Meet the New Face of RoboCop!!

Okay; so we know Russell Crowe said ‘no’ to playing the lead in the ROBOCOP remake. To be honest, I’m glad. Crowe isn’t right for this role. Peter Weller was the right combo of brave, naive, and played that “I’m in way over my head” perfectly. But MGM has finally settled on the new face of ROBOCOP. According to, MGM made an offer to Joel Kinnaman (THE KILLING, SAFE HOUSE, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATOO) for the lead role in the film, and the deal is now closed.

Kinnaman most recently turned in a memorable performance in the Daniel Espinosa-directed Safe House opposite Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. He burst on the scene in the AMC seriesThe Killing and prior to that he starred in the Espinosa-directed Snabba Cash. Hollywood is desperately trying to find male stars that studios can build movies around.

Jose Padilha is set to direct the remake. More on this as it develops.

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  1. What I liked about Weller (and about Kinnaman) is that they don’t look like muscle-bound Schwarzeneggers, just ordinary guys trying to do ordinary jobs. This bodes well…