Tom Six Promises that The Human Centipede 3: The Final Sequence Will Reveal All!!

Writer-director Tom Six of the two HUMAN CENTIPEDE films (soon to be a trilogy), recently got onto his Twitter account and made fans everywhere very happy.  He was teasing us about his upcoming THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3: THE FINAL SEQUENCE and what we can expect to get.  Six basically promises that with part three he will answer every question fans had about Parts one and two.  You may know that I wasn’t a fan of part one at all.  I was pretty bored by the tameness of the gore, the pace of the story, and the really stupid things the characters in the film did.  But in part two Six really redeemed himself … REALLY redeemed himself.  The film was disturbing, gory, and lead actor Laurence R. Harvey was just downright sleazy!!  It was awesome.  So I can’t wait to see what he’s gonna bring us in part three.  Here’s from the horse’s mouth via Twitter:

“Yes twitters. What happened to Lindsay stuck in between two corpses in #THC and Martin’s strange #THC2 ending?: I will reveal all in #THC3.”

Unfortunately the status of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3: THE FINAL SEQUENCE right now is pretty much unknown.  Last we heard there’s the possibility of Udo Kier being pursued by Six to star in part three due to a legal dispute between original star Dieter Laser and Six over Laser backing out of the third film and holding up production.  Seeing what Six did in part two, part of me thinks this is a marketing stunt that will somehow play into the story of part three.  But if it isn’t, then I think I can speak for the horror community in giving Six a huge thumbs up in going after Udo Kier!!

Stay tuned and …

Stay Bloody!!!

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2 Responses to Tom Six Promises that The Human Centipede 3: The Final Sequence Will Reveal All!!

  1. jason elms says:

    I wish Angelina Armani would be in the trilogy. I want to see her right in the front of the line. This might be good depending on who they cast..