Look What’s Getting a Sequel … Maybe


This one’s a shocker!! Dread Central broke the story that the FRIGHT NIGHT remake may be gearing up to start filming a sequel in Romania. Read on:

Here’s some unexpected news that we’ll file under rumor for now, but sources surrounding the Fright Night franchise have left us confident enough to report to you that a sequel is looming that may take the series in a different direction.

Apparently the sequel to the remake of Fright Night is gearing up for production in Romania. Here’s what we’ve been able to dig up… DreamWorks put the rights to the franchise up for sale after their remake underperformed. Another smaller studio snatched them up and their plan is to do more Fright Nights and potentially spin it off into its own ‘brand’ a la Tales from the Crypt. It’s unclear at the moment whether this next film will be a stand alone flick with more stand alone sequels happening afterward or if it’s going the straight anthology film route.

We’re working to get official confirmation, and once it comes we’ll either throw some meat on this skeleton of a story or debunk it completely. Stay tuned.

My feelers are out there too. Anything I hear about this being either true or bogus, you’ll be the next to know. What do you think? Does the FRIGHT NIGHT remake need a sequel?

Stay Bloody!!!

2 Responses to “Look What’s Getting a Sequel … Maybe”
  1. REALLY not sure what to think of this. The remake had so much potential, but holy hell did the CGI absolutely murder it for me… it was so fun for the first half hour too. If they improve on the CGI, I’m COMPLETELY in to give this one a go!


    • I couldn’t agree more, Matt. The CGI ruined the feel and flow of this remake. I thought they did a nice job re-imagining and updating FRIGHT NIGHT. I’m still on the fence about a follow up, but with the right director and the right PRACTICAL f/x, this could be fun!!


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