It’s In The Blood Wins 4 Best Picture Awards in 1 Week!!

After seeing IT’S IN THE BLOOD at this year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012, I knew I watched something special.  This is quite simply one of the best executed films I’ve seen in a long time (see my review here).  Well I’m not the only person who thinks this.  I received a press released from director Scooter Downey and co-writer/co-producer/actor Sean Elliot about IT’S IN THE BLOOD kicking ass on the festival circuit.  Here’s the press release:



Los Angeles May 29th, 2012

Contact:  Sean Elliot (Writer, Producer, Co-Star) 

Email: [email protected]


IT’S IN THE BLOOD, Horror Film Starring Lance Henriksen 

Wins Four Best Pictures in One Week

Receives Numerous Favorable Critical Reviews, Awards

First time filmmakers and best friends since kindergarten, Scooter Downey and Sean Elliot proudly present It’s In The Blood, a psychological horror story starring veteran character actor Lance Henriksen. 

It’s In The Blood is making the festival rounds at the moment. I’d be surprised if it didn’t collect several armloads of awards. The skill and maturity on display is impressive. Make certain you seek it out at the first available opportunity. Monster movies with this much heart and respect for its audience don’t come around often enough.”  

– All Things Horror, Chris Hallock

One year after a tragic incident tore their family apart, a grieving son (October) and his estranged father (Russell) embark on a journey into the wild to reconcile their past. When a horrifying accident leaves Russell badly injured, and strands them in the wild, it is up to October to save them both. However, this wilderness is not what it seems, and as they deteriorate, so to does their concept of reality. Horrifying creatures, ghostly apparitions, is it all in their heads, or could the truth be far more terrible? Lance Henriksen stars as Russell in this nightmarish descent into the very heart of darkness where more than your guilt can eat you alive.

In April, It’s In The Blood was awarded the prize for Best Horror Feature at the 2012 Phoenix Film Festival, as well as the Grand Prize at the Canada International Film Festival.  Since then, Its In The Blood has won 5 more Best Picture Awards, 4 of which were announced in one week.  

It’s In The Blood is an indie horror film that transcends the genre and ends up being a lot more than what it starts out as.”

– Anything Horror, Scott Shoyer

Directed by Scooter Downey, It’s In The Blood is a wholly unique cinematic movement.  At its core, a father son story, the film is a deconstruction of the prototypical “creature feature”, incorporating elements of mystical realism and psychological thriller.  This new movement in film is called a Psyche-Saga.  

“The films official website promotes the story as a “psyche-saga”, and even provides a fancy definition of that term. Now, I read that definition, and I even went and got a degree in psychology from a relatively credible university one time, and I’m STILL relatively confused to what that term means. But I think I like it!”

– From Midnight With Love, Mike Frohwein

Downey Defines a Psyche-Saga as “a new movement within the film art, wherein the artist renders one story through three different domains of stylized imagery — poetic representations of the mind, body, and spirit on a singular path of transformation.”

“You can sort the film into three categories: the family drama, the psychological thriller, and the monster horror. Though it literally plunges into each of these in a fast pace, and there’s a strong contrast in style and atmosphere in each, you never once lose interest.” 

– Film Bizarro, Ronny Carlsson

Best known for his roles as Karl Bishop Weyland in the Aliens franchise and Frank Black in the TV series Millennium, Lance Henriksen has amassed a resume that would put most actors to shame in a career spanning more than 50 years. Lance has worked with some of the greatest directors of all time, including James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, and Sidney Lumet, and his characters have been killed by some of Hollywood’s greatest monsters, including the Terminator, the Predator and the Alien. With 15 projects in 2011, this versatile actor shows no signs of slowing down.

A Feature Selection in over 30 film festivals thus far, It’s In The Blood has screened at 23  festivals, and has already won 2 Grand Prize Awards, 7 Best Picture Awards, 2 Best Actor Award, 1 Best Music Composition Award, and 2 Runner Up Awards.

Its In The Blood will be screening at two very prestigious film festivals in the months to come:  The Little Rock Film Festival and The Waterfront Film Festival.  

The Little Rock Film Festival has been named as one of the “25 film festivals worth the entry fee”.  Both of the LRFF winners of the Golden Rock Award in 2010 went on to be nominated for Oscars.  In 2011, 3 of the 5 Oscar nominated documentaries held some of their first screenings at the LRFF.

The Waterfront Film Festival was ranked as a “Top 5 Film Festivals” by SAG Indie, Screen Actors Guild Magazine.  Other winners include Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, South By South-West Film Festival, and Cinevegas Film Festival.

“If you don’t get it by now, it can’t be spelled out any more clearly:  It’s In The Blood truly is the “perfect genre storm.”  It’s written, directed, acted, and structured with reverence and a palpable seriousness.  It’s downright moving in its emotional weight and it’s also frightening as Hell.”

– The Conduit Speaks

It’s In The Blood reaffirms why I love horror so much and it’s the type of film that makes enduring so many bad ones all worthwhile.”

– Planet of Terror, James Cortez

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Hell yeah I’m quoted in the press release, but don’t worry; there’s no conflict of interest here.  I already wrote and posted my review not knowing a damn thing about the director, the writers, or anything.  I simply loved this film and I will now throw my support behind it to make sure everyone gets to enjoy it!!  If you get a chance to see this one at a festival near you, don’t hesitate … this film alone will be worth the price of admissions!!

Have any of you seen this one yet?  What’d ya think?

Stay Bloody!!!

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