The Walking Dead Webisodes Now Available Online … All 6 of Them!!

A couple weeks ago I ran the story that the makers of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD were going to put together 6 webisodes that detail the early stages of the zombie outbreak and also examine how the zombie Bicycle Girl became “Bicycle Girl” (click here for my article)!! Well AMC ain’t messing around and all 6 episodes are available to watch online right now. I’m not gonna say anything about them because I want you to see and experience them for yourselves. Most of the 6 webisodes are 2:30-3:00mins long and a couple of them are 4-5mins long. Go check them out now (click here). And don’t forget that the second season of THE WALKING DEAD premiers October 16, 2011!!

Stay Bloody!!!

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Webisodes Now Available Online … All 6 of Them!!”

  1. Watched these today. They were ok. Not great but ok. But then what can you really do with just 2 – 3 minutes a peice? Still it was a nice little filler before season 2 start… eeeeee can’t wait! 😀

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