Michael Biehn’s The Victim Finds Distribution & a Premier

THE VICTIM is being described as a “grindhouse” flick, directed, written for the screen, and starring genre staple, Michael Biehn. Here’s the plot summary:

Annie’s (Jennifer Blanc) life is in jeopardy after she’s witnessed the horrific rape and murder of her closest friend. Fleeing from two attackers (Ryan Honey, Denny Kirkwood) she stumbles across kyle (Michael Biehn), a recluse living in the middle of the woods. Kyle finds the stillness of the woods comforting. The ruggedly handsome loner stays far from civilization – that is – until a single knock on his door throws his solitary life into chaos. Two worlds collide in this psychological thriller that will make you question your trust in mankind.

Honestly, it doesn’t sound too ‘grindhousy,’ but I’m gonna be giving this one the benefit of the doubt. Well it’s been a good week for THE VICTIM; they found an international distributor and it’s gonna be premiering early in October at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain, alongside Jason Eisner’s HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN. Here’s the press release:

“Paris-based WTF has acquired all international sales rights to THE VICTIM, the grindhouse thriller which marks the feature directorial debut of renowned Fanboy star Michael Biehn. Biehn also wrote, produced and stars alongside Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Danielle Harris, Ryan Honey and Denny Kirkwood. The film was produced by Blanc/Bien Productions (Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Lorna Paul and Travis Romero) and The Mud Show (Ryan Honey, Brock Morse and Morgan Johnson).THE VICTIM is the inaugural acquisition of WTF which was recently launched by former TF1 International senior sales executive Dimitri Stephanides. Kevin Iwashina and Christine D’Souza of Preferred Content represented the filmmakers and negotiated the deal with Stephanides.

THE VICTIM will make its international premiere at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain on 7 and 8 October in a double feature with Hobo With A Shotgun.”

Check out the trailer and some stills:

It’s not bad looking, is it? Don’t you agree that it doesn’t really look like a ‘grindhouse’ flick? It looks like a pretty good thriller, though. Now HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN … that’s a grindhouse flick!! Here’s a few stills:

Stay Bloody!!!

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2 Responses to Michael Biehn’s The Victim Finds Distribution & a Premier

  1. Wait, does it say ruggedly handsome loner!?! Was that written by Michael Biehn ha ha

    • No shit TheDarkHours!! I thought that was pretty funny too. Maybe I need to change my bio on the website to read, “A ruggedly handsome horror writer” !!!!