Cronenberg Has Written a Sequel to The Fly!!

I love news that is short and sweet, and it doesn’t get any better than this. David Cronenberg is one of my favorite genre directors. Some of my younger readers might think I’m insane, but trust me; he was an early pioneer who helped shaped the horror genre. His unique vision and approach to filmmaking turned every project he did into a “horror” film. But his early-career films of RABID, SHIVERS, THE BROOD, SCANNERS, and VIDEODROME (my review here) are absolute classics!! Even his non-genre films like THE NAKED LUNCH, EASTERN PROMISES, A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, and SPIDER are fantastic films. caught up with Cronenberg at the New York Film Festival where he’s premiering his new film, A DANGEROUS METHOD. They asked hi about the rumors floating around since 2009 about him rebooting THE FLY, which he rebooted in 1986. His first remake of THE FLY is hands down one of the best (if not the best) remake ever put to film (I throw Carpenter’s THE THING into that category as well). His answer was shocking:

“‘The Fly’ is not exactly a remake, it’s sort of a sequel, kinda. Yeah, that was a thing. I’ve written a script of that, and I don’t know if that’s going to really happen, but that has to do with Fox.”

So he confirms he’s written a sequel to his 1986 THE FLY, but he does doubt it’ll ever happen. Come on Fox … could ya please jump on this and give horror fans something they might actually enjoy!!

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5 Responses to Cronenberg Has Written a Sequel to The Fly!!

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  2. l3pr3chaun says:

    This is indeed welcome news and should be at the very least interesting and at its best be one of the few welcomed sequels to the genre.

  3. This *might* be interesting, but I would definitely want to know what it was going to be about. Knowing his body horror themes, can he add anything more to what he gave us in the first movie, or will it simply be a rehash like in FLY II? This potential project might be his first genre effort since EXINSTENZ, so I’ll keep an open mind for now…