Just How Evil Are You?

When Bill McNeal (played by the gifted Phil Hartman on the TV show NEWS RADIO) was asked what motivates him, he answered, “There’s a constant battle between the forces of good and evil for the control of my soul.” A bit dramatic considering he’s a radio newscaster!! But have you ever wondered if you have a dark side to your personality and if so, just how strong it is? In the next episode of Discovery Channel’s “Curiosity,” horror filmmaker Eli Roth examines such questions in the episode titled, “How Evil Are You?” In this episode, Roth oversees a new version of the Milgram experiment, which has the subject doling out increasingly higher and more painful electrical shocks to other people in a hidden room. There’s of course no real electricity being used, but the test is used to gage the reaction of the person sending out the shocks. Are they horrified by their actions? Sympathetic? Do they enjoy it?

Here’s the episode synopsis:

Actor/director Eli Roth is no stranger to exploring the nature of evil. As a master of horror with films like Inglourious Basterds and Hostel, Roth turns his lens to research possibly the most horrifying monster of them all – the average American. In “Curiosity”’s “How Evil are You?”, Roth sets out to recreate the infamous Milgram experiment to see how, or if, the results have changed. Roth himself even undergoes tests and scans to see if he carries what researchers dub “the evil gene.” So, does Hollywood’s famous horror director have a little extra “edge” in his craft?

This episode of “Curiosity” airs on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, October 30, at 9pm ET. Check out the 2 clips below; it looks like a really interesting show!!

so how evil do you think you are?

Stay Bloody!!!

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