great, but Mara’s as Nancy well not so much! Hope that they give it a new twist but letting some old charm into it as well, i mean maybe considering a scene or a character from the original movie to have it in this new remake! Great article!

  20. Anthony says:

    “No the remake is nowhere near as good but at least it made Freddy menacing again. This is not fact just my opinion. But I respect yours.” Same here, Michael. but see, what really worries me about the remake is that if some 7 or 8 year old kids who’ve actually seen the old films first and are just as used to Robert as old fans are, were to see the remake, they might look at Haley and say “that don’t look like Freddy!” yes Haley did have potential, but by his different look, those kids who’ve seen Robert first, might think Haley is an imposster! But I am glad to hear of your loyalty to the original. And I also agree with every positive thing you and Jack said about the F13 remake. As I’ve already mentioned, I enjoyed it too. It’s definately an underrated flick!

  21. Mike says:

    Well here is my opinion. I actually enjoyed the remake to a certain extent. The incorporation of micro naps was very very effective. And I agree with you on Haley. And while I agree that most of the cast was miserably chosen I actually thought Mara did a very good job. However I think this new plot is heading for disaster. Which it is hard not to when Freddy’s revenge was the most irritating of all the franchise . Hopefully, they don’t follow the above plot. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  22. stanton says:

    Robert Englund can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag.

    • That’s a pretty silly thing to say, Stanton. Robert Englund is one of the genre’s best actors. I’m not just talking about his role as Freddy, but in all the various roles he’s played. There’s a reason he’s been in 134 films & tv shows!!

  23. Jay says:

    You kind of nailed the whole Nightmare on Elm Street experience with this article… honestly, none of them were very scary, I loved the 1st one, but I was young when it came out, and I thought the last one Wes Craven did was more of the direction Freddy should have been taken (more serious than a joke, and the makeup was better on Freddy)…. Now the remake… yeah jackie earl haley was good… but I have seen him creepier, your right, it comes down to direction. I thought the lighting (like most hollywood horror) killed any sort of mood or creepiness. Yeah, lets have bright lights and NO shadows in the movie. Not very good. They should get one of these fantastic European directors, let’s face it, all the great horror is coming out of Europe right now. They get normal looking people that can ACT… no plastic boob job, porcelain teeth, ultra great looking 20 somethings that can’t act their way out of a paper bag. Even the children can act in Europe. They still treat acting as an art, not a way to become rich and famous.

    If they really wanted to make a gritty scary over the top Nightmare on Elm Street, they can do it over there for less with great actors and a great director… but they won’t. It’ll be another big hollywood brightly lit crapfest with some great looking teens and a shitty script… btw, I’m not always this angry. LOL

  24. Do_the_clapclap_potty dance says:

    I wonder who’ll play the part of the guy that does that gay dance while he’s cleaning his room…hmm

    • With today’s new “up & coming” actors, I think the casting director will have the pick of the litter!! Hell; any actor in any TWILIGHT film would be perfect!! lol

  25. Jack says:

    Michael, Anythinghorror- I sort of agree with both you guys. Which ever version you see first may very well have the greatest impact on you, but you gotta admit that old school usually has best feel. The only complaint I have about the F13 remake is that the title appeared so damn late (after the first 23 mins.). And some of the elements were kind of stupid. But you have to remember that Jason was holding Whitney captive because she looked exactly like his mother did when she was a teenager, otherwise he would have just killed her. Other than that, I really liked the fact that it was the first 3 films rolled into 1. And like many other fans, I too was glad that the remake started with Jason as the killer and not his mother. In my opinion, it was the scariest Jason film ever!

    • Michael Dawson says:

      @Jack I got to say I thought this was the scariest, and most intense Jason by far. Dude was ruthless in this one, well he was in all them but something about him in the remake made him scary. Maybe its because he was smart and actually ran after you. After the first few originals he turned into a zombie and walked.

      Yeah this was my first movie so that usually has the most effect on you. Instead of watching the originals and then judgeing the remake, I got to watch the remake and THEN see how the originals compare. Yeah when I went back and watched the originals I was surprised how many nods the remake gave to the original 4. Like Jasons mom in part 1, Jason with the sack for a mask in part 2, the hockey mask of part 3, and the shear intensity of Jason like in part 4. Also he was human like those and ran.

      Of course the originals have the old school feel thats fun but for me they looked really badly dated compared to the remake SIMPLY because I saw the remake FIRST! I like all the movies, some more than others, but I like the Remake the best for what it did for me.

      • Michael Dawson says:

        See this is also why I have a really high regard for the nightmare remake. Growing up I was a HUGE Freddy fan but got into sports and stuff and really forgot. Then I saw the trailer on youtube for Nightmare remake and it brought back my fandom times 100 and I have been that way ever since. So while many people hate the remake, I love it for that very fact. If it hadent been made I would not be on here right now or any other place talking about it.

    • I agree 100%, Jack, about the old-school horror films having the “best feel!!” Just look at the Italian Giallo films and Argento’s early flicks … the tone and “feel” of those films can never be recaptured and that’s what the younger generations miss out on by not seeing the original films!!

  26. Jack says:

    A total disaster? I really don’t get why everyone is always being so hard on F13 09. I think it was a fairly decent re-creation of the Jason story. I myself disliked it at first until I payed better attention to it. It may not be anywhere near as good as parts 2,3,4 & 6 but I’d take it anyday over Jason Takes Manhattan. Besides, it’s just a remake of a series of average slasher flicks which by the way were never huge hits like Halloween or NOES. Remakes of those classics are almost like blasphemy. Especially one of a major horror icon like Freddy. Who unlike Jason and Michael Myers, doesn’t wear a mask and has an actual identity.

    • Michael Dawson says:

      @Jack I have to say the remake was the first Friday movie I ever saw and it is my FAVORITE. I thought it was absolutely amazing. Some of the original series movies were just plain terrible. Granted I watched the remake first so usually the movie you watch first has the most affect on you.

    • The FRIDAY THE 13th franchise was a very lucrative series of films!! Film for film I’ll take the F13 franchise over the NoES films any day (but that’s just my tastes). What I hated about the F13 remake was the attempt at explaining every little thing. Jason had the woods “wired” so he knew where the victims were running; he had an underground lair and was actually holding a female as a prisoner/captive … those little elements were really retarded and unnecessary!!

      • Michael Dawson says:

        @anything horror Now that I have watched all the movies I get where you are coming from but think if you were me and hadnt seen any of the originals and watched the remake first. The first always tends to stick with you more than the others, at least for me. Its what got me to even watch all the other movies so for that I am gratful cause I am now a really big fan of Friday the 13th series.

      • I get ya, totally, Mike!! There’s nothing like the first time ya see a horror film that has a big impact on ya!!

      • Michael Dawson says:

        @anythinghorror Yeah just seeing the remake first it had a great effect on me. I have now watched all the originals and I can have fun with ALL of them.

      • The original NoES part2 is hilarious!! It’s not a particulary good movie, but the homoeroticism through it is hilarious!!

    • Michael Dawson says:

      @anythinghorror I agree. If it would be another movie like the remake thats not a lot better than I dont want it either. The script was HORRIBLE and the acting worse. If they dont improve those I dont want another either.

      • Agreed. Unless they do something to show me they actually care about making a quality horror film instead of just trying to cash in on a brand name, I’m gonna say, “pass!!”

  27. Brian says:

    Well, first off, I have to say this news of a sequel to the 2010 NOES came as a complete and total shock to me. I came across this site by total accident, while looking up the soundtrack for one of the earlier films from the 80s.

    I, for one, welcome this sequel. I actually enjoyed the remake because I appreciated what the director and everybody involved was attempting to do: to make Freddy the no-nonsense badass that he was in Craven’s original. The acting may not have been perfect, but I can overlook that. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, goes to these movies for the acting; that’s like going to a “Friday the 13th” movie looking for in-depth character development or a heart-wrenching love story, for crying out loud!

    It amazes me how seemingly so many of Englund fans wanted him back back as Freddy in the 2010 film, never mind the fact that the man is well into his sixties and has openly stated on more than one occasion that he can no longer handle the physical requirements of the role. Boris Karloff had to quit the role of the Frankenstein monster way back in the day for similar reasons; he had issues with his back that stemmed from James Whale’s original 1931 film, from having to carry Colin Clive up a hill to that Windmill in take after endless take. Robert Englund may have originated the role of Freddy Krueger but, and I mean absolutely no disrespect, he is plain and simply not a kid anymore!

    I think Jackie Earle Haley did a uniformly fine job, considering the task he had before him: that of picking up where Englund had left off. Taking on a role that somebody else had carved out as their own for so many years is not an enviable task. I like what he brought to his interpretaion. He revisited some elements of Englund’s portrayal, while at the same time infusing his own unique approach to the character. And that’s all he really he could be expected to do. Haley’s Freddy is, as I’ve already said, more closely akin to what I’m sure Craven originally envisioned him as: a sadistic, black-hearted monster.

    It goes without saying that I’ll be following the progress of this sequel as it continues to develop. Any news of when, specifically, this movie is scheduled for release?

    • I haven’t been able to find anything new about the sequel. My guess is that the sequel has either been abandoned or it’s stuck in development hell. Studios aren’t too eager to make R-rated horror flicks lately!! I’d much prefer they just stop making new NoES flicks altogether!! 🙂

      • Michael Dawson says:

        @anythinghorror, I usually agree with you on pretty much everything but I got to say, I would WELCOME another Nightmare movie with JEH. This dude made Freddy a badd ass and it was about time. Freddy is supposed to be SCARY, as me and you have discussed many times. I think with a better script and different production company that JEH as Freddy could take the character to new heights in his own way

      • I’m all for another NoES with JEH, but they GOTTA get a better script and better actors and actresses (JEH aside). No matter how great JEH was (and he WAS great), I don’t think I could sit through another NoES film that had the same level of acting and writing!!

  28. Dick Burns says:

    I actually thought that the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street was pretty good! It was good to climpse into Krugers past and actually witness his behaviour during his time as the pre school care taker! Haley was an awesome Freddy and as much as I loved the original character I thought he was more of a comedy act and by the end of the series Kruger was a joke! The world needs more Kruger films and I for one am glad of a remake and a reinvention of a franchise the progressively got more and more terrible from number 2 onwards! Rob Zombie deatroyed Michael Myers the Friday the 13th Remake was a disaster but I have to admit the Freddy remake was great!

    • I agree with ya, Dick Burns, on Haley’s performance … it was great. But I though the overall remake was pretty shitty. And I’m also gonna defend my man, Rob Zombie … I thought he did a fantastic job with his re-imagining the HALLOWEEN films. H2 was a fantastic film. But you’re absolutely right about the F13th remake … it’s a total disaster!!

  29. Mark says:

    i personally think that Jackie has Freddy was a abomination of the freddy character. the writers and directors destroyed the image of freddy by making him to serious and changing the appearence of freddy as well. Freddy was created by Wes Craven and his creation of the freddy character was flawless, he added humor into horror and took the sense of tormet to another level with freddy tormetted his victims before finally killing them, and lets not forget about the freddy laugh, i didnt hear it in the remake and was disappointed with that, i think another remake is a good thing to restore Wes Cravens version of A nightmare on elm street. i say Wes Craven should be on the set of the filming process and make sure they dont ruin his creation any more

    • Michael Dawson says:

      Really? You think they destroyed the image of Freddy? I think the sequels already have that honor. I thought if anything it brought back the image of how Freddy was supposed to be and the way he started off to be. Look they had to change the makeup. It was not Robert playing him so any attempt to go in that way would have drawn in even more critical views. I liked the change and it looked much better and realistic compared to the rubber mask look of Freddy in the last few sequels.

      Yes JEH Freddy portrayal was a little more serious but he was also more sinister, which the later movies got away from. I tell people all the time, watch the movie again. He tormented them plenty with a sense of humor. Remember, ” You really should fall asleep in class” then laughs. ” This wont hurt, ONE LITTLE BIT” to Kris at school.

      ” I was just petting him” after he killed the dog.

      And how about the best example of torment in any Nightmare film : ” Did you know, that after the heart stops beating, the brain can function for well over 7 minutes? We got 6 more minutes to play”. Best example ever of the torment. I can go on and on.

      Again blame the tacky sequels for ruining Wes Cravens story. He even said it himself. They made Freddy comical when he was not meant to be that way. The remake did more to honor his creation than any other movie in the series but the original and New Nightmare.

      • I agree with ya Michael … Freddy needs to be scary!! By the end of the NoES films Freddy was a helling joke. This isn’t a slight against Englund … he was just playing a role. The writers ruined the character of Freddy and THE ONLY good thing in the remake was making Freddy scary again. The acting and writing was horrendous in the remake and the only shining moment was the re-imaging of Freddy.

      • Michael Dawson says:

        @anythinghorror I know. Me and you see the exact same thing and I find it odd that more people dont feal the same way. I hate when people wont admit that the sequels are what led to the character downfall. As you said, Im not slighting Robert, he was just playing the role. Freddy was made to be SCARY, not a freakin joke. JEH brought back EVERYTHING that made Freddy scary and great and played the character darker and scarier than even Englund. JEH was the remake. The only GREAT thing in a whole lot of badness and HE SHINED bro.

        Oh man, I meant to tell you. I have now watched ALL the Friday the 13th movies and I would love to tell you what I thought of them if you dont mind.

  30. William says:

    I actually enjoyed the directing and and acting. Considering that one of the stars was just nominated for an academy award, that kinda ruins your theory that they acting sux. It was a remake The story followed the first movie, and made the killings better for the current generation. It also gave a clear origin story for Freddy, and made him all the more maniacal. Also it’s a horror movie if you can name a slash movie that has truly good acting, then let me know cuz I would love to see one. I thought that it was an enjoyable frightening 2 hours and would lke to see a sequel.

  31. Druzilla says:

    When they announced the remake I was actually quite excited to see a re-imagining of Freddy. A lot of these comments have touched on how camp Freddy became (apart from new nightmare….”ever played Skin The Cat.”…shudder) so a darker, more serious take on the franchise was a welcome bit of news. Then I saw the film. Hmm. The makeup made him look like that guy who had his face eaten by Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal, Red Dragon??). I didn’t like the CGI hole in his cheek cuz you could tell it was CGI….I found myself staring at the imperfections in the makeup rather than being afraid of the character so that was a big fail. I heard that later entries in the series would see find him in more advanced stages of decomposition and thus make him look more horrific…I hope that’s true. Make him more scarred and FFS do away with the CGI makeup effects. They suck!

  32. BUG says:

    Okay I know y’all like Jackie… but he could NEVER replace Englund!
    Englund is a freaking ninja! Jackie wasn’t scary at all!
    And this is coming from a random 13 year old lmao

  33. Mak Fezil says:

    Only problem with the remake was the producer, how the hell! does he do greats like transformers and then shit on Freddy? The graphics of today are amazing so way not use that to the fullest. I rather just stay away from crystal lake to not be murdered then know Freddy and die in my dreams. Get it through your heads it’s a [email protected]$kin movie! Enjoy dumbasses.

  34. I’ve Ben a big fan of all the nightmare on elm street movie ever sense I was a lil girl. I own evey one including Freddy vs.jason. I was ecstatic that there was a remake of the original but it still didn’t compare to Wes cravings but was glad to see that the legend still lives. I can’t wait to see how the second one turned out. No matter it will be worth watching because hey its Freddy Kruager. By the way Robert England is a better kruager n no one will top him.

  35. 2012 says:

    I hated the remake. I thought Haley looked like a kid in a freddy costume. it was ridiculous. Like the halloween 2 remake, I will not waste my time watching the new nightmare 2.

  36. Gilbert says:

    Sorry but I’m an 80’s kid and there are some movies that are classics and shouldn’t be remade, this is one of them movies that should never of been remade.

  37. MiTchelle says:

    FYI , I’ve Heard that N.O.E.S 2 is going to be out on May 4th 2012, I’ve just heard it will be Released on that DAY.
    But Never Heard anything else nor Any news about it. But I’m psychic about it just hope it doesn’t bail or suck :/ Just want to watch the Movie!

    • I seriously doubt we’re gonna see NOES2 out this year. There’s been nothing set for it … no cast or crew at all. Where’d ya get your info from, Mitchelle? If it’s from, they never update their info when projects get the boot.

      • MiTchelle says:

        None of that site just got it off Facebook, But I don’t know if it’s true or not true. IMDb I checked that nothing there :/ Just Fb stuff
        But… I think thats when they start there movie on May 4th too get moving and start filming acting etc.

  38. Anthony says:

    Michael, I never said that it doesn’t work well for just me. so please don’t imply that, because the one thing I am certainly not is selfish. all I’m doing is showing a little support for every other person whose either grown up with the original nightmare or is used to Robert. I agree that Jackie did a decent job as Freddy, but Robert’s face and personality are linked too much into the character for him to be surpassed. like when kids think of Dracula, who do they really think of? Bela Lugosi! and when they think of the Frankenstein monster, they think of Boris Karloff. well that’s how it will always be for Robert as Freddy. sure Robert’s Freddy may have become too comedical in the sequels, but it was part of what made him the sadistic son of a bitch that he’s got to be! that’s what I mean. but if you or anyone else can’t catch it, then I’m sorry, because I don’t know how else to explain it.

    • Michael Dawson says:

      ANTHONY, I didnt imply anything. You implied it but it does not matter. There is a major difference in Freddys sadism in the original compared to Dream Master. He was NOT cracking jokes and one liners in the original. He was sadistic in a very scary way. It was threatening. Thats what made him terrifying and was how he was ALWAYS supposed to be. By Dream Master he was not threatening or scary at all. Its hard to be scared when people are rooting for him. Everything was over the top goofy. It lead directly to the downfall of the character. After DM became the highest grossing film in the series, it was followed by the 3 lowest grossing movies in the series. Freddy had became a joke. JEH brought that back for ME.

      Yes Robert basically is the Freddy character and people have 8 movies to enjoy him in. It was time to move on and even Robert said that. There needed to be a new Freddy brought in. I love the original. Its my favorite movie. No the remake is nowhere near as good but at least it made Freddy menacing again. This is not fact but just my opinion. I respect yours

  39. Anthony says:

    Kristen’s right. and to those accusing us fans loyal to both Robert & the original N.O.E.S, let me make it clear that we’re not actually saying that we hate remakes. we just mean that they never truly hold the candle to originals. sure, many of them are indeed well-made, but nothing beats the good old fashioned classic feel. however it really depends on what films are being remade. for instance, one horror remake I really enjoyed was Friday The 13th, which I feel is very underrated. now, that one, I think is better than the original because it begins with Jason instead of his mother. and at least it’s better & scarier than parts 5,8,9 & 10 (with my favorites being parts 4 & 6). that being said, I think the only remakes that truly surpass originals are of either average films or bad films. but if it’s one of a huge hit about a most recognizable character like Freddy, then I’m sorry, but that doesn’t work well.

    • Michael Dawson says:

      Who is attacking you about being loyal to Robert and the Original? When you say the remake doesnt work well your just saying it didnt work for you. There are a lot of people that it did work for. And of course it cant top the original. It wasnt trying to. It was trying to bring this new generation into NOES movies. JEH is an amazing actor and kicked ass in the movie for me.

      @Kristen JEH never auditioned for Freddy in the 80s. You never saw Freddy in his human form till the very end sequels. That was one of the best things about JEH in the remake cause he fit the pedo look perfectly. But heh ITs all NOES and thats all that matters right

  40. kristen says:

    And plus i though robert looked creepy out of costume where haley looked like a teddy bear cute and cuddley

  41. kristen says:

    I disagree i grew up with nightmare on elm strret and all the horror movies and to me haley did a shity job didnt scare me a bit robert in my eyes will only be theBEST freddy haley looked to childish he was good but come on they picked robert over haley the first time in the 80s for a reason to me its freddy who makes a good movie and with haley playing him it will not be as good as the orgionals…

  42. kelvin cruz says:

    I didn’t hate the remake. But it was missing some new creative kills, seemed like Freddy just stabbed everyone with his claws, what happened to giant Freddy worms and people being thrown into Freddy tvs? Why couldn’t Freddys claw POP up through a toilet and shred someones insides? Give me something new please! Jackie was a awesome creepy Freddy! Im in for, round two but im a die hard ill take Freddy in any form. Funny, scary, old new, just bring me more!

  43. james says:

    when is it even coming out? because i dont think it is

    • There’s nothing definite on it, thank god!!

      • Michael Dawson says:

        Why thank God? I thought you wanted to see JEH play Freddy again like I did? Cause if it does happen it will be a different production company and a much better script I think. I REALLY hope they do another one soon.

  44. Matt says:

    I recently got the original Nightmares on DVD and watched them all. After watching them I was looking for another nightmare so I bought the remake. And to be honest, I actually liked it. Sure the remake might not have great acting by the cast except Jackie Earle Haley, but the acting was still miles above the acting in the original films. The remake was also better than any of the sequels to the original, by the end of the series Freddy wasn’t scary or funny. I’m really glad the new one didn’t have another “It’s a boy!” or “Welcome to prime time, bitch.” I remember reading a comment saying how making Freddy a molester was wrong and shouldn’t have been done because there are actually people like that out there. But that’s what made it darker and what made Freddy more scary. I believe that was what Wes Craven intended Freddy to be in the first place and I felt that that was implied throughout some of the original films. Now I’m not hating on the sequels, I did really enjoy them…but you can’t deny they were and are incredibly corny.
    Sure the remake had some flaws but after watching the remake I’m kind of afraid to be reminded of what Freddy became by watching the originals again, which is the only time I’ve been scared by the originals. I really enjoyed the Nightmare movies (the originals and the remake) and I’m looking forward to the second one.
    This was a review of the remake I really enjoyed:

  45. The Blacks says:

    Hey Robert, me and my hubby decided to stop writing on here thinking the topic was getting old. But after reading what u have to say, I think we are going to get back into the loop. I totally agree with you! you totally took the words right out of my mouth. Mike its not that we have allot to say because there are 8movies its because NOES is a legend & unique. You can’t look at the remake as a stand alone movie because its not! its a remake! There are some remakes that are actually better then the original: Prom night, The Haunting, When a Stranger Calls, Thirteen Ghosts, The Hills Have Eyes, House on Haunted Hill, The Last House on the Left, The Hitcher, Black Christmas. these are some that I can think of at the top of my head that are either better or equal, so I can judge a remake & choose the remake if its an all around better movie. But for the remake of NOES its not! I have already argued my reasons why I think the remake was crap! so I won’t go there again…

    • Michael Dawson says:

      @ The Blacks. Your right about NOES being unique. Its probably the most unique horror or slasher film. The concept is amazing, the dreams, the character, there all amazing. But we should not just stop and never make another nightmare movie again. Thats selfish and would being denying younger generations of that unique movie concept and character. Its too good to stop where we are at.

      I dont remember saying to look at it as a stand alone. I said accept it for what it was trying to do. To reintroduce Freddy and NOES to a new generation and that things were going to be different.

      You cant look at the remake and try and compare it to things that happened in the sequels. It was a remake of the ORIGINAL movie, not the sequels so comparing them like that is useless.

      There is no way you can deny that Freddy from the original and Freddy from Dream Warriors on were as different as night and day. Freddy went from being scary and threatening to comedian who was not scary. You have your opinion and I have mine

    • Death Becomes Resurrection says:

      I’m sorry….. WHAT?! Okay, first off, The Haunting remake was horrible and so was the Prom Night remake. Seriously, The Haunting remake had shitty CGI,which shouldn’t have been used in the first place, horrible directing,and that speech that Elanor made towards the end was really unoriginal and so retarded and out of place. Second off,the Prom Night remake wasn’t needed. It was also just blood,gore,and forced suspense. I agree with the rest of your listed remakes,but as far as I’m concerned, both The Haunting and Prom remakes sucked. Nothing against you,that’s how I feel.

  46. Robert says:

    The original Nightmare series was unforgettable they were the best I mean he was really scary back then, he used his victims weaknesses against him and tortured them with it that appeared to me as art and great creativity, while the new one he just instantly kills them not even intense he just swipes him and that’s where they screwed up. Freddy Kruegar was creative and now his killings a dull and he’s not even scary he looked really scary in the New Nightmare from ’95 he was dark and very detailed and in the new one he looks cheap and stupid, I mean in the original he was handsome scary but now he’s hideously non scary they helled up the story.

    • Michael Dawson says:

      Maybe he was scary in the first 2 movies but after that the character became a joke. I mean he was basically doing standup. If you are going to judge it do it from the original and not the series. He used none of the victims fears in that movie at all. He helled with them but so did Jackie Earle Haley in a much darker manor. If you think the makeup was better in New Nightmare than this movie than so be it but I disagree totally. The new one looks real. I think you are like a lot of people and cant take the movie cause of comparisons to the original which no remake could ever live up to. Look at it on its own and you will enjoy it much more. Also did you really say Freddy was handsome?

    • I know I’m I’m the minority here, Robert, but after the original NoES, Freddy stopped being scary. I was around 13-14 when the 2nd NIGHTMARE came out & I saw it in the theater. I wasn’t scared at all & remember thinking, “This series is over.” Comedy killed Freddy!!

      • Michael Dawson says:

        Trust me bro, I am right there with you. Thats why I LOVED JEH portrayal of Freddy. He was serious and dark and evil, like he was supposed to be. People can say the remake ruined Freddy but the truth is the sequels ruined Freddy. Turned a classic character into a joke. I will gladly be in that minority with you

    • Robert says:

      I though the movies were great maybe he got less scary in the ones after part 1 but he was an amazing killer. And I think using someone’s weakness against them is torture unlike this new one, where he doesn’t get to even know the character, at least the old one showed interest in his victims hobbies, talents, weaknesses. Like dropping deaf person’s ear cannel 100 feet from the ground and made his hearing very sensitive or like a girl with an eating disorder and stuffing her face with it making her choke dying like that is not a joke. Those dreams are really scary and dream reality, I have dreams like those all the time that freak me out, for instance walking into a room and you end up somewhere completely different and you end up trying to find your way back but you cant get home no matter how much you try you keep getting further, or having a creep that wants to kill you and you run in slow motion and that person is walking at normal paste and he keeps getting closer and you get stuck looking at something you tell yourself in your mind to stop looking and keep running but you are paralyzed and cant stop looking I have dreams like this and i wake up with fear.

      • Michael Dawson says:

        Here is the problem in what your saying. He never used anyones weakness against them until Dream Warriors and on. The only reason you know about old Freddy so well is you have 8 movies to go on while the remake has 1.

  47. Clark summers says:

    I actually thought this was one of the better remakes behind the Texas chainsaw masaacre. It was just revamping the original and making it more modern. People complained that it was unoriginal..duh it’s a remake. But I felt it was shot well. The acting was good to me, the only thing that was that the lead character switched half way through which made it hard to relate to any of them. I think peopke

    • I’m glad you liked it Clark. I didn’t care for it at all except for Haley’s performance. I thought the cast, overall, did a horrible job & the small changes to the plot were ridiculous. But that’s just me.

  48. The Blacks says:

    @Michael Dawson: No worries man about the whole Jason X thing. As I said in my response, I also didn’t like it at first but any time Kane Hodder plays Jason, I have to respect it. About the Friday the 13th franchise, the first is classic, second introduces Jason to the series(decent movie with a great beginning to Jasons reign), the third movie while lacking some decent plotting Jason does pick up the famous hockey mask for the first time(great addition to the franchise, will probably be better as a true fan but a good horror movie), the 4th movie(The Final Chapter) introduces Jason’s biggest threat yet: Tommy Jarvis. This movie was awesome and a must see among the Friday series. The 5th movie(A New Beginning) was kind of a disappointment due to a twist at the end, but as a fan I would say it’s a good movie and continues the Tommy Jarvis saga. The 6th movie(Jason Lives) is the last of the Tommy Jarvis saga and a pretty decent movie for classic kills. The 7th movie(The New Blood) adds a twist more commonly referenced as Carry Vs. Jason due to the main character having telekinetic powers, a must see as this movie introduces a whole new Jason, Kane Hodder(the best to ever play Jason in my book), Part 8: Jason takes manhattan, a great film featuring again Kane Hodder as Jason. A much needed break from Crystal Lake murder scenes, Jason in times square is also pretty cool, The next film is Jason Goes To Hell which was also decent and added another twist but sets up Freddy vs. Jason, then comes Jason X and Freddy Vs. Jason which if you haven’t seen you should check it out. The recent remake is actually pretty good and uses a lot of the original plot ingredients and is produced by the producer of the original franchise. Put together pretty tastefully I feel.

    John Carpenter’s Halloween was awesome, try to get the director’s cut it’s even better. Part 2 was good as well it literally continues off the first one. Both movies are basically one whole movie, sets up parts 4 through 7, part 3 was an awful piece of shit which doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of the franchise, part 4 is great, but just like 1 and 2 being hooked together so is 4 & 5 but this time its jamie lee (Laurie Strode)s daughter (Jamie) as a little girl being stalked by her serial killer uncle Michael Meyers. The Curse of Michael Meyers continues the bloodline with Jamie all grown up. The movie starts out with Jamie delivering her son, Michael is a great uncle now lol. This one is really good, one of my favs because they bring out characters from the first Halloween. (Tommy Doyle) is also all grown up and is one of the main characters. H20 is 20yrs later, this one is all about (Laurie Strodes) new life and what shes been up to and her new life. This part introduces her new son. I personally enjoyed this part in the series it has a lot of creative scenes, Part 8 is Resurrection, personally hate this one, its kinda stupid. Its about a reality show for one, I think that pretty much tells it all. The whole franchise is about Michael having a need to off his entire bloodline and all of his trouble in doing so. He starts in the first movie as a mere boy killing his sister then cut to full grown Michael and his reign of terror begins. Hard to kill and brilliant yet classy kill scenes. Super human strength mixed with a spooky stalker vibe makes the Halloween franchise a cult classic. Don’t even bother with Zombie’s versions if you like the originals, he ruins Michael Meyers by turning a normal suburban boy from the original franchise who just snapped into an explainable white trash monster brought purely by his upbringing. The original story is much better, mainly because a boy who has no type of psychological imperfections or reason just one day turns into what we’ve all grown to know as “the boogeyman” or for the diehard fans “the shape”.

  49. The Blacks says:

    @Anything Horror: Having actually read more than the brief summary of the novel plot of “The Watchmen” I probably would have done the same. I really have to get more into your other movie reviews, otherwise I’ll probably end up ruining the direction of this particular section designated toward NOES, lol. Anyways before I do, I do have to answer Mike’s question.

  50. The Blacks says:

    @Taylor: I agree, and thanks for seeing things the way we do as well. It’s not so much of Haley’s character being an awful rendition, but some of Englund’s characteristics and mannerisms were definitely missed by us diehard fans.

  51. The Blacks says:

    And I apologize since it sounds like you may have a small man-crush on Hailey, but the only two movie’s I’ve paid for and fallen asleep to miss most of them, are “The Watchmen” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street” the remake. Both movies in which I had to pay again to rent when they came out on video to realize why I had fallen asleep, they were both boring and took too long to get to the helling point. Seriously no disrespect toward you for admiring his work as an actor, but if I’m going to ever credit him for being a good actor it’ll be when he’s cast a good role.

    • Michael Dawson says:

      I as well think JEH is a brilliant actor. He was nominated for an academy award. I would say the reason you fell asleep is either that, you went into it hating it before you saw it. and you know everything thats coming in the movie. Your attitude going into it affected a LOT of peoples view on it. I went into it thrilled there was a Nightmare movie. And I want more to come. Robert cant play him forever. Anyways if any of my comments were bad the I say im sorry I get fired up

    • THE WATCHMEN is pretty much accepted by fans as a damn near impossible graphic novel to successfully transfer to the big screen. I think they did as decent a job as they could. I also think it helps being really familiar with the graphic novel RO fully get the film version. I was pleased with it, but then I went into it thinking it was gonna suck.

      • The Blacks says:

        I think that’s funny that you went to the theater expecting The Watchmen to suck and liked it, mainly cause when I went to see it, I was stoked to see it and after like 1 hr and 45 minutes into it could no longer stay awake. I thought at first I don’t want to miss this, then I kept trying to stay awake, no luck. I was actually so bored by the blue guy’s speeches that I finally said “hell it, wake me up when it’s over”, then intentionally went back to sleep. I wouldn’t be fair to honestly critique the movie to it’s intended portrayal, but I was disappointed in the movie from my expectations going in and from the first half of the movie. My wife on the other hand loved the Watchmen.

      • I get ya on THE WATCHMEN being really chatty at times. I had just re-read the graphic novel & I think my mind was filling in all the boring parts of the film with the awesome parts from the novel!!

  52. Michael Dawson says:

    Anyways thank you man for putting that up. I cant believe I just now found it. I like your writing style. Keep it up

  53. The Blacks says:

    I’m sorry but i disagree, I love the original Nightmare on Elm St. I was born 2days early because it scared the crap out of my mom. I found the new one to be way to detailed on the whole burn victim part. He just looked too much of real burn victim. If i was a burn victim I would take this movie to offence. The original didn’t come off like that at all, they focused more on the humor & child murder. Plus the new one focused too much on the child molestation part, the original was tasteful enough not to even bring that part up. It pretty much grossed my out, I didn’t go to the theater to see burn victims portrayed as monsters or hear about what dirty things were done to little girls. I loved the comedy in the original its what made Freddy stand out & different from Jason and Micheal. Perhaps the best part about Robert Englund’s portrayal of Freddy Kreuger is that he was so supernatural that you didn’t have to think about the things he did that would actually affect real life victims. I know that some people respect a movie more when an audience leaves the theater genuinely afraid of the bad guy in the movie, but a lot of people were afraid of the original Freddy. The new one I didn’t leave afraid for myself but definitely afraid for my kids, mainly because there was nothing truly supernatural about the new Freddy. In fact, monsters like him actually do exist in today’s world. Not as tasteful to make certain things too realistic in a movie, it’s ok to leave some to the audience’s imagination, that’s all i’m saying.

    • Michael Dawson says:

      You would take it as an insult if you were a burn victim? But not take original Freddy as an insult if you were a burn victim? After that you said instead of focusing on burned face, they focused on child murder? So its ok to talk about child murder, but not real looking burn victims? I dont get that. There was hardly any humor in the original and thats why its so good. He was sadistic in the original with not showing humor. He taunted them and enjoyed it so he was sadistic. He had a few one liners but they were scary, not funny. The sequels had the humor and to me that absolutely almost killed the character. He was never meant to be funny. The original wasnt being tasteful when they left it out, there was a huge scandal of child molestation across the nation buy the bulk of the cases were where they filmed the movie. Thats the only reason. Plus nowadays being tasteful in movies does not exist. Everything has been shown in movies

      You said you did not go to the theatre to see a burn victims portrayed as monsters, why did you go? Thats what Freddy is.

    • Michael Dawson says:

      Again there was no comedy in the original. The sequels added that and the downfall of the series, it was clear they werent liking Freddy being funny. New Nightmare was a GREAT movie and yet made the least amount of money with Freddys dead and dream child. It could have kept going and sending Freddy out in space like Jason did. Thankfully they went back to the basics. Also the molestation wasnt thrown in our face in the remake. They dont even find out till the end. The whole concept of the movie was Freddy trying to make himself look innocent enough so they would be lured back to the school to find out about the molestation. That made them remember everything and its what gives Freddy his power. They wanted Freddy to be hated, just like the original. Also I find it amazing that people think child murderer is not as bad as molester. You werent scared cause you knew what was coming if you had seen the original. Freddy is supernatural in this one to sir. Micronap, slicing on the wall in a dream and yet affecting things in reality like in the pharmacy on the shelves. I hope you respond to me cause I like the remake vs original debate.

      • The Blacks says:

        Not to offend too much here, but i’ll give it to you straight Michael. My wife actually found this website last night and wrote the first paragraph in the first response because we are such big horror movie fans. We were having a NOES marathon last night where we watched the first 5 movies in a row. Not a ONE of those movies in the original franchise mentions child molestation, as Freddy was referred to only as a “child murderer”. Now people may have assumed molestation to have gone hand in hand with his M.O. , it was NEVER elaborated upon in the original franchise. However, in the remake, I and my wife found it to be distasteful for the writers to implement that so heavily into his character. Though Wes Craven’s original portrayal of Freddy may have been implied to have been a rapist/murderer, it was up to the audience’s imagination to determine that. The burn victim argument comes from the fact that most burn victims have probably been tormented with looking like Freddy from the original. Englund’s Freddy, however looked like a Hollywood movie-monster that was burned, not realistic to someone who’d been burned. JEH’s Freddy, on the other hand looked very realistic as a burn victim(minus that ridiculous CGI makeup on his cheek). Not the best thing for the self esteem of real life burn victims and distracts me from seeing a monster by looking at him. And to clear it up, I don’t find a child murderer to be acceptable, nor molestation. I do feel molestation is worse though when children are raped and murdered. I’ve always though of Englund’s Freddy to be a sadistic psycho who got his kicks by torturing children with his claws, then murdering them as a result of the torture. Probably not the best argument, torture vs. rape I guess, but I never envisioned Freddy helling his victims. The new version calls him a child molester/ murderer, then elaborates so much as to showing a glimpse of a nude young Nancy. That helling disturbed me as I never wanted my version of the Freddy I was a fan of to actually go there. I also did NOT go into the theater expecting to be disappointed. I went to the midnight showing, as I do with all of the movies I can’t wait to see, and was so bored after entering the slow mid-section of the remake, that I fell asleep of boredom. I was simply let down by the experience of the new version of one of my favorite movies. I can’t say that Hailey is responsible for me not liking his portrayal of Freddy. In fact, that could make his performance better than I previously had realized because I genuinely hate this new Freddy. Me hating his character could even mean his depiction of the written character was so believable that I dislike him because of the role. Regardless, I gave the new one a chance and even own the blu ray(mainly to remain true to my horror collection) but I was disappointed in the movie itself as a remake, not because Robert Englund was absent in the film. I could really go off if we were talking about the ridiculous joke of a remake which is Rob Zombie’s re-imagining of Halloween. That was so bad that he isn’t having anything to do with the 3rd part to his franchise, and even John Carpenter is coming back to work on the 3rd(hopefully to bring some taste back to a classic).

      • The Blacks says:

        The only thing I found offensive is that you had to bring Jason into this…Growing up I always Gravitated more toward the Friday the 13th franchise. I was disappointed as well as many fans with Jason X, but I gave it another chance and it really wasn’t that bad, as it does kinda go along with his ventures. Not to bash anyone else’s opinion cause everyone is entitled to their own, but I actually can’t say for myself that there’s a Friday the 13th that I didn’t like at some point in my life. Even the remake was done well. I am partial to Kane Hodder’s portrayal of Jason of all 4 actors to play him, but all of the actors to play Jason did well and I don’t feel have taken away from his character. That being said, I wont back the writers lol.

      • Let’s leave Jason outta this!!! I’m a way bigger fan of Jason & the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise than the Freddy/NOES series!!

        And JASON X is a ridiculous plot but it’s a fun as hell flick!! At least they were trying to spice things up!! 🙂

    • The reasons you hated Haleys Freddy are the reasons why I think it was a better portrayal than Englunds. I liked the realism; I liked the better back story; I liked that Freddy was actually scary for a change. I absolutely hated the humor with the original Freddy. It killed the horror elements. And Freddy was indeed a child killer in the original films; they just glossed over that. Haleys Freddy just reminded us how scary Freddy shouldve always been.

      • Michael Dawson says:

        @ the Blacks. If I came off as insulting to the Friday series than my bad, that was NOT my intention. Thats cool that you like all the Friday films. The reason I brought up Jason X is cause I, as well as MANY others hated the movie and to me it showed how far the series had fallen. I dont like the Nightmare sequels at all but I still watch them from time time. Mainly cause of the concept.

        I totally agree with ” ANYTHING HORROR” about JEH. The realism, new back story, and the way JEH Freddy was portrayed is what I loved about it. When they stripped the horror from Freddy in the sequels I could not stand it. Thats why from the moment I saw the remake trailer, I knew they were bringing Freddy back to where he should have always been. And knowing how good an actor JEH is I knew it would be awesome. When I saw it, JEH was even better than I could have EVER imagined. As for the original, Craven himself had in the script that Freddy was a molester as well. When the molestation cases sprung up in southern California he was forced to drop that part by Bob Shaye.

        @ the Blacks, When did it show a nude Nancy other than when she was in the bathtub? Cause when they find Freddys hidden room it shows a very brief flashback of Nancy when she is young standing there and she was not nude. Now if your referring to the pictures, we never see the pictures. Its left up to us to make that part up.

      • Michael Dawson says:

        About the Jason thing, it wasnt trying to insult it. Any fan of the series would like it just like all the Nightmare sequels. Sure they suck but its still Freddy and Jason. The concept for Jason X was awesome and really the only thing left. But watching it compared to the other movies, it looked like a B movie on the SyFy channel. The production was horrible. This is all just my view. I have never seen all the Friday movies and never once watched any of the Halloween flicks.

        Which Friday films should I watch that are the best? And which do I avoid? Same question about the Halloween movies? After you let me know I wont bring them up again. My bad if I offended you about Jason X

      • No apologies needed Mike!! Everyone gets heated up talking about their favorite horror films!! Lol

      • Taylor0489 says:

        Just got to say I love freddy and anything to do with the series. I have to admitt that I was less than impressed with the remake but never the less il be in line at midnight to see part two when it eventually comes out. Just my opinion but I loved the cruel, sadistic and sometimes humorous way that Englund’s character killed and taunted his victims in the original and I missed that in jeh’s character.

      • Michael Dawson says:

        @ anythinghorror. Ok cool. I thought I had pissed you off with my comments. You are right about everyone getting heated about there favorite horror films. To me horror fans are by far the most passionate about there movies. The remake trend throws a lot of people off and they blow up. I do it all the time as I am sure you do. Anyways I am glad that you aint pissed

      • No way Michael!! As long as everyone keeps the arguments focused on the films & people don’t make it personal & start insulting others, I’m good.

        And you’re right; only horror fans get this passionate over horror films. You never hear people passionately arguing over which Julia Roberts movie is the best!!

      • NTFB says:

        I know you said that people don’t argue about which Julia Roberts movie is best but I just wanna throw in, off the topic, that since u mentioned it I think that Pretty Woman is da best. lol. Its one of my fav movies. Im a way bigger horror fan tho

    • It seems, The Blacks, that you hated the realism details of the new Freddy. But these are things that actually make horror more horrifying!!

      But please dont take my liking Haleys Freddy as me liking the entire remake. The remake as a whole is helling garbage filled with bad acting ridiculous plot holes. I hated the remake.

      • Michael Dawson says:

        I agree. I dont want people to think I am saying I loved the remake either. Everything besides JEH and a few other things were freaking horrible. I blame a lot of it on the script, the production team and writers. Now I did LOVE the micronap element. I think that was an absolutely brilliant thing to have. In the original no matter what, if you were awake you were ok. Now in the remake you only have 72 hours and then being awake does not matter and he can come from anywhere. It added so much urgency to the teens and the situation. The pharmacy scene was amazing to say the least. That was the best part to me.

        Another thing is some of the visuals and nightmares. I loved the classroom scene with everyone turning to ash and into a surreal dreamscape of the burnt class room and the flooded classroom. The snow falling in Nancys room was cool.

        I loved the lines, ” Why are you screaming, when I havent even cut you yet?” And the one to Jesse about the brain functioning after the heart stops beating.

        I think thats it. It had so much potential. With a better script and better parts all around JEH, the next 1 could be awesome. But I read somewhere that there is no script or sequel even being talked about right now and that imbd was wrong. Hope not. Anyways, if you dont care let me know if there was anything that you liked from the remake and what did you think about the scenes and stuff I talked about

      • True Mike … the micro nap element was interesting.

      • Michael Dawson says:

        Yeah we get passionate and defensive when it comes to our horror movies. lol about the Julia Roberts comment. I laughed my ass off when I first saw that

      • Lol. Thanks Mike; I try!! 🙂

      • NTFB says:

        @michaeldawson I completely agree about the burnt classroom scene. That was my favorite part of the remake. I think the line that stuck out to me the most though was when Nancy (RM) said “you’re in my world now, bitch”

      • Michael Dawson says:

        @ NTFB. I know. I just love the colors of it and how surreal and awesome it was. Its my second favorite dream sequence in the remake behind the pharmacy scene.

  54. Marcus says:

    I like to say I like part one of nightmare on elm street but I like to know How part 2 would be and I hope He show more of his power cool that the rooms can change and nice he can talk dirty but I like to see more

  55. Anthony says:

    By the way, the new nightmare 2 isn’t really going to be an actual remake of the old nightmare 2, is it? I mean, it would be so frickin stupid for anybody to waist their time, remaking this lame-ass film about Freddy trying to come out into the real world where he has no power, by possessing a young sexually confused guy who we’d have to hear screaming like a girl for 85 minutes straight. Once was enough, if you know what I mean.

  56. Anthony says:

    Glad to hear that, lulu1990. Now if only those damn writers would just catch it!

  57. lulu1990 says:

    Hell yea I totally agree with u Anthony I’m a huge Freddy fan and Freddy is susposed to be scary but funny I mean he wouldn’t be such a creeper if he wasn’t scared of dying and making a joke when killing people and I love the Freddy nightmares their awesome!!!!!

  58. Anthony says:

    What really pissed me off about the remake is that they changed Freddy’s backstory. I know that Wes Craven originally intended to make him a molester, but I just don’t think that works well for the character at all. And I, like many other fans, didn’t feel convinced by Haley’s Freddy. Mainly because when the angry mob torched him, he was whimpering like a little pussy. The great thing about Robert’s Freddy which some people seem to forget is that he never feared death. If you’ve ever seen the 1st episode of Freddy’s Nightmares which told his origin story, when the angry parents began pouring the gasoline on him to light him up, Freddy just stood there laughing like a sick bastard. He

    even dared them to fry him, like ”Hahahahaha! Yeah, that’s it! Pour it all over. I’m thirsty. Oh, ya missed a spot! Go ahead and light it! Come on, I dare ya! I’ll be back! I’m free! FREE!” Now that is exactly how Freddy should always be. At least in my book.

    • The change on Freddy’s backstory didn’t really bother me do much. I think the new backstory gave Freddy a little more of a ‘human monster’ face. But I can see why you didn’t like it!!

    • Michael Dawson says:

      Typical remake haters. You purists, no matter what you say, never gave it a chance. The change in backstory made MORE sense than the original. He has a past with the kids and a REAL reason to go after them. Yeah it showed JEH as a wuss cause he was bout to get burnt alive. At least he did not get his powers from 3 snake fish looking things like Freddys dead. JEH brings out the real human element of getting burned. Not the BS they did for the originals. JEH is motivated by revenge and he is angry. Something I thought the original lacked.

  59. Ben says:

    I have to agree that the new film is terrible! First I would like to say I like both actors just as much. Haliey was great in Watchmen, But Robert will always be Freddy. I watched the NoEs movies when I was a kid. My main most reason for tuning into this movie was the “originality” to it. I feel they have turned the 2010 Nightmare On Elm St into every other slasher film that has an evil madman slashing away at victims. Freddy in the old films came with his own style. He was a bit scary/gory yet still had his humorous one liners and his own persona. I think that made Freddy who he was. I figure if they take away his personality, they may as well take his sweater an trademarked fedora to!

    • I totally get what your saying, Ben, but even as a kid I always hated the humor Englund & the writers brought to the Freddy character. Freddy is a child molester/rapist & killer. With this foundation Freddy should be the scariest, most disturbing slasher ever. Instead, kids in the late 80’s carried lunch boxes w/ Freddy’s face on them to school!!

      I really like Haley’s Freddy because the humor was completely absent from the character.

      • smr1816 says:

        i understand what you are saying ,i dont know why but, robert englund had a certain esque about freddy. i can still remember today that i would be terrified to go to sleep cause i thought freddy would kill me but now this freddy isnt the same. i know that you stated that freddy was iconed with lunch boxes and memorbilia but then freddy was how do i say cool. and no one can say he DID not scare them with his puns and horrible ways he killed people. that was horror then. but now j. e. haley’s freddy to me was good, dont get me wrong, but he can never be freddy ever! mark my words, this remake is going to suck so much donkey ass, and the main reason is because just like the first remake ,robert isn’t playing freddy. i hope they learn that not to replace what made nightmare on elm street what it was and make it what it should be. keep robert, make freddy a little more serious,and at least make a cameo appearance where heather langenkamp plays a guidance consulor or something 😉 , you know?

      • I hear ya SMR!!! Maybe we’ll get lucky & never have to endure a sequel/remake follow up. I haven’t heard anything about a part 2 remake. I’m wondering if Haley would even reprise his role as Freddy?? He may just stay away from this trail wreck!! Lol

      • Michael Dawson says:

        The reason you view it as terrible is cause you were going to hate it regardless cause it wasnt Robert. Thank God JEH did it. We didnt need another shitty sequel with Robert, we have plenty. In the original, which by the way is the only one that is good in the series aside from Dream Warriors and New Nightmare, Freddy was not funny, he was SCARY funny. Creepy. Then they ruined him in the sequels

  60. lulu1990 says:

    this is gunna b gay just like the last one and haley better than engulnd r u serious u musta bumped ur head theirs nothing better than the original

    • Agreed, lulu, that a part 2 is gonna no doubt suck. But I stand firm in my conviction about Haley’s performance. Englund never scared me as Freddy … NEVER. Haley was chilling & scary as hell.

      • lulu1990 says:

        Yea honestly neither of them were scary to me but its just my opinion that i like Robert englund better and I think they tried to make Haley scarier that’s y he was so hellin ugly!!! Lol

      • I agree on that, Lulu … Haley’s make up was a little over the top!! And in all fairness, Haley did get to take on a role of a villain which was already established & fleshed out. That’s why I think his portrayal was scarier … he had an advantage!!

    • Michael Dawson says:

      See that attitude right there is what I dont get. Saying its gonna suck already. You might as well not see it cause if you go into it thinking it sucks then no matter what it does you will still say it.

    • I know that’s right. To bad Robert didn’t play Freddy in the remakes

  61. Trey Slavik says:

    If there was a Nightmare on Elm Street developing at the moment, I would write the script and send it to New Line Cinema. I would call it “Nightmare Salvation” and the plot elements would have:

    *Nancy [Thompson] Holbrook placed in a madhouse
    *Freddy’s sleep kills causing the American civilization collapsing, the government in investigation and law and order out of control
    *The rest of the Springwood citizens knows about Freddy
    *A team of three mercenaries (a “dream doctor”, a gunner, a medic) called the Dream Warriors who have found a way to kill Freddy once and for all, thus knowing the true aspect of his weakness

  62. Joey says:

    Oh! Alright, I get it now.

  63. Joey says:

    I completely respect your opinions, man. But if you don’t believe me about remakes never surpassing originals, just ask anybody if either of the 2 King Kong remakes out- do the old one from the 1930s, and I bet you they’ll all say ”No”. While some remakes are actually well made originals are always the best. Especially in the case of Nightmare on Elm Street. Like Neve Campbell said in Scream 4, the first rule of remakes: ”Don’t F**k with the originals”.

    • Hey Joey. You never have to preface your comment by saying that you respect mine or someone else’s opinion … I like to think that the debates that go on at are always done with smiles & conviction!!

      The amount if films where the remake is better than the original is definitely a lesser number … no argument there. But I was just trying to point out that there are a handful of films where the remake killed the original!!

  64. Joey says:

    I want to start off by saying that remakes NEVER EVER surpass originals. Secondly I want to talk about the descision of replacing Robert Englund. Now Robert as we all know IS and will always be Freddy. But when you reach a certain age, you have to step aside and let younger people take over. However I was not convinced by Jackie Earle Haley’s portrayal of Freddy. I admit he is a good actor, but I just don’t buy him as Freddy. I also think he was too short to play Freddy. Jackie’s only about 5’6 while Robert is 5’9. If they’re gonna continue without Robert, then they should at least find a new unknown actor for Freddy. One who’s taller and looks just like Robert. And they should even try dubbing his voice with Robert’s, maybe that way all the disappointed fans won’t really notice the difference. I mean, Robert might be getting too old to play Freddy, but he’ll never be to old to voice Freddy. And please change that awful new Freddy make-up! Does anyone else agree?

    • “Remakes NEVER EVER surpass originals”? Really? THE RING remake is superior to the Japanese original; Cronenberg’s THE FLY is way better than the original; Carpenter’s THE THING is better than the original; & the 1988 THE BLOB is as good as the 1958 THE BLOB … & these are the films that immediately pop up in my head!!

      The NoES remake is nowhere near as good as the original … that’s absolutely true. The script was a helling disaster. But replacing Haley would be a bad move if they do make a part 2. He was the only watchable thing in that whole train wreck. I also didn’t thing his height mattered at all. With camera angles & such & never once thought he looked short in the film.

      Englund had his time in the limelight playing Freddy & ended up, in my opinion, turning the character into a laughing stock among the world of slashers. I think Haley will continue to keep the role scary. I also didn’t have that big an issue with the make up. It wasn’t phenomenal, but it wasn’t terrible either.

    • Michael Dawson says:

      I do not get the deal with the height. He is a dream killer. Size dont mean anything. A new actor? No way. JEH nailed it and with a better script he will take it to another level

  65. mike says:

    i have seen the original Noes and the remake, as far as i am concerned, the remake cant hold a candle to the original, dont get me wrong, haley did an excellent job play the version of freddy that he was suppose to, but to claim freddy became a laughing stock in my opinion is a bit outlandish, robert englund put a spin of humor onto the ways he killed, he took a different direction making his nightmare killings very unique versus the angry freddy who is mad at the world and just becomes another slasher movie. with each new nightmare on elm street movie that robert englund was playing freddy came unique and comical ways of people dieing, haley is a very good actor and did do an excellent job for the slasher freddy, but the original was the best in my opinion, remaking freddy into a slasher movie takes away its originality

    • First off, Mike, I agree about the original vs the remake of NoES. The remake had terrible pacing, horrible actors, horribly written characters, & was about as fun as getting a prostrate exam from a doctor w/ enlarged fingers. Haley is the ONLY thing I enjoyed about the remake.

      But I just don’t think Englund’s Freddy was scary except for the original film & A NEW NIGHTMARE. Even when I was younger there wasn’t one time after the 1st film when Freddy scared me. I don’t blame Englund completely for this … I’m assuming that’s how his character was written.

    • Michael Dawson says:

      After the original Robert did take it somwhere. Into the ground and almost ruined the character. Freddy is supposed to be scary

  66. jin shu says:

    If you really want my opinion, id like to clear something up before i reveal it. If you are a fan of the franchise(assuming you are, taking the time to write this whole review) how can you say haley did a better job than englund? Haley did ok. He did what/how he was supposed to act~movie was obviously supposed to be more serious. Not saying he did a bad job. But Englund is the founder of the character.

    Lets look at the numbers shall we. The first noes was the opening main thriller. Grips you by the seat. Has a spooky feeling. Freddy is more darker in the first, heck you dont even barely see his face untl the end. The second one was more action packed more predictable. More gore violence. Third one ~wes craven actually did not like the actual storyling. A few arguments and all that. It wad also the first to use digital graphics special fx giving fred more ways to kill giving more of an illustrious vision of a nightmare. Example, think of the red green and magenta lighting compared to the first two. Fast forward to freddys dead. Different director. Similar thrill feeling to the first two, some effects like 3,4,5 but not as constant. like the haley one it has a biographical feeling to it with all the flashbacks. New nightmare. Realistic fred. Nuff aaid. My least fav. Freddy vs jason action packed,competitive all around. not exacktly meant to be scary, but CUNNING i believe is the word. The haley one tells me the were itching to make a realistic fred for quite sometime.

    • Jin Shu: I see what your saying, but I still think Haley makes a better Freddy. Englund may have originated the character, but the direction he took the Freddy character was terrible. He made Freddy into a laughingstock. For Christ’s sake; Freddy was being taken to school on kids’ lunch boxes … Freddy’s a goddamn pedophile!!

      Haley’s performance was fantastic in every way. He was creepy, disturbing, & very effective. Have you watched the original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET lately? It really doesn’t hold up that well!!

      • Michael Dawson says:

        That was disrespectful for her to say that to you. If thats the way you feel bro, more power to you cause I am almost in the same boat with you. I love your view of JEH. I feel the same way bro

      • Anthony says:

        Freddy was NEVER a pedophile in the original NOES series, he was a child killer. Which makes the character way more sadistic and twisted by nature. In fact, the original plot makes more sense because he killed them. It’s seems way more logical for a group of concerned parents to murder a child murderer rather someone who may or may not have touched kids. That’s one area where they really dropped the ball. Also, with Nancy cop dad, it seems way less realistic that they would have gotten away with it as they have, considering they seem more and proud and open about it in this one.

        The character development was stale and shitty. i could care less who lives or dies, honestly. Also, all dream sequences basically felt more like the kids were transported to another place on earth. Dreams are weird and defy the realm reality… Why not exploit that a bit? I mean, seriously, where’s the dream powers? Where’s the likeable characters that you put stock into? Where’s the imagination? ….where’s the fun? :/

        Haley’s performance was great for what he had to work with, but Robert Englund he is NOT. …and why disagree? Because RE wasn’t scary enough?? Haley’s makeup was horrible.. He looked like a stroke-victim muppet. If you tell me he looked more realistic as a burn victim or that he was much scarier, I’ll say: “WHO CARES”. I know they’re called horror movies, but they are almost never scary. If you put that type of expectation on a supposed horror film, you’ll be extremely disappointed almost everytime. But since were on the subject, the new NOES was not scary at all, IMO. It’s just a bunch of CGI and “jump scares”. Being startled for a moment is not the same as a lasting fear. This movie just didn’t deliver that. You’re saying if a horror is not scary, it’s not good. Well take a look at most highly regarded horror films of the past 30 years… They always incorperated humor, imagination, and non-horror elements. They just wanted to entertain. That’s it!

        If you look at all movies as a whole, as opposed to holding them against their genre claim %100, you’ll find that you’ll have a broader sense of acceptance and enjoyment from films past and present

      • Pielover says:

        @Anyhony thats what i say! I think the nightmare movies had imagination in the killings like tina’s death when she was flying around the room or like glen’s death when freddy pulled him under the bed and all that blood was coming up debbie when she turn into a bug you cant get these type of killings in Halloween or friday the 13th movies where they stalk and killed them with a knife. I mean the remake was ok but the killings where like any other slasher films i mean when Dean die it was a just a plain death seen, i mean a knife in throw is just boring anyone could do that, wheres the imagination? :/ i think the only good killing in the whole movie was the ending where Nancy’s mom was pull through the mirror by freddy that was the only good kill in the whole movie!:(

        Its not Robert’s fault that he would be funny that was the writer’s fault. Robert was a better freddy, he brought the character (freddy) to life!
        And whats up with the freddy make up in the remake? It wasn’t spine chilling like the 80’s version this version actually made me get over my fear of robert’s freddy.

        I think the only good actor in the remake was the “Chris” (blonde girl) she was really good and jackie was ok but the rest of the movie i really didnt care who died and where’s Nancy’s Dad in the remake? And I didnt like how Nancy’s mom wasn’t a drunky and i especially didn’t kill how freddy was change to a “School gardiner” that just killed the actor of freddy. I just hope the the the second remake will be better and more imaginary!>.>

  67. Just because a film makes a truckload of money doesn’t make it a good film. Since when is “popular” the same thing as “quality”? A ton of people read People Magazine. Does that mean People Magazine is a quality, well-written mag? Not by a long shot. The TWILIGHT films have made a ba-zilion dollars worldwide, and guess what? They are shitty films!! Ya can’t use box office earnings to prove your point on how well-made a film is or isn’t. I can list a 100 examples of films that didn’t do well at the box office that are way better written and acted than the NoES remake.

  68. Katie says:

    I agree Scott. The movie as a whole was just ok. But it was all worth it to see the incredibly scary Freddy as portrayed by Haley. The sequel doesn’t sound that great either, but I just may end up watching it if he is in it too. I also hope that he does other scary movies or something because I think he is a wonderful actor that I would enjoy seeing in other things.

    • I gotta admit it Katie … if Haley is in the sequel then I’m definitely gonna check it out!! Besides his role as Freddy, Haley is a phenomenal actor all around. I even loved him in the short-lived TV show THE HUMAN TARGET!! Lol

  69. Your comment, “directing and the cast make a good story line and the cast make other people stand out that is just there ability of good acting,” is a rambling mess if a sentence. Good WRITING makes a good storyline. The director didn’t have any control over the material, & the actors did a shit job with their roles. No other cast member except Haley (as Freddy) did a good job in their role. It was a terribly acted & directed film.

  70. adam says:

    shut the hell up u cant’t see a great film if it is stairing u in the face a nightmare on elm street remake was just as good if not better than the original i watched them all the time when i was a kid and they are amazing and this one just gives it a twist for the newer genuration that love horror even when it doesn’t make sence but thats what horror is all about just respect a good film the directors did a brilliant job

    • First off, you come across like an asshole Adam (telling me to “shut the hell up”). Secondly; if you actually read my review of the NoES remake you’d know that I thought the story was great and I thought Haley did a better job than Englund did. But the director did a horrible job and the cast (with the exception of Haley) was horrible. Do your research.

      • mark thomas says:

        i just want to know if there is going to be a freddy vs jason 2 beacuse the first one was just amazing i love it when they bring two of the most ruthless and the most terrifing characters together to clash in a fight to the death even tho none of them can die but it would be even better if there could be a freddy vs jason 2 and maybe even bring a third person into clash with them some one like micheal myers ( sorry bout the spelling ) or pin head or the wish master if any one knows who that is or chucky but either way it would be an amazing film so please will some one let me know

      • There was talk, Mark, of a part 2 & adding in Ash from the EVIL DEAD flicks. I think there was a comic series, but I don’t see a movie happening.

    • shane says:

      wow dude that the worst movie i ever seen they ran wes craven name in the ground with this and it bad when the original cast members or writter wanted nothing to do with this so called film

    • Mike says:

      Merely telling someone to shut the hell up does not help get your point across any better. You don’t have to agree with someone. And I know this is the internet so any and all common decency goes out the window, but at least attempt to try to gather a stable thought line before being a dick.

    • juice loves horror says:

      are you kidding the remake sucked ass the guy played freddy was gud but he wasnt freddy poiny period if he played a new typr of killer like freddy’s new accomplice maybe justt maybe it would been gud

      • Michael Dawson says:

        @juice loves horror. JEH version of Freddy was MORE like what Freddy is than any of the original movies, aside from maybe the original and new nightmare. The sequels turned him into a cartoon character joke. The sequels single handely almost ruined the character. JEH undid all of that with his BRILLIANT performance. And this isnt Saw, Freddy does not have an accomplice. That would be HORRIBLE. There is now way that could fit into the story in my opinion. I respect your opinion but disagree.

      • Mike says:

        I have to agree with Michael Dawson here. O had always felt that at a certain point Freddy became a sort of mockery of himself. Using any chance he got to make cheesy one liners. For example: the whole Spencer death in Freddy’s Dead. First of all using a video game to kill someone is ridiculous. Then followed with lines such as “you forgot the power glove!”, or “I beat my high score…” Took the character to a new low. New Nightmare was intended (I believe) to revamp the franchise. To bring it closer to the original, in terms of being scary. With JEH playing Freddy, it was apparent the days of tounge in cheek Freddy were over. A move which I appreciate. What is needed now, is for someone to take casting and directing any follow ups seriously. Dont just try to cash in on the name, make an effort. Believe me, to me, Robert Englund will always be Freddy. But he is later on in years now, and the franchise is takin on a new face. The best thing, in my opinion for fans to do is approach the movie with an open mind. Don’t expect Robert’s Freddy. Hope for Wes’ original nightmare.

      • Michael Dawson says:

        @Mike. Thanks saying you agree with me. And I agree with you. Your example of Spencer in the video game perfectly illustrates what I am talking about. Everytime I see those overdone one liners I cringe. It came to the point, basically from Dream Master on, that he said a cheesy one liner EVERY SINGLE TIME he killed someone. Totally overdone.

        About New Nightmare. There is a reason its my favorite of the series with the original, I still cant decide which one I like better. Because it calls out all of the things I became frustrated with in the sequels, much like Wes did. It takes shots at how they watered down the story to make it an easier sell. How crazy it is that a child killer and molester went from a scary persona of evil to a silly cartoon carciture anti hero that the audience rooted for. HE MOLESTED AND KILLED CHILDREN AND THE AUDIENCE ACTUALLY ENDS UP ROOTING FOR HIM. No one was rooting for him in the original. Basically the WHOLE MOVIE exists to take shots at the sequels that butchered Wes Cravens original story. It made Freddy scary and serious again. Its basically the original movie with a much more diverse story.

        Mike you are so right. The days of Freddy on a broom stick are gone, hopefully for good. The franchise lost its way about halfway into Dream Warriors. Again you are SO right about what they need to do. Take the casting and directing seriously, try something besides cashing in on a name. I mean the script was HORRIBLE and look at what JEH did! Can you imagine with much better peices in play how good he can be!? Robert will always be Freddy to me as well. But now JEH will be too for me. He took the character to a place that I thought was basically impossible. Exactly, have an open mind. Judge it on its own merits. Judge JEH on his own merits. This is a totally different Krueger, but in many ways the same. We should hope for movies like Cravens original that take it SERIOUSLY. I think making him a molester out in the open has helped assure that he wont turn into an anti hero. Please people get behind the brilliant actor and judge him on his own merits. Again Mike thanks for the comments.

      • This movie was awsome.
        The best Night On Elm Steet movie I ever seen they made this more realistic and they had flashbacks in this movie about Freddy.
        The original Nightmare On Elm Street was to goffy. I really enjoy the remake alot better. The original sucked ass.

      • More realistic?? Really? Do you also believe in unicorns & scientology? 🙂

    • Lexxi Sixx says:

      this movie was awesome, adam ur right.

      • “awesome” is a little strong, Lexxi!!

      • Okay dude now your just being Smart !
        Look what I’m saying is that the way how they made this new Freddy is awsome like he’s burned in real life which makes it more realistic and another thing.
        This movie gives out flash backs about what happened to Freddy. The Original didn’t have any flashbacks at all and it just wen’t on. Not only that first of all I didn’t know that he malested kids until A Nightmare On Elm Street 4. But the remake tells it all which I don’t why. They did the same thing with Halloween I didn’t know why Micheal Myers was killing people until the remake came out. So yeah that’s why I think this new Freedy looks cool.

      • I was just messing with ya Denise about the fairy tales!! 🙂

        Part of what I liked about the original HALLOWEEN & NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET was that the killers’ motives were never fully explained. For me, not being spoon-fed an explanation behind the killer’s motivations made those killers even more scary. A killer who kills for no reason is way scarier than a killer who’s entire back story is 100% explained.

    • TALEESA says:


    • Rose says:

      I agree, I like the remake much more than the original, but that was rude of you. Everyone has their own opinion, and they can like whichever one they want to.