Teaser Trailer & New Stills Drop for the Indie Flick Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh

Just got an email from indie horror filmmaker Jakob Bilinski announcing the release of the teaser trailer for his debut upcoming flick, THREE TEARS ON BLOODSTAINED FLESH.  I love this title; it really captures the spirit of the old school Italian giallo films of the 70’s.  Check out the press release (the plot crunch is also in it):

********FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE**********

The first Teaser Trailer for THREE TEARS ON BLOODSTAINED FLESH is now available online!

You can view the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up4u1VwL19A

Film IMDb Page: www.imdb.com/title/tt2112308/

From writer/director Jakob Bilinski, THREE TEARS ON BLOODSTAINED FLESH is a modern, Midwesternized spin on the Giallo. It tells the tale of a man with a sordid past who returns to the small town he’s long since abandoned to bury his niece. Convinced she was murdered, he begins digging around the town and in the process uncovers their dark secrets, which include a deranged cult and a high body count.

The film stars: Bill Gobin, Kayla Crance (EAST OF NOWHERE), Jim Dougherty (SCALENE), Angela Steele (BEVERLY LANE), Scott Ganyo (SHADE OF GREY, OBSOLESCENCE, Spike TV’s “1000 Ways To Die”), Rosalind Rubin (12 ROUNDS, CLEANER, OBSOLESCENCE), Grant Niezgodski (REALITY, REALITY ON DEMAND), Sidney Shripka (REALITY, REALITY ON DEMAND), Kevin Roach (THE BOOK OF DALLAS, REALITY ON DEMAND), Alexander Hahn, and Jim O’Rear (DAY OF THE DEAD, MONSTER CRUISE, TV’s “TEEN WOLF”).

Written and Directed by: Jakob Bilinski

Here’s the teaser trailer:

Be sure to “like” them on their Facebook page.  Now check out some stills below (click on the pictures for higher res images).

Stay Bloody!!!

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3 Responses to Teaser Trailer & New Stills Drop for the Indie Flick Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh

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  2. Katie says:

    I love the Giallo style! I might check this one out just based on that fact, so I hope it’s at least entertaining. It looks good.

    • I’m a huge fan of giallo too!! I hope this one manages to capture some of that old-school feel. Some of the images from the trailer look kinda trippy.