1st Episode of the Night Terrors Anthology, “The Keeper,” Now Online

In mid-October I wrote up a promising little indie project titled NIGHT TERRORS.  Filmmakers David Buchert and Chris St. Croix were promising a TALES FROM THE CRYPT-like horror anthology full of blood, bimbos, and boobs.  Well the first episode, THE KEEPER, is here and it looks terrific.  Running just shy of 25 minutes, THE KEEPER delivers on the filmmaker’s promises … and then some!!  To remind you about NIGHT TERRORS:

In the tradition of Tales From the Crypt comes, Night Terrors, a new indie horror anthology series created by David Buchert and Chris St.Croix.
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Episode One: “The Keeper”
A gang of murderers are visited by a mysterious old stranger only to find that there is more to him than meets the eye… and he is not alone. 

written and directed by Chris St.Croix.
Produced By David Buchert

Cast: Katie Groshong, Emily Byrd, Tristan Jackson, Clay Brocker, Jordan Stephens, Adam Sanner, Scott Aaker

The second episode, DUMMY, written and directed by David Buchert will be out around Christmas time.  Here’s the description:

A young woman wakes up half naked in an abandoned hospital to find herself in a game of hide and seek with a masked killer.
Cast: Olivia Bishop, Gary Willis, Leslie Mills, Cooper Guy, Matt Rosenbaum, Jon Lundberg, Andria Armstrong, Jennifer Spriggs

And here’s the trailer for THE KEEPER:

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2 Responses to 1st Episode of the Night Terrors Anthology, “The Keeper,” Now Online

  1. The first episode of Night Terrors, The Keeper, has been banned from YouTube and Vimeo for nudity and violent content–all the things that make life worth living. We will be re-launching the series in a new way soon. Please visit and like facebook.com/fearthenight for all the latest news.

    • That really sucks Chris!! Please know that you have the full support of anythinghorror.com and I’ll do whatever I can to help you guys out!!

      Please keep me informed.