Octaman Finally Gets an Official DVD Release!!

I can recall in detail the first time I saw OCTAMAN. It was in the Spring of 1979. My dad and brother and a few neighbors were prepping to open our pool for the summer. Not me though. Earlier in the week I saw a commercial on UHF channel 48 (in Philadelphia) for the creature flick, OCTAMAN that was going to be part of the Saturday afternoon Creature Double Feature on that channel. So there I was in a dark basement watching was is arguable a terrible movie and loving every moment of it. Yes; I was that kid!!

Directed by Harry Essex (screenwriter of CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON) and starring Pier Angeli, Kerwin Mathews, and Jeff Morrow (and featuring the work of future Oscar winner Rick Baker), OCTAMAN has been on my radar for a really long time. Hell; it was even hard to find on VHS!! But my long wait is over. Bayview Entertainment/Widowmaker will be releasing OCTAMAN onto DVD on October 23, 2012. The DVD has original trailers, video interview, and a Retromedia Drive-In wrap-around and includes a bonus feature film – THE CREMATORS, Harry Essex’s epic about a giant ball of fire that rolls right over people, burning them to a hideous crisp!! Check out the plot crunch:


Octaman – A scientific expedition to a remote fishing village discovers high levels of radiation as well as a strange mutant-like small octopus that walks on land and has bizarre human-like eyes. The leader of the expedition teams up with a circus owner who wants to exploit the weird creature, but trouble ensues when the two men discover their crew has been slaughtered and the mutant is missing. Tales from the villagers come to light describing the local legend of a half-man, half-sea serpent, but what the expedition finds is an astounding seven-foot-tall walking octopus that has a lust for human blood! Now the hunters have become the hunted, and the race is on. Who will survive, and what will be left of them?

Yes, this one’s silly. Yes, this one’s ridiculous. Yes, this one’s a classic!! But it’s not as scary as the Octomom!!

Stay Bloody!!!

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