Kevin Williamson Confirms that He Isn’t Touching Scream 5

Kevin Williamson

We’ve all heard the stories concerning the tensions on the set of SCREAM 4. Writer Kevin Williamson and the powers-that-be were at each other’s throats like fat broads fighting over the last cruller in a donut shop. The exact reason for the tensions is unknown. But SCREAM 4 did well enough at the box office that immediately people started talking about SCREAM 5. During that time, Williamson was very quiet. But in a recent interview with about the new season of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, Williamson confirmed what we all suspected. During questions about THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and a few of his other projects, the interviewer slipped in the following question:

AX: Can you say anything about SCREAM 5?

And Williamson’s answer?

WILLIAMSON: I don’t know. I’m not doing it.

That’s all that’s said on the topic of SCREAM 5. Short and sweet and this very short answer talks volumes. We all know that this won’t prevent SCREAM 5 from being made. Let’s just hope that Wes Craven isn’t gonna write it himself. Oh come on; he hasn’t written anything of interest in a really long time.

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2 Responses to Kevin Williamson Confirms that He Isn’t Touching Scream 5

  1. rawballs says:

    Sir Williamson!!!! i’m begging you! please write another sequel for SCREAM 4!!!!…