Are You Man Enough to Handle the Alpha Girls? Watch the Trailer & Find out!!

I love when I have fun looking films like ALPHA GIRLS waiting for me in my inbox!!  One of the crew members who worked ion this film sent me over some info on this upcoming release.  ALPHA GIRLS is written and directed by Tony Trov and Johnny Zito and stars Falon Joslyn, Nicole Cingilia, Nikki Bell, Julie Chen, Ron Jeremy, and Schooly D.  Here’s the plot crunch:

Alpha Beta house is the oldest and most elite sorority in the world. Some of the most influential politicians, celebrities and scientists are Alpha Girl alumni. After performing long hidden rituals, some of the sisters suspect that their good fortune is tainted by demonic evil. They quickly realize firsthand that the consequences of their curiosity are much more gruesome than any of them could have possibly imagined.

Sounds pretty fun.  Now check out the trailer and see how fun this one gets:

I think this one looks promising … what about you?  Be sure to check out their Facebook page and official website.

Stay Bloody!!!

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