World’s Largest Pumpkin Gets Zombified!!

Artist Ray Villafane

I know my limits as an artist. I writer great reviews and I write fun, scary, gory stories. But when it comes to painting, drawing, sculpting, or any other related artistic skills, I really suck. Seriously; I fucking suck. Even carving pumpkins at Halloween time causes a great deal of stress because I wanna impress my kids. But no matter what I try and carve, my pumpkins end up looking like Katherine Hepburn (the old-aged Hepburn) drank 60 cups of strong black coffee and decided to carve a pumpkin in a helicopter. I fucking suck.

That’s why I find Ray Villafane so goddamn talented. Villafane not only carves some bad ass looking pumpkins, but he recently carved the world’s largest pumpkin to look like a bunch of zombies coming outta the ground. Now when I say, “World’s Largest Pumpkin,” I’m not talking in hyperbole. This is actually the world’s largest pumpkin. This pumpkin weighed in at 1,818.5 pounds!! Take a look at the final product:

Pretty impressive s**t, isn’t it!! Take a look at Villafane’s website here and check out some of his other truly impressing pumpkins.

I really fucking suck. Happy Halloween and

Stay Bloody!!!

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3 Responses to World’s Largest Pumpkin Gets Zombified!!

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  2. Don says:

    the is freaking AWESOME!!!! Wow, I guess my pumkins are just lame.