Watch the Short Horror Film Terrifier & Reinforce How Goddamn Scary Clowns Are!!

Wow. I just finished watching the short horror film, TERRIFIER … three times in a row!! TERRIFIER is written and directed by Damien Leone and stars Marie Maser, Mike Giannelli, and Michael Chmiel. What the hell can I say about TERRIFIER? How about this:

Clowns, especially Art the Clown, are fucking terrifying.


Even those of you not afraid of clowns will find yourselves thinking about Art the Clown as your eyes grow heavy and you slip into dreamland. Yes I watched TERRIFIER three times in a row, but even after my first viewing Art the Clown immediately jumped to the top of my “Horror Icon List”. Some of my other new inductees are Mister Fister and Dollboy, so you know how serious I take such a list.

Yeah; Art the Clown is fucking terrifying!!

TERRIFIER tells the story of a young woman (Marie Maser) driving home late at night after finishing up a job. She needs to stop for gas and directions and finds the gas station attendant (Michael Chmiel) kicking a freaky looking clown (Mike Giannelli) out of the store. Yup, that’s Art the Clown, and try as she may to stay outta the way, she ends up catching Art’s eye. That first glance from Art will send an icy cold shiver up and down your spine … an icy cold shiver wrapped in rusty razor blades!! Eventually Art tires of the gas station attendant and focuses his attentions on our single female traveler (simply listed as “Woman” in the credits). I’m not gonna lie to you (do I ever??), but the chase that ensues is nothing we haven’t seen before. It’s really well filmed and very fast paced, but at the end of the day it feels very “been there, seen that.” What makes this chase so effective are the actors, the cinematography (by Christopher Cafaro), and that goddamn clown. In case I forgot to mention it …

Clowns, especially Art the Clown, are fucking terrifying.


Some of Art the Clown’s handy work

The film is nicely filmed and has that old-school, “lost film stock that was recently found at an abandoned drive-in” feel to it. There are scratches on the film, it’s grainy, and some scenes are even jumpy. Leone, who also served as the editor, did a really fantastic job capturing a very particular ‘feel’ and tone in his 19:53 short film. Maser and Giannelli really have great chemistry on screen and she did a fantastic job looking and acting terrified. But then again, how could she not. Have I mentioned that …

Clowns, especially Art the Clown, are fucking terrifying.


More clown zaniness!!

It becomes clear that good old Art is more than just a psychotic clown. There’s something supernatural about him (don’t worry; that’s not a spoiler … this is obvious early on). His teeth are abnormally sharp and he has the bad habit of showing up in every place you don’t want him to be in. I s**t you not that Art the Clown is the most terrifying clown I’ve ever seen on film, whether in a full-length feature or in a short. “Pennywise” the clown from IT? I’d rather spend a dark and stormy night with Pennywise under my bed, watching him French-kiss my sister than take one real life glance of Art. And what completely throws TERRIFIER over the edge is the gore. Wholly s**t everyone … the gore is fucking amazing. It’s juicy, explicit, plentiful, and we even get an extremely disturbing final image to f**k with us just in case Art the Clown hadn’t scarred our psyche’s enough!!

Jesus christ … I may never sleep again!!

This is all I’m gonna say about TERRIFIER. You need to see this for yourself, and lucky for you I have it posted below!! Overall this is an extremely well made, fun, gory, and disturbing short film. But be warned; once you see TERRIFIER, you can never un-see it (not that you’d want to, but I’m just saying). TERRIFIER shows what you can do with a lot of talent, solid actors and actresses, a taste for gore, and once scary goddamn clown. TERRIFIER will creep you out and reinforce one of the universal truths in life:

Clowns, especially Art the Clown, are fucking terrifying.


Check out TERRIFIED below.

My Summary:

Director: Damien Leone (& writer, editor, producer, special makeup f/x artist, & special f/x artist)

Plot: 4 out of 5 stars

Gore: 9 out of 10 skulls

Zombie Mayhem: 0 out of 5 brains

Clown Mayhem: 100 out of 5 floppy shoes

Reviewed by Scott Shoyer

Stay Bloody!!!

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  2. bang2rights says:

    i loved this, i thought it was great

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  5. Fuck clowns. That is all.