Shopping for the Horror Lover? Check out T-Shirt Bordello!!

I fully know how much of a pain in the ass I am to shop for.  “What do you want for Christmas, Anything Horror Scott?” my friends and family ask (okay … just family.  We all know I don’t have any friends).  My reply:  “Anything horror related.”  To those people not into the genre I may as well be telling them that I want a piece of dark mater for XMas!!  Well I have the solution for you — T-Shirt Bordello!!  T-Shirt Bordello has been my go-to online store for over a year now.  Owner Don Myers has some truly inspired and kick ass T’s as well as lots of other horror goodies for both the hardcore and occasional horror fan.  Take for example the new Van Halen/Van Helsing t-shirt.  Great design and it combines (at least for me) two of my loves:  Van Halen (old Van Halen, thank you) and slaying vampires.  Check it out (click on the image to take you to the website):


Other new t-shirts include Bruce Campbell’s Soup, Jason’s Old Fashioned Deli, and DJ Leia.  Don also has some great coffee mugs, beer pint glasses, key chains, zombie shooting targets, and zombie tape for sale.  I often find myself logging onto T-Shirt Bordello to check out the new products and the next thing ya know an hour or two has passed and I’ve looked in every corner of his website (he’s got some fantastic Lovecraft and Cthulhu-inspired shirts!!).  Don isn’t running a cheap-ass fly-by-night operation.  His t-shirts are high quality and the printing is second to no one.  Believe me; I own more than a few T-Shirt Bordello T’s and have washed them many times and there’s still no wear and tear showing on them.

Check out Don over at T-Shirt Bordello and tell him Anything Horror Scott sent you.  To which he’ll promptly respond, “Who the hell is Anything Horror Scott.”  I really need some friends!!

Check him out.

Stay Bloody!!!

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