Halloween May be Over But the Horrors Aren’t!!

It’s always a letdown in my household after Halloween night is over. We start celebrating the Halloween season at the end of September and the anticipation just keeps building and building until October 31st. That’s why I saved these two short films by Eric England. The films are THE TRICK OR TREATER parts 1 & 2 and they will definitely put a smile on your candy-induced sugar coma. Both shorts 1 & 2 are written and directed by England and are pretty damn fun. Check them out below and let me know what you think.

Pretty fun, right? Now check out part 2:

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I wanna see your Halloween costumes, so please email them to me and I’ll put a big posting together of all your costumes. And keep your eye out for a posting this week of mine and my kid’s costumes.

Stay Bloody!!!

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