Web Series to Explain How The Walking Dead Came Back

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I came to the comic book THE WALKING DEAD rather late in the game.  My buddy, Brian, kept telling me how I needed to check it out and how bad ass it is, but whenever I went to the book store it always slipped my mind.  I can’t remember what issue the series was on when I became interested in it, but I did the math and it was gonna cost me some serious coin to catch up to the most current issue.  But then the Compendium came out and I didn’t hesitate to pick it up.  I was of course immediately blown away by the level of storytelling in this comic!!  The Compendium contained the first 48 issues of the comic and I was really surprised that in those 48 issues not once was there an explanation offered as to why the dead were coming back to life.  I found this really interesting considering that in the world of THE WALKING DEAD you didn’t need to be bitten to come back as a zombie.  So what the hell’s the cause?

Well AMC recognizes this and is releasing a web series to address this and other story threads.  Before the second season premier of THE WALKING DEAD on October 16th, AMC will run a six-part web series directed and developed by f/x guru, Greg Nicotero (who is also now the series’ co-executive producer).  Remember in the pilot episode when Rick Grimes comes across a zombie woman what was dragging herself across the lawn?  Well to be accurate, it was half a zombie!!  Well it seems she’s getting a spin-off series.  This is one of the best looking zombies I’ve ever seen (that right there says a lot), and now we’re gonna get the backstory on this zombie, affectionately known as Bicycle Girl.  But what’s more is that through her backstory we’re gonna end up learning a lot about the early days of the zombie outbreak.

Grimes befriends Bicycle Girl!!

The web series will of course be shown on amctv.com and is slated to premier on October 3, 2011.  Well the websites shadowlocked.com and craveonline.com are reporting that this web series will premier on October 3rd, but blastr.com reports that the series will premier on October 2, 2011.  Well I’m gonna check it out on Oct 2 just to be safe.  I’d hate myself if I missed this one!!  But you all can just stay tuned to anythinghorror.com and I’ll let you know the premier date before the time is upon us!!

Stay Bloody!!!

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