Details & Stills Drop for Exile: The Family You Choose

Exile banner

2010 marked the debut of an extremely well-made and well-written web series, EXILE: SHELTER FROM THE STORM.  The story followed a group o survivors gathered together in an abandoned theater after an apocalyptic event.  As their supplies started fading away the group realized their only chance of survival is to leave the safety of the theater and face what awaits them outside.  One of the writers, Andrew Stirling MacDonald, recently contacted me to let me know that the new “season,” or story arc, has been released.  Check out the press release:

Exile: The Family You Choose
A science fiction drama webseries

Exile, now in its second arc, follows post-apocalyptic refugee Charles as he struggles to survive. In “The Family You Choose,” Charles journeys through a land filled with scavengers both living and undead, seeking redemption for his violent past.
Since the “Exile: Shelter from the Storm” was released in 2010, the Exile team has been hard at work bringing together an incredibly talented cast & crew.  With new cast members, a team of stuntmen, a team of practical FX artists and a ton of improved equipment, Exile is looking better than ever before.  The first three issues of the new arc are available online now at:

In addition to the new cast and crew, Exile has been working with several record companies and has licensed music from artists including Nicole Atkins, The Shackeltons and Minerva Lions.

Our biggest action sequence to date can be found in issue 2:

And Issue 3 dives deep into Charles’ troubled past:

Jesse Kalavoda
Andrew Stirling MacDonald
Curt Riedy
Peter Gaughran as Charles Brennan
Daniel Sottile as Julian Fewes
David T. Campbell as Wheeler
Jen Santos as Jane
Varun Syal as Sandeep Patel

You can also find and subscribe to the EXILE channel on YouTube, where you can find the first EXILE arc, SHELTER FROM THE STORM.  Check out the stills below and head on over to the EXILE website and support a web series that deserves it!!

Stay Bloody!!!

Varun Syal (Sandeep) & Peter Gaughran (Charles)

Peter Gaughran (Charles) & Bella Lucky Day (Nicolette)
Sean T. McBeth (Lead Effects Engineer) & Daniel Sottile (Fewes)
India Coombs (Tali), Jen Santos (Jane), & Daniel Sottile (Fewes)
David T. Campbell (Wheeler) & Peter Gaughran (Charles)
Peter Gaughran (Charles) & Daniel Sottile (Fewes)

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