Discussion: Equipment Needed for the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

Sometimes it hard to keep the big picture in mind when we’re living the details every day.  I’m referring to the fact that it’s 2012 and according to the Mayan calendar this is the year when the world ends.  Will it be something from the outside, like a meteor, asteroid, or a brutal solar flare up?  Will it be natural causes, like massive earthquakes and tornados that tear apart the world?  Or will it be the good old zombie apocalypse?  Let’s face it; if it’s a meteor or natural causes there’s not a goddamn thing we can do about it.  We’ll just have to sit back, get more drunk than we’ve ever been, and take it.  But if it’s the zombie apocalypse there’s nothing that says we have to die.  Everyone has the potential to survive the zombie apocalypse.  Some things to keep in mind:  When the outbreak occurs, stay away from shopping malls, hospitals, police stations, and other public places lots of people will flock to for help.  The other thing you need to do is get some prep work done.  Start putting some supplies together so when it hits you can ride out the first few weeks while the majority of society crumbles.

I have a pretty good foundation of supplies (though I know I need a lot more), but there’s still some things I want and need.  Example:  The following contraption below that a bonafide genius made.  I’m dead serious … this is a brilliant piece of engineering.  All I need to know is where I can get one!!

And for the very prepared individual, check this out:

Yes; that’s a kid’s bike mounted in the front with a chainsaw.  Me want!!

What about you?  What supplies do you think are essential for surviving the zombie apocalypse?  Are you at all prepared?

Stay Bloody!!!

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7 Responses to Discussion: Equipment Needed for the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Massive quantities of lime or diaphonous earth so we can start salting down the death and dryin’ ’em out like worms in the sun. 😀

  2. Okay:
    1. A bicycle, preferably a rugged mountain bike. They’re lightweight, silent, maneuverable, not requiring gas or complicated parts, and while it’s not as fast as a car, it’s fast enough to get away from zombies (at least, the Romero shamblers).
    2. A machete. As kbcutter pointed out, edged weapons don’t need reloading, they’re silent, and a machete is the perfect length, long enough to get a good swing and impact with them, but short enough to be useful in close quarters fighting.
    3. A hand crank charger, one of those dynamos so that I can keep charged a flashlight, radio or mobile phone (to play my games, of course). And if I can hook it up to my bicycle, even better.
    4. A dog, preferably a German Shepherd or husky. As much as I love cats, they’re gonna be next to useless in a zombie apocalypse. I want a companion who can keep guard, can protect effectively against zombies as well as human scavengers, fend for himself in the wild as well as for me, and besides, chicks dig guys with dogs…

  3. kbcutter says:

    Friendly reminder:

    Edged weapons don’t need reloading.

    • Absolutely, kbcutter!! I have what I think is enough ammo to get me thru the beginning stages of the zombie apocalypse, but the bulk of my weapons are edged weapons!!

  4. I have a nice long samurai sword, because, let’s face it, I don’t want to have to TOUCH their blood while I’m cleaving flesh, just in case it’s an “end of the world virus” and not an “end of the world biblical rising.” And rubber gloves, a first aid kit, modified with morphine, syringes, antibiotics, and stitching material. Hmmm…Still a fan of the pistol grip mossburg for full crowd control and portability. And then corn starch/baking soda (never underestimate the power of odor blocking, for the Zeds AND for the people you may have to hole up in close proximity to.)