The Board is Back!! Universal Resurrects the Ouija Movie

Ouija banner

Back in August of 2011, Universal dumped their plans for making the movie based on the Hasbro board game, OUIJA.  Why, you may ask?  Budget.  The original OUIJA was gonna be a big budget studio project in excess of $100 million with McG (TERMINATOR SALVATION) set to direct.  Back in August someone at Universal finally pulled their head outta their ass long enough to realize what a horrible idea it was to have a $100mil-plus project based on a board game.  According to, Universal has resurrected the project with a significantly lower budget, clocking in at only $5 million.  This makes sense to me, especially the way Hollywood has been approaching genre flicks.  INSIDIOUS, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, THE DEVIL INSIDE, CHRONICLE … all these films had modest budgets and made back their principles in the opening weekend!!  The day/era of the obscene big budget genre film is over, and I for one am kind glad.  Now we may actually get some solid stories that aren’t solely about the CGI.  More on this one as it develops.

Stay Bloody!!!

One Response to “The Board is Back!! Universal Resurrects the Ouija Movie”
  1. Jesus H Corman, thank fuck someone has some sense. What the hell could you do with a $100 million horror film about a freaking Ouija board?


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