Book Trailer Drops for Graphic Comic, Harbor Moon

Back in November of 2010 I reviewed the graphic novel, HARBOR MOON (my review here), written by Ryan Colucci and illustrated by Pawel Sambor. I really enjoyed the story arc in HARBOR MOON and the way Colucci wrote a self-contained graphic novel that’s at the same time setting the stage for future issues. But most of all I really enjoyed the artwork. Ryan contacted me earlier today to let my know he just completed a book trailer for HARBOR MOON and it’s pretty kick ass. Check it out, and if you’re interested, check out HARBOR MOON on amazon, here. Here’s the plot crunch:

When Timothy Vance receives a call from a man claiming to be his long-lost father, he takes a trip to out-of-the-way Harbor Moon, Maine. But the man is nowhere to be found and unfortunately for Tim, the town doesn’t take very kindly to strangers. As he struggles to stay alive and learn the truth about his father, Tim discovers that Harbor Moon is protecting an incredible secret And it turns out that Tim may have more in common with its residents than he could ever imagine….

Now dig on the trailer:

Stay Bloody!!!

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