Some Stills & Trailer for the Horror Short ‘The Nest’

According to Undead Backbrain, Austin, Texas filmmaker Tim Zwica (yup; he’s right in’s backyard) has just recently completed his horror short THE NEST. Zwica, in true indie fashion, has taken on the role of writer, producer, director, editor, and visual effects coordinator, and considering his background is in video games, I’m sure hoping the digital f/x are above average. THE NEST is about a bunch of killer bees, but this gang of bees doesn’t just sting your ass to death … it eats it!! Here’s the plot synopsis:

Hank, a horse breeder, has discovered one of his mares lying dead in his pasture, reduced to a skeleton overnight.

He finds Ray, a county farm inspector, in the local diner and enlists him to help solve the mystery. Eleanore, the owner of the diner, is wary of their mission. She catches a pair of Goth girls stealing her honey from the table and orders her mute son, Dizzy, to detain them.

She sentences them to death and has Dizzy dump them into a well in the backyard of the diner. The well is infested with a swarm of savage flesh-eating bees who awaken with Dizzy’s banging on the hatch and soon devour the girls in a matter of seconds. However, Dizzy has damaged the hatch, and one bee escapes before it can be repaired. The bee finds Hank working in his field and chases him into his barn, where he receives a call from Ray, who is driving to Hank’s ranch. The rest of the swarm escapes and chases another of Hank’s horses out onto the road, where they devour it in mid pursuit, leaving its bones scattered on Ray’s windshield.

Ray relates the event to Hank after retreating to the diner lot. Hank hears him being abducted by Dizzy and sets out to the diner to rescue him. Hank is caught off-guard by Eleanore and knocked unconscious. He and Ray both end up in the well, where they must fight for their very survival.

Check out the trailer for THE NEST … it’s pretty damn polished looking for an indie short!!

Zwica is planning on entering THE NEST in a bunch of film festivals in 2012. I sure hope we get the opportunity to see the entire short soon. Enjoy some stills below.

Stay Bloody!!!

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  1. Timothy Zwica says:

    The Nest is now available as part of the first installment of the Hillbilly Horror Show!