SyFy Leprechaun Movie Gets the New Title, Red Clover

Back in early-mid December when I reviewed SyFy’s SNOWMAGEDDON, I noted that SNOWMAGEDDON was the first of a string of various holiday-themed genre flicks. I also that SyFy was working on a St. Paddy’s Day-themed genre film that at the time was tentatively titled ST. PATRICK’S DAY LEPRECHAUN (really clever title SyFy!!). Well the film is a go and according to, the new title is RED CLOVER. The film stars Billy Zane, Willian Devane, Kelly Washington, Courtney Halverson, and Kevin Mangold as the leprechaun. Looking at the pic of Mangold, I think he’ll make a pretty good looking leprechaun, but the purist in me screams out that Warwick Davis is the one and only true leprechaun!! Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing how SyFy ruins this one (I say that lovingly). RED CLOVER will be directed by Drew Daywalt and is written byAnthony C. Ferrante. And because I love you all, here’s the plot crunch:

Sixty-six years ago, the town of Irish Channel in Louisiana was the site of a horrible massacre on St. Patrick’s Day. Some blame a terrible storm that blew through the town, but those that were there don’t speak of the truth. Due to petty superstitions, St. Patrick’s Day festivities were banned for the last 66 years, but now, the new Mayor wants to tempt fate and celebrate.

Oh hell yeah!!

Stay Bloody!!!

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2 Responses to SyFy Leprechaun Movie Gets the New Title, Red Clover

  1. Jijo reed says:

    Awesome!!! I can’t wait- yeah that guy looks like he would make an awesome scary leprechaun !