Guillermo Del Toro’s, The Strain, Gets Pilot Order at FX

I knew this was just a matter of time.  THE STRAIN, the first novel in a vampire trilogy written by Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, will be hitting the small screen in the form of a dramatic TV series on FX, according to  I already watch two FX shows religiously:  THE LEAGUE and ARCHER and am looking forward to adding THE STRAIN into the mix.  THE STRAIN TV series will be run by former LOST co-showrunner Carlton Cuse and the pilot will be written by Del Toro and Hogan.  And just like LOST, THE STRAIN is envisioned as having a limited run which in my opinion is a smart idea.  Don’t run it into the ground … tell the story you need to tell and do it right!!  Check out the plot crunch:

In the opening book of the series, the 2009 The Strain, a Boeing 777 lands at JFK with no communication or signs of life. Eph Goodweather, who investigates biological threats for the CDC, is called in and discovers all the passengers dead, and signs that a strange being had been aboard the vessel. Soon, he teams with ex-professor and Holocaust survivor Abraham Setrakian and they assemble a ragtag group that represents mankind’s only hope when a swarm of vampires quickly turn civilization into a buffet spread. Fittingly for male-driven FX, unlike the traditional, romanticized portrayals of vampires as tuxedo-clad studs, The Strain‘s bloodsuckers have no seductive powers — they are parasites, husks of their former human form with stingers that drain blood for nourishment, while spreading capillary worms that convert victims into more vampires under the control of The Master.

Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan

This is the first time FX has committed to a drama pilot off a pitch and this is also marks THE STRAIN coming full circle.  Originally del Toro conceived THE STRAIN as a TV series and when he couldn’t sell it his agent suggested he turned the idea into a book and made the introduction to Hogan. When the first book was published, the networks and studios came knocking. “We started receiving offers for movies and TV rights after the publication of the first book but we didn’t want do anything because we didn’t want that train of thought to influence the way we were writing the books.”

Del Toro said he and Hogan will start writing the script at year’s end and prep a pilot that will shoot in September (after the director’s big summer film PACIFIC RIM opens in July). Like it did with AMERICAN HORROR STORY, FX is greenlighting the pilot with additional scripts behind it, so the project can go into production on Season 1 shortly after the pilot is completed.

Del Toro also told that he and Hogan are working on a new and completely different trilogy.  Bring it on, guys!!

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