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    Good friend of AnythingHorror.com, AutumnForest, is the co-author with Julie Ferguson of a really fun sounding book, ZOMBIE HOUSEWIVES OF THE APOCALYPSE.  Well AutumnForest recently contacted me to let me know that both the release date and the book trailer have been released for it.  The book is being published by Black Bed Sheet Publishers and it’s gonna have it’s official release at this years World Horror Convention on April 1, 2012 … April Fool’s Day (or April Ghoul’s Day, as it may be).  Here’s the description of the book:

    The toxic bomb apocalypse of the 1950s didn’t stop Stella and Liz. These housewives reanimated and continued their days as usual, only with a hunger for living flesh. Stella, the perfect housewife, continued her housekeeping in her zombie state and Liz, the drunken, slutty divorcee housewife, stirred up a Bloody Mary and fell into her usual stupor. This photo and resource book for all things zombie is a fun and playful look at the zombie-like existence of housewives through the ages and incorporates housewife tips and recipes, showcasing zombie artisans and listing lots of zombie resources for all those readers who love zombie-everything!

    Sounds pretty fun.  Now check out the book trailer:

    You can look for this one on the Black Bed Sheet website, and be sure to check out their website to keep up with all the news on their release.  A huge congrats to AutumnForest and Julie Ferguson for getting ZOMBIE HOUSEWIVES OF THE APOCALYPSE published.  These are two very talented horror broads and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for their follow up!!

    Stay Bloody!!!

    2 Responses to “Book Trailer & Release Date Drops for Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse”
    1. autumnforest says:

      Thanks! We are so excited. This full-color book rocks the zombie world!


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